Le Quang Liem leading the 1st Dragon Capital Vietnam Chess open

Azmaiparashvili and Wesley So close behind

wesley so

GM Le Quang Liem leading the 1st Dragon Capital Vietnam Chess open after 8 rounds. One round before the end GM Le Quang Liem is 1/2 point ahead of the second GM Azmaiparashvili, and 1 point ahead of the third, GM Wesley So.
However, things are quite complicated, as GM Le Quang Liem has a very low tiebreak and in case he loses tomorrow he may stay out of the medals. On the other hand GM Wesley So has the highest tiebreak in the chasing pack and will have good chances in the final round.

Final round pairings

1 GM Shanava Konstantine 5½ - 6½ GM Le Quang Liem

2 GM Tu Hoang Thong 5½ – 6 GM Azmaiparashvili Zurab

3 Nolte Rolando 5½ – 5½ GM Dao Thien Hai

4 GM So Wesley 5½ - 5 GM Dzhumaev Marat

5 GM Nguyen Anh Dung 5 - 5 FM Nguyen Duc Hoa

6 IM Tu Hoang Thai 5 – 5 FM Pham Chuong

7 GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son 4½ - 4½ CM Nguyen Hoang Nam

8 CM Nguyen Van Hai 4-½ 4½ IM Bitoon Richard

9 Vo Thanh Ninh 4½ – 4½ IM Goh Weiming

10 Le Quang Long 4 – 4 IM Sadorra Julio Catalino

The tournament is the sixth and last elimination round under the Grand Prix system in the Asian-Pacific region. The event will pick the most talented chess players in the region to compete in world tournaments. The 1st Dragon Chess tournament, which will give out a total of US$20,000, is scheduled to take place from tomorrow to next Tuesday with nine matches, and attracting many players from the Philippines, Singapore, Myanmar, Georgia, Australia, India and Vietnam.

Expect full report on Chessdom.com right after the end of the competition. The official site is

More about Chess in Vietnam

The organisers of the World Youth Championship 2008 and the ASEAN Chess Academy together with the Vietnam Chess Federation, is pleased to announce a Seminar for Coaches leading to FIDE Trainer / FIDE Instructor qualifications.

FIDE Senior Trainer (FST) and Grandmaster Efstratios Grivas (Greece) will be the lead instructor. FST and International Master Jovan Petronic (Serbia) and FST and FIDE Master Ignatius Leong (Singapore) with also be lecturers.

The seminar will be held from 20 to 30 October, and only be conducted during playing seesions (and on off days) to accommodate the many requests from national youth trainers wishing to attend but with coaching obligations while in Vung Tau, Vietnam.

You can download the official prospect and registration form at FIDE.com or contact the Course Coordinator Peter Long at peter@aseanchess.

Drama at World Women Chess Championship round 1 tiebreaks

LIVE updates from Nalchik

Information about the World Women Chess Championship

Official website

Statements: Kirsan Ilymzhinov / Boris Kutin / Arsen Kanokov

General information / Pairings round 1


Live day 1 / Live day 2

chessdom logo

11:00 CET

Welcome to the World Women Chess Championship 2008 round 1 tiebreaks LIVE on Chessdom.com!

11:10 CET

The lucky winners from yesterday with perfect 2,0/2 score are Humpy Koneru, Zhao Xue, Tatjana Kosintseva, Alexandra Kosteniuk, Anna Muzhychuk, Dronavalli Harika, Nadezhda Kosintseva, and Mongontuul Bathuyang.

Besides them, the players qualified with 1,5/5 are Xu Yuhua, Pia Cramling, Viktorija Cmilyte, Ruan Lufei, Hoang Thanh Trang, Anna Ushenina, Inna Gaponenko, Shen Yang, and Tan Zongyi.

11:20 CET

These players will have a rest day today, as well as the ones that won their games due to byes. Yet we will get a LOT of action today, as we will witness the first tiebreaks of the World Women Chess Championship.

11:25 CET

The matches today: Natalia Zhukova – Katherine Rohonyan, Ilaha Kadimova – Elizabeth Paehtz, Sabina-Francesca Foisor – Monika Socko, Lilit Mkrtchian – Eva Moser, and Natasha Bojkovic – Ju Wenjun.


11:40 CET

The games start at 13:00 CET. We will bring you all the latest news from the playing hall until then, and later on will follow the games live with you.

11:45 CET

Irina Krush decided not to come to Nalchik long time ago, but Anna Zatonskih is here. Yesterday she enjoyed her trip to the Blue Lakes and later on gave an extensive interview, covering the security issues, the organization of the WWCC, as well as chess in the USA. You can find the interview at the day 2 live coverage, scroll down to the end to get the whole text.

12:00 CET

There are more than 100 photos in the World Women Chess Championship photo gallery including photos from the city, the players, the playing hall, the organizers, and everything around the WWCC. Enjoy!

12:15 CET

Videos from the first days can be found at the Nalchik video report, courtesy of FIDE.

12:30 CET


12:45 CET

15 minutes before the start of the games it is raining cats and dogs in Nalchik. In this sleepy weather it will be interesting to see if the players can concentrate for their rapid and blitz games.

12:50 CET

Ketino Kachiani is the only Georgian player that came to Nalchik. Here is an interview with her by Mr. Surov.

Surov: Ketino Kachiani is the only chess player from Georgia who came to Nalchik. But she represents Germany. I thank her for her agreement to talk after her lose that didn’t let her go on playing in the Championship.

Surov: You were among those Georgian chess players who wrote an open letter with a request to change the venue of the Championship because of the reasons of security. But in the long run you have come. Why?

