Senta Chess Festival

GM Miodrag Savic wins main open tournament, GM Ivan Ivanisevic victorious in rapid and blitz

City of Senta (Hungarian: Zenta), at the most north-eastern part of Serbia near Hungarian and Romanian border, was host of the 11th “1697 Battle of Senta” chess festival. Wonderful hospitality of people from the local chess club once again attracted huge number of players. The happening consisted of six tournaments: Main rated, B rated, C Amateur, Rapid, Blitz and Youth rapid. Total prize fund, provided by Panonska banka AD Novi Sad and numerous sponsors, was 4.500 Euros. IM Miodrag Perunovic, instructor at the Chessdom Online Academy, tied fantastic 2nd place in the main and blitz tournament!

A record of 557 players from 13 countries competed in five tournaments (we don’t have info about Amateur group). Big thanks to the organizers from chess club “Zeleznicar”: Csáki Gáspár, Szeles Ambrus and Kajári István. We should mention that Peter Leko, born in nearby Subotica, played for this amateur club during late 80′s.

Main rated tournament had 123 participants. Many loyal visitors are coming back every summer. One of them, GM Miodrag R. Savic, won his 2nd Senta trophy (first in 2005), clear point ahead of large bulk of followers. Last year he was highest rated player, but IM Misa Pap clinched the tournament in direct duel.

GM Miodrag Savic

Winner: GM Miodrag Savic

Main tournament final standings:

1. GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514) 7.5/9

2-13. IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Zoran Arsovic (SRB 2451), FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396), IM Milos Pavlovic (SRB 2438), IM Sergei Matsenko (RUS 2406), GM Borko Lajthajm (SRB 2511), Jovan Radlovacki (SRB 2394), GM Vladimir G. Kostic (SRB 2395), IM Miodrag Perunovic (SRB 2368), IM Slavisa Brenjo (SRB 2485), Miroslav Mrsevic (SRB 2286) and IM Milan Andrijevic (SRB 2338) 6.5

14-21. IM Nikola Ostojic (SRB 2404), IM Alin Ardeleanu (ROM 2416), Balind Nadj Hedjesi (SRB 2371), FM Ervin Toth (HUN 2313), IM Radovan Govedarica (SRB 2394), FM Vladan Rabrenovic (SRB 2312), IM Ernst Weinzettl (AUT 2328) and Nebojsa Djuric (BIH 2119) 6.0 etc

IM Arsovic 1 IM Arsovic 2

Strongest twins in the world? IMs Goran and Zoran Arsovic

B rating group had 70 players. Julius Veceri, local from Senta whom I played last year, won the group convincingly.

1. Julius Veceri (SRB 2043) 8.0/9

2-3. Zoran Davidovic (SRB) and Novica Bozilov (SRB 2052) 7.0

4-6. Jozsef Ferenczi (HUN 2064), Goran Petrusic (MNE 1999) and Daniel Szabo Benke (FRA 2051) with 6.5

7-11. Sandor Varjas (SRB 1987), Robert Kalmar (SRB 1883), Branko Mrzic (SRB 2038), Mihaly Bicskei (SRB 1956) and Andras Hugyecz (HUN 2093) 6.0 etc

Rapid and Blitz transit tournaments, which both took place on the main tournament’s rest day, as usual pulled many Grandmasters in. Ivan Ivanisevic, whom we were following during Valjevo Gorenje, absolutely dominated both events, having won by large margin. Rapid had 9 rounds and 164 participants, while Blitz saw 135 players during 11 rounds.

