GM Lars Karlsson leading XI Open Internacional de Malaga

161 players, 12 GM, 19 IM

161 players, 47 of which titled, are competing at the XI Open Internacional de Malaga chess tournament. After four rounds GM Lars Karlsson (SWE) is sole leader with 4,0/4. He is closely followed by GM Almeida Quintana, IM Rodriguez, GM Arizmendi, GM Rivas, GM Carlsson, and six more players with 3,5/4. A total of 24 players are with 3,0/4.


Round 1 results

Round 2 results

Round 3 results

Round 4 results

The competition will be a 9 round Swiss event and will continue until March 1. The games will are played daily at 17:00 CET with a time control 90 minutes + 30 seconds. The total prize fund of 12 000 eur has attracted strong international participation from 27 countries. Here is a list of some of the participants:

Argentina IM Dolezal

Austria IM Pilaj

Azerbaijan GM Mirzoev

Belgium Van Heirzeele

Bolivia IM Cueto

Bulgaria IM Ivanov, FM Berbatov

Canada IM Piasetski

Croatia GM Jovanic, IM Doric

Cuba GM Almeida Quintana, IM Perez, WIM Fandino

EcuadorGM Matamoros

England Quillan

Finland Heikkila

France IM Shoker

Germany IM Roeder

India Godbole, Collura

Italy Bellipanni

Lithuania Lasinskas

Marrocco FM Draoui, FM Karim

Netherlands IM Ris

Peru FM Cori, WFM Cori

Poland GM Jedynak, IM Pakleza

Serbia GM Strikovic, GM Paunovic, IM Kovacevic

Spain GM Arizmendi, GM Rivas, IM Herraiz, total 151 players

Sweden GM Carlsson, GM Karlsson

USA Hernandez, IM Tate

Wels FM James

Zambia IM Simutowe

Full list of participants

open malaga 1
malaga open 2
malaga open 3

Photos and info:Official website

50 moves rule drama at Cappelle la Grande

Chernyshov and Kryvotuchko lead Cappelle la Grande after 7 rounds

Yet another exciting day at Cappelle la Grande, the biggest tournament of Western Europe in February with more than 600 participants. Board 1 game between GM Chernyshov and GM Gashimov finished in a fast 10 moves draw, which allowed GM Kryvoruchko to catch up with Chernyshov after a win with white against Timoshenko. GM Chernyshov and GM Krivoruchko are with 6,0/7 and are followed by GM Gashimov, GM Arutinian, IM Deviatkin, GM Fedorchuk, GM Miroshnichenko, GM Moiseenko,GM Kotronias, and GM Vitiugov, all with 5,5/7.

The drama of the day was in the game CF Andre Kienitz (Germany, ELO 2193) and IM Nino Khurtsidze (Georgia, ELO 2441). IM and WGM Khurtsidze had an endgame with two knights against one pawn for her opponent. After certain manuvers she managed to reach the mating position… when her opponent Andre Kienitz claimed draw on the 50 moves rule! The refferee came and confirmed the situation, the game ended in a draw.

Games start tomorrow at 14:00 CET and can be foolowed live on the official site

Cappelle la grande resources


Photo report 1

Photo report 2

Photo report 3

Photo report 4

PGN Cappelle la Grande

Round 1 /

Round 2 /

Round 3 /

Round 4 /

Round 5 /

Round 6 /

Round 6

Results round 7


Cappelle 7 nino khurtsidze

Andre Kienitz (Germany, ELO 2193) vs IM Nino Khurtsidze (Georgia, ELO 2441)
drama decided by the 50 moves rule

Cappelle 4 fedorchuk rasmussen

Fedorchuk (right) is aiming at the first places

Cappelle 5 - 11

Vasilios Kotronias getting closer to the leaders

Cappelle 5 - 16

Julia Kochetkova from Russia with 4,0/7 after a win against Patrick Urbaniak

Cappelle 5 - 10

Tal Baron from Israel with 4,0/7.
A tournament with Petrosian, Tal, and Kasparov? That is Cappelle la Grande :)

Cappelle 5 - 05

IM Anthony Wirig, FRA

Cappelle La Grande chess tournament

round 4 giant photo report

Only 4 rounds have passed of Cappelle la Grande and we have no player with perfect score. The first positions are occupied by GM Yuriy Krivoruchko, GM Valeriy Aveskulov, GM Thomas Luther, GM Murtas Kazhgaleyev, GM Meelis Kanep, GM Boris Gulko, GM Konstantin Chernyshov, IM Vasily Papin, WIM Sarah Hoolt, and IM Andrei Deviatkin, all with 3,5/4. They are followed by more than 50 players with 3,0 among which Petrosian, Vitiugov, Savchenko, Gashimov, Dzagnidze, Lopez Salgado, Fedorchuk, etc.