Ketino: When we were writing this letter we were in Tbilisi and that was the territory of Georgia. Things like that don’t happen very often in capitals. Not only me but other chess players from the different countries backed up this letter. There were 8 Georgian chess players who were to participate in this tournament. I think the Championship would have been more interesting if they had been here. The Georgian chess school is one of the best schools. Moreover it is not only a Georgian chess school. It was famous in the times of the Soviet Union. Maya Chiburdanidze has so many titles that I can’t even enumerate all of them. So I think we must support such people, such legends. But later the situation improved and I am happy about that. I think such problems must be solved peacefully. That’s why I have come here. We, sportsmen, understand each other perfectly. I am sure the same will be with politicians. They will negotiate and solve some problems. Important problems.

Surov: So you differentiate politics and sports?

Ketino: Yes. I do because I am a sportsman, a chess player. Politics is not my cup of tea.

Surov: Why do you think Georgian chess players haven’t come?

Ketino: I think it was difficult for them psychologically to play especially when such things happen to your town. I think nobody can imagine that. I myself can’t imagine that because I wasn’t there at that time. This psychological factor is very important in sport. I believe they wouldn’t be able to play comfortably. They had to solve a lot of problems within the last two days: visas, flights, problems of security, etc. These things are of utmost importance. I think that it was psychologically difficult for the Georgian sportsmen to play. I perfectly understand them. I think the tournament like this Championship is planned beforehand. We must train, we need silence. I grew up in the Soviet Union. All my titles I got being a citizen of the Soviet Union. Now I play for Germany.

Surov: So you have come to Nalchik. Did you see the town? What do you think about Nalchik? Do you feel secure here?

Ketino: I was sure that everything would be OK. It is not only Russia and Georgia that are trying to solve these important problems, but the whole world is involved. I think everything must be decided peacefully. Nalchik is a very calm and peaceful city. One can come here any time. I decided to come at the last moment. Many other chess players did the same. We thought that it would be impossible to hold the Championship if we didn’t come. I can say that the Championship was organized on a high level. FIDE has done its best to provide our security. People here are so friendly and hospitable. That’s why I am here. I am all for peace.

Surov: Unfortunately you are leaving the Championship. If you had known beforehand that you would lose in the first round, would you have come?

Ketino: I think nobody knows beforehand if he will lose or win. The strongest athletes from different sports don’t know either whether they will win or lose. I don’t regret my coming here. I participated in the Championship among the top 64 chess players.

Surov: Thank you.

12:57 CET

The five tiebreak games start in less than 3 minutes. They will be live on the official website. The players are already in their nice stylish chairs and they are ready to begin.

13:05 CET

And games are on! 3 games with d4 and two with e4 opening. Contrary to yesterday Bojkovic and Ju are blasting moves, probably part of another psychological battle.

13:15 CET

Unfortunately, the timers on the official site are not displayed and there is no access to the playing hall due to the WWCC regulations. We will be in constant touch with the arbiters to bring you the latest news.

13:45 CET

Eva Moser and Mrktchian are the first two to head into time trouble. They have played less than 20 moves in 45 minutes and have to catch up.

13:45 CET

Paehtz is a knight up, but she has to work her way to victory. Both players have enough time as they are close to move 40.

14:00 CET

Monika Socko is stunned by the birthday girl Sabrina Fracesca Foisor. The Romanian pawn advance totally compensated the exchange up of Socko. At the same time Paehtz with a knight up found the right way to the victory.

14:05 CET

Monika Socko – Sabrina Fracesca Foisor 0:1, a big shock for Socko and she will have to win the next game with black if she wants to continue her participation.

14:10 CET

Eva Moser is in a similar situation as she lost with white from Mkrtchian.

14:15 CET

Big photo report from the first tiebreak games is available at http://photos.chessdom.com/wwcc-2008/day-3-highlights

14:30 CET

The second games start in a few minutes.

14:31 CET

And here we go, Kadimova and Paehtz engaged in a Queen Gambit Declined. Foisor and Socko are cruising through the Nimzo Indian.

14:40 CET

Timers are up on the official site, refresh the official page to see them.

14:45 CET

As Kadimova and Socko are the only ones to lose their games (the others finished draw) they need a victory to continue to the blitz games.

15:00 CET

Hoang Thanh Trang has just talked to the Chessdom editor-in-chief Goran Urosevic. She shared, “The Olympiad is always very difficult because there are many teams that want to win the medals. Entering in top six would be an extraordinary result for us. I am very happy that Anna Rudolf has won the Hungarian championship and I welcome her in the national team. She is young and very talented and I am sure we will see much more from her in the future.”

15:30 CET

A draw in Mrktchian – Moser! The score is 1-1 and they will be going to blitz tiebreak!

15:31 CET

(corrected) Sabina-Francesca Foisor is checkmated and the match continues at 1-1 score.

15:33 CET

Kadimova equalizes and they are going to play blitz tiebreak with Paehtz! The drama continues!

15:35 CET

Rohonyan is through! She won her game against Zhukova and with total score 1,5:0,5 she is going on. Two American representatives in round 2 – Rohonyan and Zatonskih.

15:40 CET

Bojkovic lost and Ju is through!

15:45 CET

After the correction of the info about Foisor and Socko, we can confirm that Ju and Rohonyan qualify. The rest will play blitz tiebreaks in a few minutes.

15:50 CET

Monica Socko shared with Evgenij Surov that she has participated in 3 WWCC knock out system and she has never passed the first round. “I’m very nervous. In fact I was thinking of passing to the second round, but not about the game I was playing. I have to switch my thoughts and attention on to the game and stop worrying about the future, what is going to happen next, weather I’m passing or not. Still I hope I’ll manage to pass to the second round. At any rate I have to learn to control my emotions.”

15:53 CET

Games are on and all 3 of them opened with d4.

16:00 CET

If you wonder how Moser escaped from a situation being a queen down in the first game, there was an error in the broadcast, so the game was completely equal. This information is still to be confirmed by the official arbiters, but these are the rumors around the playing hall in Nalchik,

16:04 CET

Yet another draw between Moser and Mkrtchian! Exciting match with lots of tension.