Ivan Ivanisevic 2

No mercy – GM Ivan Ivanisevic

Rapid tournament final standings:

1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2595) 8.0/9

2-11. GM Milos Perunovic (SRB 2589), GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514), Jovan Radlovacki (SRB 2394), IM Slavisa Brenjo (SRB 2485), GM Slobodan Martinovic (GM 2447), IM Mihajlo Zlatic (SRB 2450), IM Sergei Matsenko (RUS 2406), GM Dejan Pikula (SRB 2504), Milan Bozic (SRB 2435) and Jovan Todorovic (SRB 2409) 7.0

12-17. FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396), GM Miroslav Tosic (SRB 2437), IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Zoran Arsovic (SRB 2451), IM Viktor Erdos (HUN 2523) and FM Boris Budimir (BIH 2335) 6.5 etc

Miodrag Perunovic square 2

Successful trip: IM Miodrag Perunovic

Blitz tournament final standings:

1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2595) 9.5/11

2-4. IM Viktor Erdos (HUN 2523), GM Miodrag R. Savic (SRB 2514) and IM Miodrag Perunovic (SRB 2368) 8.5

5-10. GM Borko Lajthajm (SRB 2511), GM Milos Perunovic (SRB 2589), GM Dejan Pikula (SRB 2504), IM Goran Arsovic (SRB 2470), IM Mihajlo Zlatic (SRB 2450) and Jovan Todorovic (SRB 2409) 8.0

11-18. IM Misa Pap (SRB 2493), GM Goran Cabrilo (SRB 2496), Milan Bozic (SRB 2435), Miroslav Mrsevic (SRB 2286), IM Radovan Govedarica (SRB 2394), IM Miklos Galyas (HUN 2486), FM Igor Solomunovic (GER 2396) and GM Miroslav Tosic (SRB 2437) 7.5 etc


Grandmaster soon: IM Viktor Erdos

Youth rapid tournament had 65 participants divided into 3 groups. Danijela Petrovic won girls group with 8.0/9, point and a half ahead of competition. Mihaly Ujhazi from Hungary dominated younger boys group with 8.5/9, while older boys group saw fearless chase between Dejan Zivkovic, Lazar Nestorovic and Radmilo Dimitrijevic when 4th placed Adam Agoston was left 2 points behind. Dejan Zivkovic finished first with 8.5/9.

Festival preview

More about chess life in Senta

Senta organizers

Organizers: IA Istvan Brindza, FA Milorad Maravic, Gaspar Csaki and Istvan Kajari

GM Vladimir Kostic IM Nikola Ostojic

GM Vladimir Kostic and IM Nikola Ostojic

Biel 2007 – Round 6

Radjabov and Polgar win, Motylev three loses in a row

Teimour Radjabov enlisted his first win and Boris Avrukh suffered first defeat after extremely complicated middlegame in Sicilian Scheveningen. Avrukh eventually forgot about the King’s safety and resigned after Radjabov offered devastating Rook sacrifice. Alexander Motylev lost his third consecutive game, this time by hands of Judit Polgar. 29…e5! proved to be decisive breach. Other three games were drawn, not without fire – use the replay form bellow for review.

Radjabov in action Polgar happy 1

Round 6 winners: Teimour Radjabov and Judit Polgar

Round 6 results:

Teimour Radjabov – Boris Avrukh 1-0

Alexander Onischuk – Bu Xiangzhi draw

Alexander Grischuk – Magnus Carlsen draw

Alexander Motylev – Judit Polgar 0-1

Yannick Pelletier – Loek van Wely draw

Round 6 standings:

1. Magnus Carlsen (Norway 2710) 4.5

2-4. Alexander Onischuk (USA 2650), Judit Polgar (Hungary 2707) and Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2746) 3.5

5-7. Bu Xianghzi (China 2685), Boris Avrukh (Israel 2645) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia 2726) 3.0

8. Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland 2583) 2.5

9. Alexander Motylev (Russia 2648) 2.0

10. Loek van Wely (Netherlands 2679) 1.5

Biel Round 3 report

Biel Round 4 report

Biel Round 5 report

Ognjena Marija weekender

GM Slobodan Martinovic wins the trophy on better tiebreak

Chess club “Zeleznicar” and director Zivota Markovic have organized a weekend tournament to celebrate the Ognjena Marija holiday. Nine rounds of Swiss system were played and time rate was 15 minutes for the entire game. The event took place on July 29th in Lajkovac, Serbia.

Among 86 participants, there were 5 GMs, 10 IMs and 8 FMs. GM Slobodan Martinovic continues to play in wonderful shape after St. Prokopije weekender. He took the winner’s trophy on better tiebreak after finishing on seven points together with four other players.