Official site

Results by rounds

Photo report by WIM Anna Rudolf

Cappelle 4 castineira chernyshov

Castineira vs Chernyshov
And the fantastic playing hall of Cappelle la Grande full of over 600 players

Cappelle 4 kasparov

On the left, Kasparov in action at Cappelle la Grande 2008
This is Sergey Kasparov from Belarous, he looks very much like Garry in action, doesn’t he?

Cappelle 4 hammer petrosian

One of the big games, GM Hammer vs. GM Petrosian

Cappelle 4 fedorchuk rasmussen

Fedorchuk vs. Rasmussen

Cappelle 4 rozentalis

GM Rozentalis vs. WGM Alina Motoc
read an interview with GM Rozentalis here

Cappelle 4 vovk panarin

Vovk vs Panarin after their game

Cappelle 4 l'ami motoc

L’Ami and Motoc, yet another chess couple

Photos from the organizers

Cappelle 4 - BOYARCHENKO-Marie-square

Our good friend Marie Boyarchenko in action at Cappelle la Grande

Capelle 4 - CHULIVSKA-Vita-square

Vita Chulivska in the first round of the competition

Capelle 4 - EFROIMSKI-Marsel-square

Marsel Efroimski, the U12 World Chess Champion

Capelle 4 - DEVIATKIN-ANDREI-square

Andrei Deviatkin currently on top of the standings

Capelle 4 - GULKO-BORIS-square

Boris Gulko will face Meelis Kanep today, both with 3,5/4

Capelle 4 - HORTENSIUS-Lisa-square

Lisa Hortensius in deep thought

Capelle 4 - KARLOVICH-Anastazia-square

Anastazia Karlovich waiting for the game to begin

Capelle 4 - KOZAK-Magdalena-square

Magdalena Kozak before the start of round 2

Capelle 4 - SIMUTOWE-AMON-square

Amon Simutowe, “It is a bit cold in France!”

Capelle 4 - PAPIN-VASILY-square

Vasily Papin, one more of the leaders

Capelle 4 - RUDOLF-Anna-square

And your photo reporter Anna Rudolf in deep thought

Sweden wins Four Nations Chess Challenge

exciting matches in Norway

Four nations chess challenge has finished yesterday in Norway with a clear victory for the team of Sweden. They managed to win their three matches with convincing 3 match victories, 20 game points, 16 games won, 8 drawn, and only 6 lost. Besides, GM P. Cramling has a perfect score on board 1 for the Sweden women team. Best results on Swedish boards achieved GM E. Agrest, GM J. Hector, GM P. Carlsson, and WFM E. Frisk, giving Sweden a total of 5 gold individual medals.

Second place was for England with 2 match victories (4 match points), 14 game points, and one board gold medal by K. Bathia.

The third place was decided on game points. Both Latvia and Norway finished with 1 match point, but Latvia grabbed 1st place with a game point more – 13,5 vs 12,5. Besides, Latvia took several gold medals on boards – GM N. Miezis, WIM I. Berzina, WFM V. Ni, WFM R. Praude. For Norway gold medal got GM L.E. Johannessen who also scored a perfect score. GM K. Lie also finished without a lost game.


Round 1: Latvia - Norway 5 – 5 ; Sweden - England 7½ – 2½

Round 2: Sweden - Norway 6½ – 3½ ; England - Latvia 5½ – 4½

Round 3: Norway - England 4 – 6 ; Latvia - Sweden 4 – 6

Final standings

1. Sweden 20.0 G.P. 6 MP

2. England 14.0 G.P. 4 MP

3. Latvia 13.5 G.P. 1 MP

4. Norway 12.5 G.P. 1 MP

Results and stanings by board

Four nations chess challenge photos

By Ole Valaker, Nettavisen and Øivind Johansen, official website


Yerazik Khachatourian (NOR), board 5 for Norway


GM Pontus Carlsson (SWE) vs IM Espen Lie (NOR)


GM Evgenij Agrest (SWE) vs GM Berge Østenstad (NOR)


GM Kjetil A. Lie (NOR) was board 1 for Norway


GM Pia Cramling vs IM Sheila B. Sahl (NOR)
GM Pia Cramling scored a perfect 3,0/3


Author and publisher IA Øystein Brekke (NOR)


Øivind Johansen, organizer and treasurer of the Norwegian Chess Federation,
is keeping the score list updated