16:10 CET

Paehtz wins with black and takes the lead in the match with Kadimova.

16:20 CET

After 70 moves Foisor wins her game against Socko!

16:25 CET

The next blitz games in the games marathon from today start in a few minutes.

16:30 CET

The Polish players Iweta Rajlich and Anna Gasik are encouraging Monica Socko during the breaks. Moser and Foisor usually consult with coaches.

16:50 CET

Kadimova and Paehtz are obviously enjoying this thriller! Another decided game and another even score. This match will be decided in “sudden death” time control. Correction! Lilit Mkrtchian won the second blitz game and advances to the next round!

16:55 CET

Socko also wins to equalize against Foisor! Another Armageddon…. Rules: The player, who wins the drawing of lots, may choose the colour. White shall receive 6 minutes, Black shall receive 5 minutes, without any addition. The winner qualifies for the next round. In case of a draw the player with the black pieces qualifies for the next round.

WWCC Players in press room

Railich, Gashik, Zhukova and Bojkovic following Armageddon games in the press room

17:15 CET

Elisabeth Paehtz temporarily sacrificed a Rook to neutralize Black’s dominating Knight and force a pawn promotion. German player wins to finally move into the next round. The match between Paehtz and Kadimova had no draws!

WWCC Ushenina, Gaponenko, Paehtz

Elisabeth Paehtz (right) talking to Anna Ushenina and Inna Gaponenko after her win in Armageddon game

17:20 CET

Drama in Socko-Foisor! Black run out of time, but there were only a King and Knight for each player left on the board, and the arbiters have declared a draw. Polish players are now engaged in lively discussion in front of the playing hall. Foisor progressed to the next round.

17:35 CET

Sabina Foisor explained to the interpreters that she claimed a draw before her flag fell, but the arbiters have postponed the decision. They still have the right to declare the result after one of the players forfeits on time.

18:05 CET

Monica Socko filed a complaint and Appeals Committee is now meeting to reach the final decision. The Committee’s Chairman will later elaborate the outcome at the press conference.

18:35 CET

Transcript of a quick press conference with Lilit Mkrtchian is now posted.

18:40 CET

It seems like the Appeals Committee has reached the verdict. The press conference should start shortly. Earlier, the Committee asked the press officers for a printout of relevant section in the FIDE Handbook.

18:45 CET

We will have to wait a bit longer, the Appeals Committee just moved to another room! Elizabeth Paehtz was asking around if anything has been decided yet. She is paired to play Anna Ushenina in the 2nd round and you can see them chatting in the picture above. Eli is speaking good Russian, she says she eventually had to learn it after playing so many tournaments in this country.

19:20 CET

The press conference with Elizabeth Paehtz has just ended, we will post a transcript later. Some new details about Socko-Foisor game became known – in the whole time scramble, as pieces flew around, nobody managed to write down all the moves. The arbiters are only recalling an approximate picture (all pieces in the center), as the board was cleared before the position is written down.

20:15 CET

The Appeals Committee accepted Monica Socko’s complaint and granted her a win! She goes into the next round. There won’t be any press conferences on this issue. Read the decision of the appeals committee here.

Thank you for following Chessdom.com live coverage of the World Women Chess Championship! See you again tomorrow at 7:00 EST/13:00 CET.

Polgar and Leko will lead the Olympic team of Hungary for Dresden 2008

men and women teams of Hungary for the Chess Olympiad 2008

Polgar happy 1

In the past week the Chessdom team with the help of many contributors have been trying to collect information about the teams participants in the Chess Olympiad in Dresden 2008. Until now many teams from all continents have been listed, with Russia having a team over 2750.

However, the breaking news about the Olympiad comes from Hungary. Peter Leko and Judith Polgar will lead the Hungarian Olympic Chess team for Dresden 2008! They will be joined by our good friend Csaba Balogh, as well as Zoltan Almasi and Ferenc Berkes.

The women team is almost complete as well. For now we know it will be led by GM Trang Hoang (currently playing in Nalchik), IM Szidonia Vajda, IM Ildiko Madl, and they will be joined by WGM Anna Rudolf, who just won the Hungarian Women Championship and converted her Olympic dream.

World Women Chess Championship day 2 LIVE!

LIVE updates from Nalchik

Information about the World Women Chess Championship

Official website

Statements: Kirsan Ilymzhinov / Boris Kutin / Arsen Kanokov

General information / Pairings round 1


Video, photos, and interviews day 1

chessdom logo

10:00 CET

Welcome to the day 2 coverage of the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik 2008 LIVE on Chessdom.com. After an exciting day yesterday with a very high number of decisive games, we will be looking forward to the action in the second day. On this page we will provide you LIVE updates from the playing hall and follow the events with photos, interviews, and videos.

10:15 CET

We start with the first official words from GM Humpy Koneru. On being asked if she feels a pressure as top seeded, she answered, “I think that in knockout system it is important to play round by round, without looking too much ahead”. This answer may seem familiar, as the top tennis star Anna Ivanovich is used to saying exactly the same thing.

It appears that Humpy will be have a default win in the next round because she gets paired with Georgians. “I don’t like the break because I would want to stay focused, without interrupting the flow. I love to play,” shared Koneru Humpy with the Chessdom team.

10:25 CET

Natalia Zhukova (UKR 2489) commented at the joint press conference, “- It was a surprise indeed, I was enjoying small positional and clock advantage. Rohoyan’s pieces were oddly positioned, I have never seen this before. Then, when we were left with two minutes each, something happened to me, I missed several opportunities to make a draw and ultimately lost the game. I think this was a psychological loss.”

Yesterday was indeed a day full of time trouble. You can check the comments about 15:00 CET yesterday in the live coverage for more details.