Lajkovac Slobodan Martinovic

GM Slobodan Martinovic receiving prize

Final standings:

1-5. GM Slobodan Martinovic 2447, IM Goran Arsovic 2470, GM Goran Cabrilo 2496, IM Sasa Velickovic 2404 and GM Borko Lajthajm 2511 with 7.0/9

6-11. IM Radovan Govedarica 2394, Dusan Radovanovic 2327, IM Dragan Ilic 2318, IM Zoran Arsovic 2451, FM Ivan Sredojevic 2357 and GM Vladimir Kostic 2395 with 6.5
12-15. Dejan Zivkovic 2191, Miroslav Misojcic 2244, Slobodan Novakovic 2173 and Ljubisa Nenadovic 2200 6.0 etc

GM Dejan Pikula and IMs Branko Tadic, Nikola Ostojic, Ante Brkljaca and Dejan S. Pavlovic have finished with 5.5 points.

Lajkovac Goran Arsovic

2nd place on tiebreak – IM Goran Arsovic

Lajkovac Goran Cabrilo

3rd place – GM Goran Cabrilo

Lajkovac playing hall

Playing hall

Report by IA Petar Katanic-Vujic

Five players tied first on 2007 Politiken Cup

Krasenkow, Sargissian, Berg, de Firmian and Malakhov on the top – best tiebreak Krasenkow

2007 Politiken Cup ended with five players tied on the first place. Sargissian – Malakhov and Nybäck – Krasenkow were fighting draws, which allowed Nick de Firmian and Emanuel Berg to climb on the top by beating Peter Heine Nielsen and Lars Schandorff respectively. Michal Krasenkow takes the trophy on the better tiebreak. This year’s Politiken Cup broke all the records in numbers of participants and organizers are eager to make it even better in 2008.

Politiken 14

Top board: Gabriel Sargissian – Vladimir Malakhov draw

Round 10 results:

GM Gabriel Sargissian – GM Vladimir Malakhov draw

GM Tommy Nybäck – GM Michal Krasenkow draw

GM Peter Heine Nielsen – GM Nick de Firmian 0-1

GM Evgeny Agrest – GM Igor Khenkin draw

GM Lars Schandorff – GM Emanuel Berg 0-1

GM Stellan Brynell – GM Michele Godena draw

GM Alexander Stripunsky – IM Frank Holzke 1-0

IM Christian Kyndel Pedersen – GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson 1-0

IM Jon Ludvig Hammer – GM Jonny Hector 0-1

Politiken 12

Tommy Nybäck – Michal Krasenkow draw

Final round 10 standings:

1-5. GM Michal Krasenkow 2660, GM Emanuel Berg 2580, GM Gabriel Sargissian 2667, GM Nick de Firmian 2540 and GM Vladimir Malakhov 2676 with 8.0 points

6-17. GM Evgeny Agrest 2541, GM Stellan Brynell 2470, GM Igor Khenkin 2602, GM Tommy Nybäck 2567, GM Michele Godena 2547, GM Kjetil A. Lie 2536, IM Erik Zude 2399, FM Allan Stig Rasmussen 2450, FM Krzysztof Bulski 2396, GM Alexander Stripunsky 2589, GM Jonny Hector 2550 and IM Christian Kyndel Pedersen 2392 7.5 points etc. (total 280 players)

Brilliancy Prize

GM Sune Berg Hansen awarded brilliancy prize to Jens Herneise for his win in the 5th round. The Prize is sponsored by Elsinore City and consists of 500 DKK, 3 bottles of red wine and two candle holders.