Torill Skytte (NOR) in action

Four nations berg gawain

GM Berg vs GM Gawain Jones, the battle on board one from the first day

Four nations wfm silje bjerke

WFM Silje Bjerke (NOR) with important draw against WIM Tatjana Voronova

Four nations kjetil

GM Kjetil A. Lie (NOR) is the top board of Norway

Four nations krakops leif

GM Maris Krakops (LAT) vs GM Leif E. Johannessen (NOR)

Four nations sheila barth

WIM Sheila Barth Sahl (NOR)

Four nations ellen

WIM Ellen Hages�ther (NOR)

Four nations organizers

Dag Danielsen from the Norwegian Chess Federation and Gausdal organizer Hans Olav Lahlum

Four nations torstein bae

Game commentator IM Torstein Bae (NOR)

Cappelle la Grande round 1

results and photo report by WIM Anna Rudolf

Cappelle la Grande 2008 is underway in France. More than 600 players take part in the competition. Here is a photo report from our good friend WIM Anna Rudolf, as well as scores from the first round. Enjoy!

Cappelle 1 players

Opening ceremony and the board of Vasilios Kotronias and Jon Ludvig Hammer

Cappelle 1 hall

Countless nations at Cappelle la Grande, true spirit of international chess!

Cappelle 1 p1

Board 14, Nana Dzagnidze vs. Mikhailo Oleksienko

Cappelle 1 p2

First and second board. To the right is the top seeded Gashimov

Cappelle 1 p4

IM Amon Simutowe vs. FM Andy Marechal

Cappelle 1 marie anna

The organizer of Cappelle la Grande Sylvie Templeur with Marie Boyarchenko (left) and Anna Rudolf (right)


Here are the results of the top 25 boards. The rest of the scores you can find on the official site

2445 MI HESS Robert – 2665 GMI GASHIMOV Vugar 0-1

2652 GMI FEDORCHUK Sergey – 2445 MI LLANEZA VEGA Marcos 1-0

2442 MI GHANE Shojaat – 2647 MIROSHNICHENKO Evgenij 0-1

2643 GMI MOISEENKO Alexander – 2441 GMI BUTNORIUS Algimantas 1-0

2441 MI HAMMER Jon ludvig – 2628 GMI KOTRONIAS Vasilios 1-0

2611 GMI BURMAKIN Vladimir – 2441 MI KHURTSIDZE Nino 0,5-0,5

2439 MI LARINO NIETO David 0 2609 GMI VITIUGOV Nikita 0 0,5-0,5

2606 GMI PETROSIAN Tigran l – 2438 MI COSSIN Sebastien 1-0

2436 MI ZAWADZKI Stanislaw – 2600 GMI MALAKHATKO Vadim 0-1

2597 GMI KRYVORUCHKO Yuriy – 2435 MI LLORENTE ZARO Alfonso 1-0

2434 GMI PETKEVICH Jusefs – 2594 GMI KAZHGALEYEV Murtas 0,5-0,5

2594 GMI SOKOLOV Andrei – 2433 MI TOMCZAK Jacek 0,5-0,5

2430 MI OLSZEWSKI Michal – 2593 GMI SANDIPAN Chanda 1-0

2590 GMI OLEKSIENKO Mikhailo – 2429 MI DZAGNIDZE Nana 1-0

2428 MI TISSIR Mohamed – 2588 GMI SPRAGGETT Kevin 1-0

2581 GMI L’AMI Erwin – 2427 MI DEMBO Yelena 0-1

2424 MF RECUERO GUERRA David – 2578 GMI BELOV Vladimir 0-1

2576 GMI ARUTINIAN David – 2423 MF PEREIRA Ruben 1-0

2422 MI SHIRAZI Kamran – 2575 – GMI ERDOS Viktor 0,5-0,5

2574 GMI MAMEDOV Nidjat 2420 GMI SHER Miron 0-1

2420 MI ZHEREBUKH Yaroslav – 2572 GMI BRODSKY Michail 0-1

2569 GMI SAVCHENKO Boris – 2418 MI KRIVONOSOV Oleg 0,5-0,5

2417 CF NABATY Tamir – 2568 GMI SHENGELIA Davit 1-0

2567 GMI ROZENTALIS Eduardas – 2414 MI ROJAS Luis 0-1

2413 MI BERKOVICH Mark – 2561 MI VOVK Yuri 0-1

Four nations chess challenge round 1

results, photos, pgn

An exciting start of the Four Nations Chess Challenge today in Norway! Latvia and Norway teams had a polarized battle between the men and women teams. Norway men won their match 3,5/1,5, while Latvia women were superior and grabbed victory with the same score. Thus, their match fnished 5,0 / 5,0.

In the second match of the day Sweden crushed England 7,5 / 2,5. The only victory for England came by GM David Howell (2528). However, the Swedish team led by GM Emanuel Berg and GM Pia Cramling did not allow more surprises.