10:30 CET

There will be press conferences after the start of round 1 and immediately after each game of the top seeded players. We will inform you about them directly from the playing hall.

There will be many photos as well, some of yesterday’s photos in the day 1 gallery

10:45 CET

The world press has also started following closely the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik. Siffy.com reports,

“Diamonds may be termed a woman’s ‘best friend’, but for the 64 women players who have qualified for the Women’s World Chess Championship, they will symbolize supremacy in world chess.

For the first time ever, the winner will literally be crowned champion with a gold Coronet studded with 46 diamonds and three large sapphires. ”

Press Trust of India comments on the WWCC 2008, “Grandmaster Koneru Humpy started her campaign in the World Women’s Chess Championship beating Yorsa Alaa El Din of Egypt in the first mini match of the first round here today.
The Indian ace, who started with black pieces, now needs a draw to secure her place in the last 16 stage. The withdrawal of Georgian players from the tournament means Humpy will get a bye in the second round. World junior girls’ champion D Harika also got off to a flier beating 2007 junior world champion Vera Nebolsina of Russia. Playing black in the opener, Harika too needs just a draw to advance to the next round.”

11:15 CET

In about 15 minutes we will bring you a very interesting breaking news. Stay tuned!

11:30 CET

In the past week the Chessdom team with the help of many contributors have been trying to collect information about the teams participants in the Chess Olympiad in Dresden 2008. Until now many teams from all continents have been listed, with Russia having a team over 2750.

However, the breaking news about the Olympiad comes from Hungary. Read the full news here

11:45 CET

Meanwhile the official site has changed the transmission system with a more reliable one and today we will be able to enjoy the games. Here on Chessdom you will get constant updates about their development. Games start in about 1 hour and 10 minutes.

12:00 CET

Currently we are receiving more than 100 photos from the Chessdom journalists in Nalchik – the city, the press conferences, the players… We will present you the most interesting in the next hour. If you want free high quality photos for your magazine, newspaper, or website, contact us

12:25 CET

The photos from the city of Nalchik are available at the Nalchik photo album. We will continue uploading views from the city during the day, a really beautiful place, very close to the highest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus.

12:45 CET

15 minutes are left to the start of the games. The players are heading towards the playing hall, while the arbiters are checking if everything is fine. Table 1 will be again for Solomons and Xu Yuhua. This time the representative of RSA will have the white pieces.

13:00 CET

1. d4 from Solomons and the games are on!

13:04 CET

At least 5 games opened with 1. Nf3. There is a balance between 1. d4 and 1. e4 in the other games.

13:05 CET

Anna Ushenina was presented with a cake with candles, flowers and champagne before the second round start. She is celebrating a birthday. Happy birthday from the Chessdom team!

anna ushenina

Anna Ushenina before the start of day 2

anna ushenina

… and the cake for her birthday

13:15 CET

15 minutes from the start of the games most players are crusing through the opening with pretty good speed. Yesterday there we multiple games with time trouble, probably due to the anxiety of the first day. Today there are more than 15 players that need a victory to get to the tiebreaks, so we will definitely see fighting chess.

13:30 CET

Natasha Bojkovic engaged into a psychological fight from the beginning. She has been thinking for 20 minutes on move 6. The draw yesterday surprised her and now she will be looking minimum for 1/2 points.

13:41 CET

Tatjana Kosintseva is also eager for victory. In a very open game she started an early h pawn advance on the kingside. Yet, the center might turn out to be the key in this game.


13:50 CET

In the next 15 minutes you will be able to see some fresh images from the Chessdom photographers in Nalchik. Enjoy!


Cmylite and Golubenko in their first moves

tania sachdev

Tania Sachdev is happy to be at the World Women Chess Championship

vera nebolsina

The World Junior Champion for 2007 Vera Nebolsina needs a victory today

Yorsa Alaa El Din

Yorsa Alaa El Din is enjoying her stay in Kabardino Balkaria and will try to show her best

14:01 CET

All the photos from the start of day 2 of the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik will be available in the photo album

14:07 CET

Natasha Bojkovic finally moved her 6th move and pushed a pawn on b6 only to receive an immediate reply.

14:10 CET

Tonight the press conference will be with Hoang, Muzychuk, Tatiana Kosintseva, Harika Dronavali, Zhang Jilin and Katherina Rohonyan. If you have questions, please, drop them at our contact form.

14:25 CET

Elizabeth Paehtz needs a victory today, after Kadimova surprised her yesterday. Paehtz is blasting moves and has more than 1 hour and 15 minutes for only 30 minutes for her opponent at move 15.

14:35 CET

Humpy Koneru is launching a serious attack on the kingside. Alaa El Din seems to be in trouble. A photo from the game can be seen here

14:50 CET

A few minutes after the players shook hands. Humpy Koneru is the first player to advance to round 2 after 2 official games at the World Women Chess Championship in Nalchik.

15:00 CET

After repelling a brave attack from Mona Khaled, Yifan Hou is reorganizing and looking for a break on the kingside.

15:15 CET

Several games are heading to deep time trouble, most obvious with Natasha Bojkovic and Tania Sadchev.

15:35 CET

There is a room that writes “Anti-doping control” on the doors, but thus far we haven’t heard that any of the players has been subjected to the test.

15:46 CET

We are getting closer to the time control and there is only one game finished. This is a solid proof of the fighting chess that we see in round 1 of the World Women Chess Championship.

15:47 CET

Tatjana Kosintseva is heading towards a victory. She is a rook up. At the same time Solomons is putting up a good fight against Xu Yuhua, proving that her rating does not reflect her strength.

15:50 CET

Kosintseva, Tatjana (RUS) – Muminova, Nafisa (UZB) 1:0 and with a total score 2:0 Kosintseva is heading to round 2.

15:55 CET

Yifan Hou follows Kosintseva and Koneru in round 2 after two consecutive victories.

