Ikaros Chess Festival 2007

Grandmasters Aleksandr Shneider and GM Sergey Zagrebelny tied the first place in main tournament

The Ikaros Chess Festival 2007, featuring eight tournaments, took place on 4th-17th July in Agios Kirykos, Ikaria island, Greece. The main event was Aegean Open Championship 2007 with impressive number of 182 participants. Grandmasters Aleksandr Shneider and GM Sergey Zagrebelny tied the first place, but Shneider was declared winner on the better tiebreak. Zagrebelny took his revenge later, when he beat Shneider in the Winners Cup final, a knockout event with 16 players.

Aegean Open final standings:

1-2. GM Aleksandr Shneider (UKR 2537) and GM Sergey Zagrebelny (UZB 2482) 7.5/9

3-9. IM Nikoloz Shavtvaladze (GEO 2386), GM Mihail Saltaev (UZB 2522), IM Nikoloz Managadze (GEO 2433), FM Pablo Garcia Castro (ESP 2405), Georgios Goumas (GRE 2183), David Zakarian (ARM 2344) and Konstantinos Markidis (GRE 2305) 7.0

10-16. FM Miladin Gavric (BIH 2391), WGM Yana Melnikova (RUS 2310), Epaminondas Kourousis (GRE 2076), WIM Kseniya Rybenko (RUS 2245), Alexandros Kostouros (GRE 2223), Georgia Grapsa (GRE 2076) and IM Liubov Kostiukova (UKR 2324) 6.5 etc

For more information, visit the official website.

Tiger Hillarp Persson is the new Swedish Champion

9.0 out of 13 give Hillarp Persson the first place

GM Tiger Hillarp Persson won the Swedish Chess Championship with 9.0/13. He is followed by Emanuel Berg (same points, worse tiebreak) and the Swedish GM Pia Cramling.

The way to victory was not easy for Hillarp Persson. On the way he had to tumble down old contenders from Sigeman and Co IM Pontus Carlsson and GM Emanuel Berg, as well as other strong players such as GM Lars Karlsson, GM Stellan Brynel, IM Bengt Lindberg, IM Jan Johansson, FM Johan Furho, etc.

Bu Xiangzhi wins Canadian Open

Impressive 8.0 out of 10 for Bu Xiangzhi

For seven rounds Suat Atalik was the major contender for the title at the Canadian Open. However, GM Atalik grabbed only half a point from the last 3 rounds and it was Bu Xiangzhi who won the competition with 8.0/10. Xiangzhi left behind Short, Miton, Sandipan, and Krnan.

On the way to the title Bu Xiangzhi won against GM Arkady Vul, IM Artem Samsonkin, FM Daniel Rensch, GM Sipke Ernst, GM Suat Atalik, and GM Vadim Milov, while he drew the games with GM Chanda Sandipan, GM Nigel D. Short, GM Hoang Thong Tu, and GM Kamil Miton. Thus, the young Chinese star finished the tournament without a single loss and proved that he deserves the title. His next big test is 2007 Biel Chess Festival.

Bu Xiangzhi 1 short 1

Bu Xiangzhi and Nigel Short

The tournament gave away fantastic prices. It also gave to Bindi Cheng his first IM norm. Check out the Canadian Open preview and the photo report.

Kaupthing Open 2007

Humpy Koneru and Hannes Stefansson tied on 1st place

The Kaupthing Open was held on 7-14 July in Differdange, Luxembourg. GM Humpy Koneru, 20-years old Indian prodigy and 2nd best rated woman on the world, edged GM Hannes Stefansson on better tiebreak to take the 1st place trophy and 3000 Euros prize. Young lions Viktor Erdos, Tigran Gharamian and Sebastien Feller finished tied on 3rd place, while top rated GM Vadim Malakhatko and Vladimir Georgiev ended up on tied 17th. Total prize fund was 20.000 Euros, divided into 42 prizes.

Koneru Humpu square

GM Humpy Koneru

Final Standings:

1-2. GM Humpy Koneru (IND 2572) and GM Hannes Stefansson (ISL 2568) 7.0

3-7. IM Viktor Erdos (HUN 2523), IM Tigran Gharamian (FRA 2517), GM Leonid Kritz (GER 2571), IM Hedinn Steingrimsson (ISL 2470) and IM Sebastien Feller (FRA 2478) 6.5

8-16. GM Petr Velicka,Petr (CZE 2507), IM Michael Hoffmann (GER 2481), IM Sebastian Siebrecht (GER 2431), IM Dejan Bojkov (BUL 2520), GM Philipp Schlosser (GER 2562), GM Viesturs Meijers (LAT 2483), GM Antoaneta Stefanova (BUL 2481), Bertrand Valuet (FRA 2303) and FM Dirk Van Dooren (NED 2331) 6.0 (88 players)

Antoaneta Stefanova Eti Erdos

GM Antoaneta Stefanova and IM Viktor Erdos

Vassily Ivanchuk continues winning streak

Ukrainian took yet another tournament

I am not a veteran! – said Vassily Ivanchuk in an interview for the newspaper “Komanda”. The Ukrainian leading player continues his impressive winning streak after he took Capablanca Memorial and Aerosvit Foros. This time he edged World Championship participant Alexander Grischuk by half point in the 10-player rapid Pivdenny Bank Chess Cup.

Having lost against Grischuk in the third round, Ivanchuk switched gear to win all three games on the 2nd day and additional two games on the last day. Grischuk couldn’t keep the pace and Radjabov’s persistent defence in the last round handed the trophy to Ivanchuk.