Tomorrow at 15:00 CET starts Sweden - Norway and England - Latvia. All games will finish before the start of the second round of Morelia Linares, do not forget to follow it with live commentary on The games from the Four Nations Chess Challenge can be see on

Latvia Norway pgn

Sweden England pgn

Latvia 5 5 Norway

1. GM Normunds Miezis (2553) ½ ½ GM Kjetil A. Lie (2556)

2. GM Maris Krakops (2525) 0 1 GM Leif E. Johannessen (2521)

3. GM Evgeny Sveshnikov (2506) 0 1 GM Berge stenstad (2482)

4. IM Arturs Neiksans (2470) 0 1 GM Rune Djurhuus (2452)

5. Vadims Daskevics (2331) 1 0 IM Espen Lie (2428)

6. WGM Dana Reizniece (2309) 1 0 WIM Sheila B. Sahl (2227)

7. WIM Ilze Berzina (2281) ½ ½ WIM Ellen Hages ther (2234)

8. WIM Tatjana Voronova (2242) ½ ½ WFM Silje Bjerke (2162)

9. WFM Viktorija Ni (2132) ½ ½ Torill Skytte (1971)

10. WFM Renate Praude (2131) 1 0 Yerazik Khachatourian (2044)

Sweden 7½ 2½ England

1. GM Emanuel Berg (2583) 1 0 GM Gawain Jones (2562)

2. GM Tiger Hillarp-Persson (2535) 0 1 GM David Howell (2528)

3. GM Evgenij Agrest (2535) ½ ½ IM Simon Williams (2482)

4. GM Jonny Hector (2533) 1 0 IM Stephen Gordon (2501)

5. GM Pontus Carlsson (2501) ½ ½ GM Stewart Haslinger (2495)

6. GM Pia Cramling (2524) 1 0 IM Harriet Hunt (2457)

7. WIM Svetlana Agrest (2257) 1 0 WFM Sabrina Chevannes (2074)

8. WIM Christin Andersson (2194) ½ ½ Kanwal Bhatia (2054)

9. Inna Agrest (2168) 1 0 Sarah Hegarty (1974)

10. Ellinor Frisk (2127) 1 0 Amisha Parmar (1995)

Four nations berg gawain

GM Emanuel Berg (SWE) defeated GM Gawain Jones (ENG) on board 1

Four nations wfm silje bjerke

WFM Silje Bjerke (NOR) with important draw against WIM Tatjana Voronova

Four nations kjetil

GM Kjetil A. Lie (NOR) is the top board of Norway

Four nations krakops leif

GM Maris Krakops (LAT) vs GM Leif E. Johannessen (NOR)

Four nations sheila barth

WIM Sheila Barth Sahl (NOR)

Four nations ellen

WIM Ellen Hages�ther (NOR)

Four nations organizers

Dag Danielsen from the Norwegian Chess Federation and Gausdal organizer Hans Olav Lahlum

Four nations torstein bae

Game commentator IM Torstein Bae (NOR)

Info and photos official website and Eirik T. Gullaksen

Aeroflot Open has started

Round one played on Thursday, 14th February


The strongest open tournament on the world, Aeroflot Open 2008, launched of on Thursday in Moscow with 66 players in the main A1 group. Stakes are high as the winner of this prestigious event will earn $30.000 USD and invitation for Dortmund 2008. The tournament ends on February 22nd.

Top seeded Vladimir Akopian of Armenia (2700) is searching for recovery after the catastrophic 63rd place at the just ended Moscow Open. He started of with a draw against young Azeri Rauf Mamedov (2583). Already 2nd seeded Andrei Volokitin, co-author of the highly acclaimed “Perfect Your Chess”, fell down to lower rated Artashes Minasian. However, 3rd seed and Moscow Open winner, Artyom Timofeev, won a nice four-rook endgame against young GM Csaba Balogh.

Balogh Csaba square Alexander Motylev

Csaba Balogh and Alexander Motylev

Top boards:

Vladimir Akopian (ARM 2700) – Rauf Mamedov (AZE 2583) draw

Artashes Minasian (ARM 2578) – Andrei Volokitin (UKR 2674) 1-0

Artyom Timofeev (RUS 2664) – Csaba Balogh (HUN 2575) 1-0

Mircea Parligras (ROM 2574) – Viktor Bologan (MDA 2663) draw

Farrukh Amonatov (TJK 2649) – Pavel Maletin (RUS 2573) draw

Georg Meier (GER 2570) – Alexander Motylev (RUS 2644) draw

Baadur Jobava (GEO 2643) – Alexander Evdokimov (RUS 2569) 0-1

You might recognize some of the players on this high paced video posted on the (mostly outdated) official website:

Selected Games

Artyom Timofeev directs drama in the Moscow Open last round

Timofeev first, eight players tied 2nd place

International Chess Festival “Moscow Open 2008″, that was held on 2nd-10th of February at the Russian State Social University, saw a thrilling finale after Artyom Timofeev (RUS 2664) fought a record 117 moves against the then-leading Ernesto Inarkiev to win the game and eventually a tournament. Timofeev, who earlier had a rough time in strong round robins like Montreal Empresa and Bosna Sarajevo, snatched a substantial first prize of $20.000 USD. Total prize fund was amounting close to $200.000.

moscow winners

Artyom Timofeev and Anna Muzychuk with trophies

Tied on the second place with 7.0 points out of nine rounds were Alexander Riazantsev (Russia 2628), Sergey Volkov (Russia 2623), Zahar Efimenko (Ukraine 2638), Alexander Lastin (Russia 2604), Baadur Jobava (Georgia 2643), Ernesto Inarkiev (Russia 2681), Murtas Kazhgaleyev (Kazakhstan 2594), Alexander Moiseenko (Ukraine 2643) and Igor Kurnosov (Russia 2577). Direct last round games in cash-hunt are bellow.

Baadur Jobava square

Baadur Jobava

The main tournament had 304 participants. At the same time, 414 Candidate Masters and lower rated players battled it out in in the B section. Khodjayan Vardan of Armenia won this race with impressive 8.5 points, leaving the only half point in the last round.

Generous prize fund in the C Group, reserved for female players, attracted a record 136 entries. IM Anna Muzychuk from Slovenia finished first with 8.0 points to earn solid $6.000 USD. IM Anna Ushenina (UKR 2484), who just played in Corus C event, was 2nd with 7.5, while WGM Natalia Zhukova (RUS 2443), IM Dronavalli Harika (IND 2455) and GM Kateryna Lahno (UKR 2475) are tied on 3rd-5th.

SL 2 Ana Muzicuk-Ana Usenina

Anna Muzychuk and Anna Ushenina during 2007 Serbian League

boris spassky

Chief arbiter: former world champion Boris Spassky

Most of the Grandmasters will be moving to famous Aeroflot Open which is starting on Thursday. Beside the equally huge prize fund of $200.000 USD, Aeroflot Open is also offering its winner a direct invitation for the super round-robin Dortmund 2008.

Moscow open 2008 round 2

many surprises in Moscow

Yet another day full of surprises in Moscow. GM Zvjaginsev drew his game with IM Ivanov on board 1. The coach of the Russian team, GM Motylev, was also held to a draw by IM Ponkratov. GM Najer, GM Potkin, GM Oleksienko, GM Popov, GM Bocharov, and GM Rychagov also joined the surprising results party and drew their games with lower rated opponents.

The women section helped to make the day full of upsets. WGM Pogonina drew WIM Iljushina, IM Lahno drew WIM Semenova, and IM Krush could not win against WGM Golubenko.

After round 2 there are 36 players with perfect score in the men section and 20 in the women section. Tomorrow starts round 3, follow the action on the official site

Moscow Open 2008 round 2

Results round 2 from the main tournament

Results round 2 from the B group

Results round 2 from the women section

Moscow open 2008 round 3

Pairings round 3 main tournament

Pairings round 3 B group

Pairings round 3 women section

More from the Moscow open 2008

Pictorial report by Evgeniy Atarov

Preview and participants

Round 1 results and report

Moscow Open 2008 round 1

surprises at the men section

Moscow Open 2008 started with a big upset for the number one seeded GM Akopian Vladimir. The Armenian GM could not find a way to victory with white against the 350 points less rated FM Moskalenko and the game finished draw. Even worse was the start for the second seeded of the tournament GM Inarkiev. He lost from FM Okara and became the surprise of the day. Definitely an interesting start of the strong competition with a total of 80+ GMs, 20+ IMs, and a total of more than 150 titled players.

In the women section matches finished according to expectations. Irina Krush, Elina Danelian, Ekaterina Lahno, and Natalia Pogonina won their games and all of them had a clear outcome before move 30.