16:10 CET

Other results from the past ten minutes: Anna Muzychuk won her second game in a row against Maria Velcheva and goes to the next round with full points ; Tania Sachdev lost from Tan Zhongyi in a severe time trouble, final result for the match 1,5:0,5 for the Chinese player.

16:25 CET

Beautiful chess from Anzel Solomons! The player from RSA, rated 1895, managed to hold Xu Yuhua to a draw. The final score in the match is 1,5:0,5 for Xu Yuhua, but Solomons showed fantastic chess in both games.

16:30 CET

Bojkovic and Ju are with less than a minute for the next 15 moves! We saw that coming, but it is really severe time trouble for both and requires speed chess.

16:31 CET

Third Chinese player in round 2. Zhao Xue wins against Marisa Zuriel.

16:33 CET

The Ukranian Inna Gaponenko stops the Chinese advance. She defeated Zhang Jilin and with total score 1,5:0,5 goes to the next round. There she will play with the winner of Zhukova – Rohonyan.

16:35 CET

In only 10 minutes basically all the news about Chinese players came out. Shen Yang defeated Kachiani-Gersinska to advance with a score 1,5:0,5. She will meet Zhao Xue in the first Chinese clash.

16:40 CET

In the battle of the World Junior Champions IM Harika defeated WGM Nebolsina. In the next round IM Harika is paired with Muzychuk, a true chess derby!

16:45 CET

A real drama! Zhukova equalizes to Rohonyan! They exchanged a victory with black each and they will play tiebreak tomorrow. You can follow live the development on Chessdom.com from 13:00 CET.

16:47 CET

Second draw of Socko and Foisor sends them to tiebreak as well. With just a few seconds on the clock Bojkovic and Ju agree on a draw and become the third tiebreak match of tomorrow.

16:50 CET

Second victory for Mongontuul against Rajlich and the Mongolian chess player goes to round 2. Can she be the surprise of the championship? In the next round she will meet Yifan Hou.

16:51 CET

Zhukova – Rohonyan seems to be the most unexpected tiebreak until now. The fact that Natalia Zhukova who occupies the 13 place in the FIDE rating lost to Katherine Rohonyan from the USA with the 52 place in the rating list was main surprise of the first game of the first round.
Despite her low mood Natalia shared her impressions of the game with the journalists. Specifically she said: “I was in the lead during the game and I had more time. My opponent’ s figures were spread all over the chess board. I have never seen such an arrangement before. Then something went wrong and I lost. I lost psychologically first of all. After the game I found many ways to end the game in a draw.”

16:59 CET

The chess player from Romania Sabina-Francesca Foisor celebrated her birthday on the second day of the Championship as well. The Organizing Committee of the Championship congratulated her on her 19 birthday with champagne and a cake with candles. Aslan Afaunov, the Chairman of the KBR State Committee on Physical Culture and Sport wished her success and happiness and presented her with a bouquet of red roses. In the presence of all those present singing “Happy Birthday” the young Romanian blew out all the candles from the first attempt. While doing it she probably thought of winning the World Championship. The time will show.


17:00 CET

The member of the Hungarian Olympic team Hoang Thanh Trang also advances after a draw with Arribas Robaina. The total score is 1,5:0,5.

17:10 CET

A second win by Nadezhda Kosintseva gives her the 2:0 victory against Nisha Mohota. Ruan Lufei advances with 1,5:0,5 after a draw in the second game against Zakurdjaeva.

17:15 CET

Elizabeth Paehtz brings another drama today! After the upset of yesterday, she equalizes against Kadimova. Many, many intesresting tiebreaks will be going on tomorrow at 13:00 CET.

17:20 CET

Games that currently are going on: Sanchez Castillo – Cramling, Pourkashiyan – Koteniuk, Cmilyte – Golubenko, Le Thanh Tu – Ushenina, Eva Moser – Mkrtchian.

17:30 CET

Cmilyte is through after a fighting draw with Golubenko. Cmilyte will have Nadezhda Kosintseva as a round 2 opponent.

17:35 CET

Kosteniuk is through after a difficult 2:0 against Pourkashiyan.

18:00 CET

The 70+ move thriller of Anna Ushenina still continues! Pia Cramling and Sanchez Castillo shook hands on the 54th move, Cramling is through with a total score 1,5:0,5.

18:05 CET

More day 2 photos are coming, stay tuned! After the Le Thanh Tu – Ushenina game is over you will be able to enjoy a large photo and video report. Until then we continue our live coverage from Nalchik!

18:15 CET

Anna Ushenina, the birthday girl, is the last to qualify from today after drawing her second round game.

anna gassik

Anna Gasik speaking with the arbiters
even though she was not paired she enjoyed her first days in Nalchik

pia cramling

Pia Cramling before the start of the second longest game of the day

Anna Zatonskih enjoys her trip to the Blue Lakes

August 30, 2008

One of the best US chess players and twofold Ukraine Champion Anna Zatonskih was the first among the Championship participants to get acquainted with the beauties of Kabardino-Balkaria. Anna got a couple days of rest because of her Georgian opponent’s refusal to participate. In the company of her husband and the coach Daniel Fridman she made a trip to the Blue Lakes, the deepest lakes in Russia.

-What are your impressions?

Anna: I have a lot of impressions. I like nature very much. Beautiful landscapes give me much pleasure. A very picturesque place, a lot of greenery, a wonderful gorge, a river. I think it is thousand years old. Great!

Daniel: We couldn’t help admiring the intricately snaking river stream. Nature really makes wonders! We were amazed by the tunnel in the rocky thickness. The beauty of the Blue Lakes is beyond any words. Anna even wanted to dive but we decided she’d better not to before the tournament.

- Now that you are here your prejudices concerning the situation in the Caucasus has probably vanished?

Anna: To tell you the truth I didn’t have any. We have a lot of acquaintances in Nalchik and we were aware of the situation from the first hand not from the Internet.