Jens Herneise – Jørgen Hvenekilde

1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bb5 Bc5 4.c3 Nf6 5.d4 Bb6 6.Nxe5 Nxe5 7.dxe5 Nxe4 8.Qg4 Bxf2+ 9.Kd1 Qh4 10.Qxg7 Rf8 11.b4 Nxc3+ 12.Nxc3 Qxb4 13.Bd2 Bc5 14.Re1 Qd4 15.e6! Qxg7 16.exd7+ Kd8 17.Re8+ 1-0

Politiken Emanuel Berg 2

Wonderful finish: GM Emanuel Berg

Politiken 13

IM Christian Kyndel Pedersen – GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson 1-0

Politiken 15

IM Jon Ludvig Hammer – GM Jonny Hector 0-1

Politiken Cup – Round 9

Politiken Cup – Round 8

Politiken Cup earlier rounds

Biel 2007 – Round 5

Carlsen won derby game against Onischuk to take the sole lead

Beloved Semi-Slav didn’t help Alexander Onischuk against Magnus Carlsen’s inspired play. Norwegian bravely bolted b7 pawn and with series of unique moves, particularly nice was 29.b4 and 30. a4, took the full point. This leaves him in an early lead, full point ahead of competition.

Once again, Bu Xiangzhi annoyed his opponent by spinning the Queen along the “a” and “b” files. Prior to that, Motylev tried pawn sacrifice, but it didn’t work well and he suffered 2nd consecutive defeat. Other games were drawn without too much happening.

Carlsen square Bu Xiangzhi 1

Magnus Carlsen and Bu Xiangzhi

Round 5 results:

Yannick Pelletier – Teimour Radjabov draw

Loek van Wely – Alexander Grischuk draw

Magnus Carlsen – Alexander Onischuk 1-0

Bu Xiangzhi – Alexander Motylev 1-0

Judit Polgar – Boris Avrukh draw

Round 5 standings:

1. Magnus Carlsen (Norway 2710) 4.0

2-3. Alexander Onischuk (USA 2650) and Boris Avrukh (Israel 2645) 3.0

4-7. Bu Xianghzi (China 2685), Judit Polgar (Hungary 2707), Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2746) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia 2726) 2.5

8-9. Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland 2583) and Alexander Motylev (Russia 2648) 2.0

10. Loek van Wely (Netherlands 2679) 1.0;

Biel Round 3 report

Biel Round 4 report

Biel 2007 – Round 4

Alexander Onischuk in wonderful shape, leading together with Carlsen

Finally a combative round at the main Biel 2007 tournament. For awhile it looked like all games will be decided but Judit Polgar successfully built a fortress against Teimour Radjabov’s pair of Bishops. Slightly unusual score for Radjabov so far – four draws after four games.

American Grandmaster Alexander Onischuk continues to impress as he won another sharp game, this time Botvinnik Semi-Slav against Loek Van Wely. Loek committed decisive mistake when he abandoned crucial e7 square with 23…Qd4. This leaves him knocked on the floor with only half a point.

Alexander Motylev Carlsen square

Alexander Motylev and Magnus Carlsen

Incredible blunder by Alexander Motylev in better position against Magnus Carlsen. With two extra pawns he left Bishop en-prise and immediately resigned. We understand he was in severe time trouble. Carlsen tried another aggressive Ruy Lopez with Black, and again run into problems.

It is not clear if Bu Xianghzi analysed 15…f5 at home or run for it over the board. Avrukh jumped on the opportunity, took the pawn and seized permanent initiative to take the game home. 15…g6 was decent enough.

Radjabov 2 square Alexander Grischuk 1

Teimour Radjabov and Alexander Grischuk

Yannick Pelletier probably missed intermediate 20. Bg4 and went a pawn down after this cute combination. With additional benefit of Bishop’s pair, everyone expected easy technical realization by Alexander Grischuk. He allowed some chances to his opponent, but eventually clinched the game after the combined play on both flanks.