Moscow open results

1 GM Akopian Vladimir Ѕ – Ѕ FM Moskalenko Alexander

2 FM Okara Andrey 1 – 0 GM Inarkiev Ernesto

3 GM Zvjaginsev Vadim 1 – 0 FM Slugin Sergey

4 Chernobay Artem 0 – 1 GM Timofeev Artyom

5 GM Amonatov Farrukh 1 – 0 Zemtsov Igor

6 IM Aleshin Oleg 0 – 1 GM Tiviakov Sergei

7 GM Miroshnichenko Evgenij 1 – 0 IM Peregudov Nickolai

8 FM Tonoian Armen 0 – 1 GM Areshchenko Alexander

9 GM Motylev Alexander 1 – 0 IM Potapov Pavel

10 IM Krivoborodov Egor 0 – 1 GM Jobava Baadur

11 GM Moiseenko Alexander 1 – 0 IM Polivanov Anatoliy

12 FM Kotenko Pavel Ѕ – Ѕ GM Sutovsky Emil

13 GM Efimenko Zahar 1 – 0 FM Onoprijchuk Boris

14 IM Chudinovskikh Alexander M 0 – 1 GM Naiditsch Arkadij

15 GM Najer Evgeniy 1 – 0 IM Kostin Alexey

16 FM Reshetnikov Alexey 0 – 1 GM Riazantsev Alexander

17 GM Kobalia Mikhail 1 – 0 FM Ozolin Maxim

18 IM Kargin Arseny 0 – 1 GM Volkov Sergey

19 GM Asrian Karen 1 – 0 IM Gorbatov Alexej

20 IM Orlinkov Maxim L Ѕ – Ѕ GM Aleksandrov Aleksej

21 GM Guseinov Gadir 1 – 0 IM Predein Vladimir

22 IM Kalashnikov Konstantin 1 – 0 GM Macieja Bartlomiej

23 GM Smirin Ilia 1 – 0 Abasov Nijat Azad

24 IM Soltanici Ruslan Ѕ – Ѕ GM Rodshtein Maxim

25 GM Burmakin Vladimir 1 – 0 FM Ahmed Sk Nasir

26 Kalashian David 0 – 1 GM Potkin Vladimir

27 GM Vitiugov Nikita 1 – 0 IM Gagarin Vasilij

28 Hambardzumian Yuri Ѕ – Ѕ GM Fedorov Alexei

29 GM Korotylev Alexey Ѕ – Ѕ GM Kalugin Sergey V

30 Lebedev Sergey 0 – 1 GM Kuzubov Yuriy

31 GM Kaidanov Gregory S Ѕ – Ѕ IM Filipenko Alexander V

32 IM Krylov Mikhail 1 – 0 GM Grachev Boris

33 GM Bocharov Dmitry 1 – 0 FM Shkurikhin Ilia

34 Pileckis Emilis 0 – 1 GM Smirnov Pavel

35 GM Popov Ivan 1 – 0 Kislov Oleg

36 IM Nezad Husein Aziz 0 – 1 GM Yakovich Yuri

37 GM Kazhgaleyev Murtas 1 – 0 FM Fazulyanov Sergey

38 FM Klimov Anton Ѕ – Ѕ GM Lysyj Igor

39 GM Oleksienko Mikhailo 1 – 0 Prokopchuk Yury

40 Egorov Dmitry 0 – 1 GM Savchenko Boris

41 GM Iordachescu Viorel Ѕ – Ѕ IM Losev Dmitry

42 FM Pisakov Ilia Ѕ – Ѕ GM Zakhartsov Viacheslav V

43 GM Grigoriants Sergey Ѕ – Ѕ FM Stukopin Andrey

44 Kachar Vladimir Ѕ – Ѕ GM Belov Vladimir

45 GM Minasian Artashes 0 – 1 Tarasov Oleg

46 Mishin Alexei Ѕ – Ѕ GM Kurnosov Igor

47 GM Andreikin Dmitry 1 – 0 Prihotko Alexander

48 IM Kozlov Vladimir N 0 – 1 GM Korobov Anton

49 GM Evdokimov Alexander A 1 – 0 FM Tjurin Alexander P

50 Kruglov Viktor 0 – 1 GM Kharitonov Andrei V

51 GM Svetushkin Dmitry 1 – 0 Davydov Sergey P

52 IM Umansky Vladimir 0 – 1 GM Khismatullin Denis

53 GM Shomoev Anton Ѕ – Ѕ Benza Artem

54 IM Rjabzev Konstantin 0 – 1 IM Vovk Yuri

55 GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son 1 – 0 Sharafiev Azat

56 IM Leontiev Aleksandr V 0 – 1 GM Rychagov Andrey

57 GM Iljushin Alexei Ѕ – Ѕ FM Polschikov Alexey

58 FM Zolotukhin Valery 0 – 1 GM Novikov Stanislav

59 GM Khairullin Ildar 1 – 0 FM Isaev Yuri

60 FM Lyaskovsky Viktor 0 – 1 GM Chernyshov Konstantin

61 IM Deviatkin Andrei 0 – 1 Ipatov Alexander

62 WGM Romanko Marina 0 – 1 GM Gasanov Eldar

63 GM Le Quang Liem 0 – 1 Gundavaa Bayarsaihan

64 Potapov Alexey Ѕ – Ѕ GM Kunin Vitaly

65 GM Vorobiov Evgeny E Ѕ – Ѕ Hovhannisyan Robert

66 IM Onoprienko Vladimir 0 – 1 GM Andriasian Zaven

67 GM Bryzgalin Kirill 1 – 0 Airapetian Gor

68 FM Gritsenko Andrey 0 – 1 GM Kharitonov Alexandr

69 GM Rakhmanov Aleksandr Ѕ – Ѕ WIM Shumilina Alexandra

70 IM Alexeev Alexey 0 – 1 IM Hossain Enamul

71 GM Pushkov Nikolai - – + IM Mikheev Stanislav

72 Belous Vladimir 0 – 1 IM Geller Jakov