Daniel: In America as well people are usually warned against going to Mexico. But it doesn’t prevent lots of Americans from having their vacations there.

- What’s your opinion of the level the Championship has been organized? Please, be frank…

Anna: The organization is perfect, a very comfortable playing hall. But most of all I was struck by the opening ceremony! I was also present at the opening ceremony in the world championship in Moscow, which was also great. But unlike this event there were no national dances and amateur performances. I was especially amazed by the little boy’s performance during the official ceremony of drawing.

- The current Championship has acquired some political coloration. What do you think of it ?

Anna: It’s a pity that the Georgian chess-players have not arrived. But at the same time I don’t think that the Russian chess-players would go to Georgia under similar conditions.

- If Lanchava had arrived who would be the winner do you think?

Anna: My rating is much higher. Presumably, I had better chances, though I have to admit that she is a strong player as well. But anything could happen.

- You are a USA citizen. What is the situation with chess overseas?

Anna: The professional level of the players is, certainly, not the same as in Europe. However, they pay special attention to children’s chess. There is an opinion that chess contributes to the all-sided development of a child. Special research in this field showed that chess playing enhances academic abilities of a child.

Daniel: The situation in Germany where we live now is quite different: children’s chess is not so developed. At the same there are lots of leagues for the chess-players of various level. One can observe a chess boom there in connection with the coming World Chess Olympiad

- Anna, you have been playing chess since your childhood?

- Somewhere from the age of four or five.. My parents are chess-players. My father was very much eager to have a son to get him involved in the chess. Since I’m the only child in the family I had to start playing chess. I used to play with neighbor boys, later I joined the chess club. In fact I was going in for track and field events. But I had to drop it because of the appendectomy. So I made a choice in favor of chess. And my first success confirmed that I made the right choice.

- What is your attitude to the differentiation of men’s and women’s chess. From the ordinary point of view it is not reasonable enough since there is no direct physical opposition.

- Anna: It is a superficial vision of the problem . If fact long concentration of attention and psychic tension are very exhausting. You know that at times chess players may lose tens kilos during the game. So this requires good physical form. That is why many chess-players go in for sports.

- Thank you very much for the talk.

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WWCC 2008 Day 1 – photos, video, and interviews

all about the start of the World Women Chess Championship

The first day of the World Women Chess Championship started without many surprises. The favorites won their opening games and despite the age difference and experience of the players, the ELO logic was reflected onto the results.

The first one to finish was the young Chinese prodigy WGM Yifan Hou. After a few opening errors from her opponent, Hou was unstoppable and achieved victory in less than 30 moves.

yifan hou

Yifan Hou in round 1 of the World Women Chess Championship

Several of the players talked to the editor-in-chief of Chessdom.com – Goran Urosevic. IM Harika, who won her game against Vera Nebolsina, shared that white made a couple of bad moves that allowed her to activate the pieces. The exchange of d4 pawn for c6 allowed her to advance to d4 and block white pawn on e2 which became very weak and a burden on white’s legs. Anna Ushenina said for Chessdom that after the regular opening, her opponent made a few inaccuracies which allowed White to gain a strong initiative. Anna was already significantly better when Black blundered and ran into checkmate.

Anna has a birthday today, August 30th. The Chessdom.com team wishes her all the best!

Photos from the first day in Nalchik can be found at the day 1 photo gallery. There you will find Svetlana Mateeva, Harika Dronavalli, Georgios Makropoulos, and many photos from Nalchik.

From day 1 there are only two games that can be counted as real upsets. Draws were few as well.

Kadimova, Ilaha – Paehtz, Elisabeth 1-0

Zhukova, Natalia – Rohonyan, Katerina 0-1

Mkrtchian, Lilit – Moser, Eva ½-½

Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino – Shen Yang ½-½

Zhang Jilin – Gaponenko, Inna ½-½

Foisor, Sabina-Francesca – Socko, Monika ½-½

Tan Zhongyi – Sachdev, Tania ½-½

Bojkovic, Natasa – Ju Wenjun ½-½

All results are available on the official website

WWCC opening ceremony

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has officially opened the Women`s World Chess Championship 2008 in Nalchik, Kabardino Balkaria. During the pompous ceremony yesterday, local dancers and singers entertained the public and the chess game was also personified through youngsters in costumes. In his welcome speech, President of the Republic, Arsen Kanokov expressed the gratitude and hapiness of the republic to have the World Championship in its capital and promised good organization, great interest from the inhabitants, excellent conditions and clean, healthy environment for the tournament. Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Chess Federation delivered the greeting address of Dmitriy Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation praising the beautiful, intellectual game and the Russian chess school. He also expressed the belief that the peaceful competition of chess players turns into a real festival of that sport, promoting development and strengthening of international relations among the nations of the chess world.

press conference

Press conference with FIDE President and officials before round 1

openings women

Traditional dances at the opening ceremony

dancer opening

The best dancer at the opening ceremony

Press conference with Antoaneta Stefanova

Press conference with Antoaneta Stefanova started at 14:10 CET, as her 1st round opponent is missing. Stefanova said she is delighted with the opening ceremony. However, she did not have any idea that her opponent will be missing. On a question from the Chessdom.com journalists about her rating jump in the past year,Antoaneta Stefanova replied, “I been around and above 2500 for some 10 years or so, and the real question is how I managed to lose so many points.” Since recently Stefanova is working with GM Vladimir Georgiev and her form is returning.


Antoaneta Stefanova


Muminova, Nafisa (UZB) – Kosintseva, Tatjana (RUS)


Alaa El Din, Yorsa (EGY) – Koneru, Humpy (IND)


Svetlana Mateeva

More about the first day of the World Women Chess Championship

On August 28, 2008 the Women’s World Chess Championship started in Nalchik. Arsen Kanokov made the first move «е2-е4» on the chess board of the Chinese chess player Xu Yuhua, the Championship favorite.