Ivanchuk square 3

Fantastic run: GM Vassily Ivanchuk

Final standings:

1. Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2762) 7.0

2. Alexander Grischuk (RUS 2726) 6.5

3-4. Teimour Radjabov (AZE 2746) and Alexei Shirov (ESP 2735) 5.5

5. Boris Gelfand (ISR 2733) 5.0

6. Yuri Drozdovskij (UKR 2567) 4.0

7. Etienne Bacrot (FRA 2695) 3.5

8. Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2610) 3.0

9-10. Vladimir Tukmakov (UKR 2551) and Ilia Smirin (ISR 2649) 2.5

Pivdenny Rapid Chess Cup – Day 2

Vassily Ivanchuk caught Alexander Grischuk in the lead

After the first day of the 3rd Pivdenny Bank Rapid Chess Cup had its hero in the name of Alexander Grischuk, it was Vassily Ivanchuk’s turn to shine and win all three games on the 2nd day. Ivanchuk now shares the lead with Grischuk, who scored 50 percent yesterday.

Ivanchuk square 1 Alexander Grischuk

Vassily Ivanchuk and Alexander Grischuk

More tumblings in the crosstable were caused after the veteran Vladimir Tukmakov, who held 2nd place after the first three rounds, lost all three games on the second day. Ilia Smirin recovered from the disastrous start and now has two points from six games. His win against the leading Grischuk from the Black side of rare Ruy Lopez was particularly eye-pleasing.

Radjabov winner Alexey Shirov

Teimour Radjabov and Alexei Shirov

Round 6 standings:

1-2. Alexander Grischuk (RUS 2726) and Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2762) 4.5

3-4. Teimour Radjabov (AZE 2746) and Alexei Shirov (ESP 2735) 3.5

5-6. Yuri Drozdovskij (UKR 2567) and Boris Gelfand (ISR 2733) 3.0

7. Vladimir Tukmakov (UKR 2551) 2.5

8-9. Etienne Bacrot (FRA 2695) and Ilia Smirin (ISR 2649) 2.0

10. Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2610) 1.5

Update, round 7 results:

Yuri Drozdovskij – Teimour Radjabov draw

Alexander Grischuk – Vladimir Tukmakov 1-0

Boris Gelfand – Alexei Shirov 0-1

Vassily Ivanchuk – Ilia Smirin 1-0

Etienne Bacrot – Viktor Korchnoi draw

Pivdenny Rapid Chess Cup – Day 1

Alexander Grischuk with perfect score after the first 3 rounds

The 3rd Pivdenny Bank Rapid Chess Cup is currently ongoing in Odessa, Ukraine. It is a 10-player all-play-all scheduled to last three days. Time control is 20 minutes + 10 sec increment for the entire game, and three rounds are taking place every day. The tournament is dedicated to the memory of late Efim Geller, who was Odessa resident.

Alexey Shirov Alexander Grischuk

Alexei Shirov and Alexander Grischuk

World Championship participant Alexander Grischuk played in wonderful shape on the first day to win all three games. His clash with Boris Gelfand was particularly interesting. Alexei Shirov, who celebrated 35th birthday yesterday, started well with two wins but then succumbed to Teimour Radjabov. The surprise of the day is current 2nd place for veteran Vladimir Tukmakov. The Ukranian national coach beat Bacrot and Smirin and drew with Korchnoi.

Korchnoi Tukmakov

Viktor Korchnoi and Vladimir Tukmakov

Photo: Official website

All games are broadcasted live by Shahcom (website: http://www.ruschess.com). The rounds begin at 2 pm, 3:20 pm, and 4:40 pm local time (+2 GMT).

We should also mention that Efim Geller’s son, Aleksandar Geler, started playing again after 30 years of break. He currently lives in Kotor, Montenegro and is rated 2348 on Montenegro rating list.

Round 3 Standings:

1. Alexander Grischuk (RUS 2726) 3.0

2. Vladimir Tukmakov (UKR 2551) 2.5

3-4. Teimour Radjabov (AZE 2746) and Alexei Shirov (ESP 2735) 2.0

5. Vassily Ivanchuk (UKR 2762) 1.5

6-9. Boris Gelfand (ISR 2733), Viktor Korchnoi (SUI 2610), Etienne Bacrot (FRA 2695) and Yuri Drozdovskij (UKR 2567) 1.0

10. Illia Smirin (ISR 2649) 0.0

Kramnik grabs 8th Dortmund trophy

Vladimir Kramnik won by clear point ahead of the others

Perhaps Dortmund Chess Meeting should be renamed to Kramnik’s lodge. World Champion has defended his last-year title and scored 8th victory in Dortmund over the last 15 years. Definitely, this is his event. All the remarks about the short tournament and peaceful players were overshadowed by his full-point triumph ahead of rest of the field.

Kramnik’s participation was confirmed only one day before the start as he was struggling with respiratory infection. The illness left no scars on his determination, Kramnik played nice and innovative chess and used all the opportunities to score full points.

Kramnik is in trouble

Vladimir Kramnik

Tied on 2nd place are Aeroflot-qualificant Alexeev, Anand and Leko, all with single win and six draws. Kramnik, Anand and Leko are probably pleased with their form before the Mexico World Championsip. Anand will still play in a rapid knockout tournament in Leon. 4th Mexico participant, Boris Gelfand, arrived in Dortmund after two exhausting Candidate matches, and he will seek to raise his level over the next two months. Gelfand will be preparing with his old friends GM Huzman and Gorenje 2007 winner Michael Roiz.

Final Standings:

1. Vladimir Kramnik (RUS 2772) 5.0

2-4. Viswanathan Anand (IND 2786), Peter Leko (HUN 2738) and Evgeny Alekseev (RUS 2679) 4.0

5. Shakhriyar Mamedyarov (AZE 2757) 3.5

6. Magnus Carlsen (NOR 2693) 3.0

7. Boris Gelfand (ISR 2733) 2.5

8. Arkadij Naiditsch (GER 2654) 2.0