73 GM Dzhakaev Dzhakay 1 – 0 FM Agaragimov Djakhangir

74 FM Reutsky Sergei Ѕ – Ѕ IM Maslak Konstantin

75 GM Kosyrev Vladimir Ѕ – Ѕ FM Moiseev Gumar

76 IM Zakharchenko Arnold 0 – 1 IM Nikolenko Oleg

77 GM Abdulla Al-Rakib 1 – 0 Gankin Stanislav

78 GM Grechihin Valery 0 – 1 GM Sveshnikov Evgeny

79 GM Kiselev Vitaliy Ѕ – Ѕ Demianjuk Alexander

80 FM Musaev Mansur 0 – 1 FM Gubajdullin Alexei

81 FM Dvalishvili Pavel S 1 – 0 FM Orlov Nikolay I

82 Nguyen Viet Tuong 1 – 0 IM Safarli Eltaj

83 GM Bagirov Rufat Ѕ – Ѕ Ajrapetian Gevorg

84 FM Lyaskovsky Valentin 0 – 1 IM Ivanov Victor L

85 FM Zabotin Alexander Ѕ – Ѕ FM Yarysh Grigorij

86 Demidov Mikhail 0 – 1 GM Safin Shukhrat

87 IM Tarlev Konstantin 1 – 0 FM Kurdakov Yuri

88 Pletnev Evgeniy 0 – 1 IM Demchenko Anton

89 IM Sjugirov Sanan 0 – 1 Djuraev Sokhib

90 WIM Kashlinskaya Alina 0 – 1 IM Ponkratov Pavel

91 IM Friedel Joshua E + – - Stefanovich Evgeny

92 Matvienko Ivan 0 – 1 IM Melkumyan Hrant

93 GM Krapivin Alexander Ѕ – Ѕ FM Bukavshin Ivan

94 FM Rozanov Pavel B 0 – 1 IM Ulko Jaroslav

95 IM Danin Alexandre 1 – 0 Fomin Vladimir

96 Omariev Maksim 0 – 1 IM Gabrielian Artur

97 GM Iskusnyh Sergei 1 – 0 Inants Aghasi

98 Kolmakov Pavel 0 – 1 GM Naumkin Igor

99 IM Papin Vasily 1 – 0 Viliavin Roman

100 Loginov Anton 0 – 1 IM Chadaev Nikolai

101 FM Isajevsky Anton Ѕ – Ѕ Kozlov Gennady

102 Rettore Ludwig 0 – 1 GM Gutov Andrey

103 GM Yandemirov Valeri 1 – 0 Guerrero Juan Carlos

104 Neshkov Vladislav - – + IM Demin Vladimir

105 IM Lushenkov Mikhail Ѕ – Ѕ Venevtsev Andrey

106 Pichugin Andrei 0 – 1 Ivanov Oleg V

107 Looshnikov Nikolai 1 – 0 Yudin Ivan

108 Urjubdshzirov Erdni 1 – 0 IM Konovalov Nikolay

109 IM Khusnutdinov Rustam 1 – 0 Aldokhin Ivan

110 Zhadanov Vasili B 0 – 1 IM Sitnikov Anton

111 IM Kuznetsov Viktor 1 – 0 Novikov Valeri

112 Kaljaev Viacheslav 0 – 1 GM Kim Alexey

113 FM Nakhapetiane Pogos Ѕ – Ѕ Krivolapov Vasily

114 Kurilenko Vladimir 0 – 1 FM Yatsenko Alexey

115 FM Lavrik Dmitry 1 – 0 Sychev Klementy

116 CM Antipov Mikhail Al 0 – 1 Mozharov Mikhail

117 FM Batchuluun Cegmed Ѕ – Ѕ Shefer Alexander

118 Yeo Michael J + – - IM Loskutov Oleg

119 IM Pruess David 1 – 0 Ezhikov Vitaly

120 Samedov Alim + – - IM Zakharov Alexander

121 IM Appolonov Sergey 1 – 0 Vakhlamov Igor L

122 Markosian Sarkis - – + IM Paveliev Alexey

123 IM Shvedchikov Anatoli I 1 – 0 Markevich Arseniy

124 Kreines Mikhail 0 – 1 GM Balashov Yuri S

125 IM Zherebukh Yaroslav 1 – 0 Gvilava Maya

126 Usov Ilia Nik 0 – 1 Borisenko Andrei

127 FM Kachko Alexander 1 – 0 Mingaleev Ildar

128 Adlai Semen 0 – 1 IM Ivanov Alexey

129 IM Matsenko Sergei 1 – 0 Bochkov Mikhail

130 Chizhikov Vladislav 0 – 1 Pustov Pavel

131 IM Eliseev Alexei 0 – 1 Galiaev Andrey

132 Hudaberdin Ravil 0 – 1 IM Reprintsev Alexander

133 FM Nyzhnyk Illya 1 – 0 Kanaev Sergey

134 Komov Sergey 0 – 1 FM Pokazanjev Nikolai

135 IM Purtov Andrei 1 – 0 Nizhegorodtsev Dmitry

136 Polonsky Pavel 0 – 1 IM Gorovykh Eduard

137 Tjurins Ilja 0 – 1 IM Yudin Sergei

From the official site

The opening ceremony of the 4th International Chess Festival «Moscow Open 2008» was held in Russian State Social University. The participants were greeted by the organizers of the Festival after the short documentary film about chess history.

«Chess is popular and favorite kind of sport», – said the head of Moscow Department of physical fitness and sports, Mikhail Stepaniants. «Moscow Open 2008» grows from the little tournament into the big festival. It is the epitome of tradition of Soviet chess school. Many young chess-players take part in this championship. In future they will repeat and increase the victories of Soviet players.