As the FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov said Arsen Kanokov started the winning game of the incumbent World Champion: “If Xu Yuhua wins, her victory can be regarded as Kanocov’s victory”. In his interview to the journalists the President expressed his hope to see Nalchik among other chess cities of the world. “We will be glad if the Championship doesn’t become a singular event for Kabardino-Balkaria. We are ready to create all the necessary conditions in case FIDE chooses Nalchik for events like that. We have about 15 chess clubs and I am sure that the current Championship will give an impulse for this game popularization”.

Kirsan Ilymzhinov expressed his gratitude to the organizers for the excellent conditions provided for this Championship. He particularly noticed: “We hold different tournaments of different levels but conditions like that can hardly be met elsewhere. We shall support Kabardino-Balkaria’s plans in every way possible to popularize this game”.

As Kirsan Ilymzhinov underlined FIDE is intended to put forward a suggestion to hold one of the Grand Prix tournaments in Nalchik. The series of these events is going to be introduced into the tournament regulations next year.

The President of Kalmykia praised the restored chess pavilions in the city park. He offered to set up special prizes for chess admirers who use to play chess there.

According to him, Nalchik will be included in the FIDE calendar. He himself being 14 year old boy became the Champion of Kalmykia.

His first important victory can be referred to the age of 5 when he became the winner of street championship, with the first prize of a pack of beer. He remembered: “Because of my young age I wasn’t given beer, I had to be contented with two bottles of lemonade and a biscuit”.

The President of FIDE said that it is 100 % – not 99% of schoolchildren that are involved in chess activity in Kalmykia. It has a positive effect on children’s discipline. He underlined that chess contributes to his work as a statesman. It usually helps him to figure out correct moves.

The KBR President Arsen Kanokov admitted his love for chess but however he referred to the lack of time to play a game of chess. He did it last time when he was a student. He remarked: “The game is really intellectual, it develops reasoning and thinking. But unfortunately I can’t afford myself playing chess when I have to settle so many important problems”.

World Women Chess Championship LIVE!

LIVE updates from Nalchik (video added)

Information about the World Women Chess Championship

Official website

Statements: Kirsan Ilymzhinov / Boris Kutin / Arsen Kanokov

General information / Pairings round 1


chessdom logo

Scroll down for the live chat

Welcome to the live coverage of Women World Chess Championship 2008 on Chessdom.com! Every day we will have constant live updates from the capital of Kabardino Balkaria. These updates will be interactive as the audience will have the opportunity to participate, comment, and ask questions through our live chat system.

09:30 CET

We start with the most recent from Nalchik. The President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev has sent a letter to the organizers and the participants in the World Women Chess Championship.

“These days Kabardino Balkaria will host some of the greatest chess talents, which will engage in an honorable fight to demonstrate their skill and mental strength,” says President Medvedev. “I am convinced that this championship will become a true celebration for the lovers of this interesting sport. I wish all the participants success and to the thousands of fans – enjoy this beautiful intellectual game.” he continued.

09:40 CET

FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov has officially opened the Women`s World Chess Championship 2008 in Nalchik, Kabardino Balkaria. During the pompous ceremony yesterday, local dancers and singers entertained the public and the chess game was also personified through youngsters in costumes. In his welcome speech, President of the Republic, Arsen Kanokov expressed the gratitude and hapiness of the republic to have the World Championship in its capital and promised good organization, great interest from the inhabitants, excellent conditions and clean, healthy environment for the tournament. Alexander Zhukov, President of the Russian Chess Federation delivered the greeting address of Dmitriy Medvedev, President of the Russian Federation praising the beautiful, intellectual game and the Russian chess school. He also expressed the belief that the peaceful competition of chess players turns into a real festival of that sport, promoting development and strengthening of international relations among the nations of the chess world.

09:50 CET

Round 1 of the WWCC starts today at 15:00 local time (two hours earlier CET). A few hours before that, photos will be available at the Chessdom photo gallery

10:00 CET

The solid organization of the WWCC 2008 deserves true respect. It is headed by the FIDE President – Kirsan Nikolaevitch Ilyumzhinov, supported by Georgios Makropoulos – FIDE Deputy President and Chairman of the Appeals Committee. The chief arbiter is Zsuzsanna Veroci, and on her team are Mikko Markkula, Evgeni Melikset-Begi, Galina Strutinskaia, and Vyacheslav Khamruev. The appeals committee is Nona Gaprindashvili, Boris Kutin, and Lakhdar Mazouz. The medical commission is headed by Jana Bellin and the press officer is Peter Rajscanyi.

10:15 CET

A day before the start of the competition Elizabeth Paehtz visited a the medical center for children “Duga” (Rainbow) in Nalchik, informed the Chessdom.com correspondent from Kabardino Balkaria. There she played a simul with 12 kids.

10:30 CET

If you ever wondered where is Kabardino Balkaria and how does it look like, there is a nice video presentation at the official website. The nature there is beautiful and you can see the highest peak in Europe, Mt. Elbrus

10:50 CET

A side note, at this moment the Final match of the Hungarian Women Chess Championship is going on. Anna Rudolf has won the first game, the second one is later today. We will be following closely the development there as well. The winner in the final will participate at the Chess Olympiad in Dresden.

11:00 CET

As our readers requested more information about Nalchik, here is it. The capital of Kabardino-Balkaria, the city of Nalchik is in the center of the republic. It is situated at an altitude of 450-600 meters above the sea level, in the foothills of the Caucasus Mountains. According to the majority of scientists the city is named after the Nalchik River, on the shores of which it is located. The word “Nalchik” means “small horseshoe” in Kabardian. Nalchik covers an area of 150 square kilometers of which 1000 hectares is occupied by green belt. The population of the city according to the Census data of 2002 is 272 thousand people.