Round 4 results:

Teimour Radjabov – Judit Polgar draw

Alexander Onischuk – Loek Van Wely 1 – 0

Alexander Motylev – Magnus Carlsen 0 – 1

Boris Avrukh – Bu Xiangzhi 1 – 0

Alexander Grischuk – Yannick Pelletier 1 – 0

Round 4 standings:

1-2. Magnus Carlsen (Norway 2710) and Alexander Onischuk (USA 2650) 3.0

3. Boris Avrukh (Israel 2645) 2.5

4-7. Alexander Motylev (Russia 2648), Judit Polgar (Hungary 2707), Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2746) and Alexander Grischuk (Russia 2726) 2.0

8-9. Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland 2583) and Bu Xianghzi (China 2685) 1.5

10. Loek Van Wely (Netherlands 2679) 0.5

Biel Round 3 report

Biel Round 5 report

Biel Round 6 report

Biel Round 8 report

Politiken Cup – Round 8

Michal Krasenkow and Gabriel Sargissian on the top again

Good chess in 8th round of Politiken Cup. GM Gabriel Sargissian beat GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson to once again catch Krasenkov in the lead. Tiger neglected his kingside for a moment and was forced to sacrifice pawn in order to prevent deadly attack. Vladimir Malakhov performed interesting opening experiment against Queens Gambit, but Krasenkov was up to task and held a draw with active counterplay.

Politiken Michal Krasenkov Gabriel Sargissian square

Leaders: Michal Krasenkow and Gabriel Sargissian

Round 8 standings:

1-2. GM Michal Krasenkow (POL 2660) and GM Gabriel Sargissian (ARM 2667) 7.0

3-9. GM Nick de Firmian (USA 2540), GM Evgeny Agrest (SWE 2541), GM Emanuel Berg (SWE 2580), GM Vladimir Malakhov (RUS 2676), GM Kjetil A. Lie (NOR 2536), G. Rohit (IND 2470) and GM Tommy Nybäck (FIN 2567) 6.5 etc

Politiken Nick de Firmian Politiken Peter Nielsen

Concentration: Nick de Firmian and Peter Heine Nielsen

Top round 9 pairings:

GM Emanuel Berg – GM Gabriel Sargissian

GM Michal Krasenkow – GM Nick de Firmian

G. Rohit – GM Vladimir Malakhov

GM Tommy Nybäck – GM Evgeny Agrest

GM Igor Khenkin – GM Kjetil A. Lie

IM Mikkel Antonsen – GM Peter Heine Nielsen

IM Christian Kyndel Pedersen – GM Alexander Stripunsky

Politiken Vladimir Malakhov Politiken GM Jonny Hector

Top seed GM Vladimir Malakhov and GM Jonny Hector

Politiken Tommy Nyback Politiken IM Jon Ludvig Hammer

GM Tommy Nyback and IM Jon Ludvig Hammer

Politiken Cup – Round 9

Politiken Cup earlier rounds

2007 Biel Chess Festival

Carlsen, Motylev and Onischuk leading after three rounds

Main group of the Biel Chess Festival, one of the strongest summer events alongside Dortmund, saw its start on Sunday, July 23rd. Unlike the couple of previous years, this time its single round robin with ten players.

Three rounds have been played and Magnus Carlsen, Alexander Motylev and Alexander Onischuk are leading with 2 points each. Another Alexander, World Chess Championship participant, was struggling in inferior position to score two draws and one loss. Loek van Wely is off again to another poor start.

Alexander Motylev Alexander Onischuk

Alexander Motylev and Alexander Onischuk

First round: Carlsen won a wonderful Rook and opposite-colored Bishops ending against Bu. Particularly neat was his last move 84. f7. Judit Polgar celebrated her birthday by beating Van Wely with Black pieces. It was another of her trademarked “hit all over the board” display and Loek cracked under the pressure. Onischuk sacrificed an exchange for strong initiative against Radjabov’s Kings Indian, but Teimour found resourceful Knight sacrifice to force White on moves repetition.

Second round: Alexander Onischuk performed didactic plan against Grischuk’s central pawn mass and scored important point. Carlsen held inferior Ruy Lopez Open against Judit Polgar, after she showed some irresolution in the follow-up. Pelletier enjoyed opening initiative against Motylev, but White’s timely Queen for two Rooks exchange eliminated danger.