Viacheslav Beresnev noticed that during the short history of this tournament it’s taken the high ground in all Moscow and International chess calendars. The President of Moscow Chess Federation thanked players and organizers. He is sure that the Tournament will give the great impulse for development of chess in Moscow.

«Nowadays «Moscow Open 2008» – intellectual capital of the World», – said rector of Russian State Sosial University, Vasiliy Zhukov. He marked the great social role that chess plays in intellectual education of all people. The University has not so big experience in organization of such Festivals, but it outstrips some of such Festivals in technique, information and organization.

Vasily Zhukov congratulated all the participants of the Festival and announced that it’s opened.

Many games began at 3 p.m. in classrooms of the University. 1209 participants began to play in 4 tournaments of the Festival. 274 players are in «Open А», 402 – in «В», 130 women in «Open С», and 403 young players are in the tournament between schools (D).

Earlier news

Boris Spassky was presented to journalists as the Chief Arbiter of the festival Moscow Open at the press conference of ITAR-TASS news agency. In this connection ex-world champion even has to postpone celebration of his birthday, which is today – on January 30. Boris Vasilyevich has promised to be a strict arbiter, and punish without remorse for mobile calls during a game. Spasskiy has also pointed out that the women’s tournament will take place for the first time as a part of Moscow Open 2008 festival, and it, as the main men’s tournament, collects quite a distinguished team of players. Vyacheslav Bersenev, the President of Moscow Chess Federation, has noted that the festival will be a holiday not only for players but for spectators.
They will have a chance to watch the games of famous chess players, listen to the comments of a Grand Master about the most interesting games. They will be able to follow the games in real-time mode and on the Internet using Computers or mobile phones that support GPRS.

The festival that is being carried out for the fourth time will become record in terms of participants’ number. About 1200 chess players from 30 countries including over 100 Grand Masters will take part in it. Such a considerable level of the event enabled to include it on the list of the most significant events in Moscow last year.

It is obvious that the festival Moscow open has not hit the wall in its development. It will be developing, and Russian Chess Federation will continue collaborating with organizers of the tournament, assist with its carrying out.
Carrying out of the international festival Moscow Open 2008 can play a significant role regarding a positive decision of the International Olympic Committee about the candidacy of our city to host the first youth games that will take place in summer 2010. It was pointed out by Alexander Polinskiy, the General Director of the Committee of Sports and Entertainment Events of Moscow . We remind you that as of today this honor is being claimed by Singapore alongside with Moscow.
The drawing of lots that took place at the press conference has determined that the chess players that are higher rated will play white in the first round of all four tournaments of the festival.