Polgar happy 1 Bu Xiangzhi 1

Judit Polgar and Bu Xianghzi

Third round: Bu Xianghzi took the advantage of his first game with White pieces. His original build up against Polgar’s Tarasch-like defence paid off when she started to drop pawns. Facing Queen’s exchange to lost endgame or deadly attack against the weakened King, she gave up. Van Wely was pressuring on Motylev’s centralized King, but his own f2 weakness proved to be decisive factor in the game. Grischuk misplayed against Kings Indian and allowed Radjabov to seize the advantage. Yet, 37. e5 positional sacrifice boiled things up, as Radjabov wanted to counterattack and give couple of pawns in return. After the complicated tactical struggle, game was driven into drawing wrong-colored Bishop endgame.

Round 3 standings:

1-3. Magnus Carlsen (Norway 2710), Alexander Motylev (Russia 2648) and Alexander Onischuk (United States 2650) 2.0

4-8. Judit Polgar (Hungary 2707), Yannick Pelletier (Switzerland 2591), Boris Avrukh (Israel 2645), Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan 2746) and Bu Xianghzi (China 2685) 1.5

9. Alexander Grischuk (Russia 2726) 1.0

10. Loek van Wely (Netherlands 2679) 0.5

Biel Round 4 report

Biel Round 5 report

Biel Round 6 report

Biel Round 8 report

St. Prokopije weekender

GM Milos Perunovic took the first place on better tiebreak ahead the veteran GM Slobodan Martinovic

Chess club “Kolubara” and FM Radenko Kokanovic have organized a weekend tournament to celebrate the holiday of Kolubara miners. Nine rounds of Swiss system were played and time rate was 15 minutes for the entire game. The event took place on July 15th in Lazarevac, Serbia.

Among 80 participants, there were 9 GMs, 10 IMs and 7 FMs. GM Milos Perunovic, who is enjoying excellent form this year, took the trophy on better tiebreak ahead the veteran GM Slobodan Martinovic. Clear third was GM Ivan Ivanisevic.

Lazarevac Perunovic

GM Milos Perunovic

Final standings:

1-2. GM Milos Perunovic 2589 and GM Slobodan Martinovic 2447 7.5/9

3. GM Ivan Ivanisevic 2595 7.0

4-10. GM Goran Cabrilo 2496, IM Goran Arsovic 2470, GM Vladimir Kostic 2395, IM Radovan Govedarica 2394, GM Sinisa Drazic 2480, IM Zoran Arsovic 2451 and GM Dejan Pikula 2504 6.5

11-14. IM Sasa Velickovic 2404, Milan Bozic, GM Borko Lajthajm 2511 and Dragan Sorgic 2238 6.0 etc

Lazarevac Martinovic Lazarevac Ivanisevic

GM Slobodan Martinovic and GM Ivan Ivanisevic

Report by IA Petar Katanic-Vujic

Irina Krush is US Champion

IM Irina Krush took the Frank K.Berry 2007 US Women’s Chess Championship by winning the last round game

IM Irina Krush clinched the Frank K.Berry 2007 US Women’s Chess Championship by winning the last round game against Tatev Abrahamyan. WGM Katerina Rohonyan was co-leader until the last round, when she was held to a draw by 16-years old WFM Alisa Melekhina. Last year champion IM Anna Zatonskih scored three consecutive wins to catch Rohonyan on the 2nd place tie. These top 3 players have qualified for the FIDE World Championship cycle.

There is no break for Irina Krush, as she is heading to Montreal, Canada, and not for the 25th Just For Laughts Festival. Irina will participate in the 2007 MonRoi International Women’s Grand-Prix Finale, the culmination event after the 7 qualifiers in different countries.

US Women’s Chess Championship Final Standings:

1. IM Irina Krush 7.0

2-3. IM Anna Zatonskih and WGM Katerina Rohonyan 6.5

4. WIM Batchimeg Tuvshintugs 5.5

5. WIM Tsagaan Battsetseg 5.0

6-7. WFM Alisa Melekhina and WGM Camilla Baginskaite 4.0

8. WFM Tatev Abrahamyan 3.5

9. WFM Elizabeth Vicary 2.5

10. WFM Chouchanik Airapetian 0.5

See also interview with the chief sponsor Frank K.Berry