Kabardino-Balkar Republic was established in January, 1991. Kabardino-Balkaria is a multinational republic, represented by more than 100 ethnic groups. The Republic consists of 10 administrative-territorial districts, 8 cities and towns, two of them are under republican’s jurisdiction, 4 semi urban centers. There are also 113 rural settlement administrations.
The republic is situated on the northern flank of the central part of the Caucasus and adjoining Kabardian plain.
Kabardino-Balkar Republic borders Georgia, Stavropol region, the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania and Karachay-Chercess Republic.
The republic is rather peculiar due to natural contrasts, original relief that combines dry steppes and semidesert zones in the north and floriferous plains of foothills, luxuriant alpestrine meadows and mountains, cliffs and unapproachable glaciers covered with everlasting snow in the south. There is a number of unique natural complexes and sights on the territory of Kabardino-Balkaria.

Currently, there is increased police presence due to the political situation south of Kabardino Balkaria. However, no single incident has been reported and everything is calm. People are very very friendly (a true example of good hosts) and they are awlays ready to answer all the questions and help. The city is full of posters announcing the championship and everyone is awaiting its start.

If you have any questions about the WWCC 2008, please, send them at our contact form.

11:15 CET

Many young talents will have a chance to show their skill in the first round of the competition. In the battle of the youngest Yifan Hou (who got her last GM norm just a few weeks ago) will play Mona Khaled from Egypt. They are both 14 and eager for victory. The rating difference of over 500 ELO points gives clear advantage to Yifan Hou, but Khaled will surely play her best as well.

The World Junior Champion for 2007 WGM Vera Nebolsina will start against the current World Junior Champion IM Harika Dronavalli.

WGM Anna Muzhycuk will play with WGM Maria Velcheva, while IM Anna Ushenina will play with Le Thanh Tu.

11:30 CET

The top seeded Xu Yuhua starts against Anzel Solomons, Humpy Koneru against Yorsa Alaa El Din, while the ex world champion Antoaneta Stefanova will play against Karen Zapata. All 32 boards will be broadcast on the official website and a live chat discussion will be available on Chessdom.com in this thread during the games.

11:48 CET

The first photos from the opening ceremony are available at the Chessdom photo gallery

12:00 CET

The live discussion has been activated. Scroll down this page to find it. We will continue posting minute by minute updates, be sure to refresh the page to get them.

12:30 CET

One of the surprises has been uncovered by Madina Dyshekova, the Deputy Prime Minister of KBR and President of KBR Chess Federation. The coronet for the chess queen from the WWCC will be decorated with 46 diamonds and 3 large sapphires. The weight of the coronet will be about 80 gr. and will be a combination of the white and yellow gold. It will be produced by the master-jeweler of the open joint-stock company “Terek-Almaz” Saphar Tarchokov.

13:00 CET

And the games are on! The first move on board 1 was 1.e4 by Xu Yuhua.

13:15 CET

Besides on the boards of the Georgian players, there are no moves from Karen Zapata, Irina Krush, Marie Sebag, Le Thanh Tu….

13:19 CET

Currently there is a press conference with President of Kabardino-Balkaria and FIDE President. The editor-in-chief of Chessdom.com is there and will report for you live.

President of Kabardino-Balkarian Republic Arsen Kanokov is hoping that the WWCC will encourage strong chess development in the Republic. FIDE President Kirsan Ilyumzhinov thanked Arsen Kanokov and organizing committee for the “fantastic achievements in preparation”.

13:25 CET

There is an extreme interest from the media in the country, the press conference hall is full. Expect the photos from there soon.

13:30 CET

First results are already a fact, Antoaneta Stefanova, Anna Gasik, and Elena Sedina win as Karen Zapata, Marie Sebag, Irina Krush did not show up.

13:35 CET

Kadimova – Paehtz is on move 1, but both players are there and playing.

13:40 CET

The press conference continues. Both presidents are encouraging young people to play chess and do sports.

13:41 CET

It is very probable that Antoaneta Stefanova appears in front of media in 20 minutes in the press conference hall.

13:43 CET

The fastest moving game is between Mogontuul and Rajlich, they are already at move 15.

13:50 CET

Yifan Hou is the first one to get serious advantage. This clearly shows the young Chinese intentions for this championships. She used the WJCC as a practice and participated in the junior section to prepare for the World Women Chess Championship.

14:10 CET

Press conference with Antoaneta Stefanova has started, as her 1st round opponent is missing. Stefanova said she is delighted with the opening ceremony. However, she did not know her opponent will be missing.

14:15 CET

On a question from the Chessdom.com journalists about her rating jump in the past year,Antoaneta Stefanova replied, “I been around and above 2500 for some 10 years or so, and the real question is how I managed to lose so many points.” Since recently Stefanova is working with GM Vladimir Georgiev and her form is returning.

14:30 CET

Muminova and Kosintseva is the fastest game at the moment. They are past the 20th move and blitzing on through the middlegame.

14:43 CET

Security measures at the playing hall are reported to be at highest – both security for players and anti-cheating measures. Photo and video taking is allowed during certain moments of the games. Each day 6 players will give press conferences, as detailed in their contracts. Today the sure participants are Stefanova, Koneru, and Cramling.

15:00 CET

Yifan Hou is wrapping up her game and this will be the first real result of the day.

15:05 CET

Tania Sachdev is heading towards time trouble. At move 20 she has 20 minutes left. Her opponent Tan Zhongyi has 51 minutes. Other players in similar time trouble are Marisa Zuriel, Tatiana Kosintseva, and Valentina Gobulenko, while Atousa Pourkashiyan has only 12 minutes for 20 moves.

15:30 CET

The tension of the first round is obvious and many games are heading towards time trouble. This could bring surprising results in a blitz action.

15:45 CET

Antoaneta Stefanova shared her satisfaction from the opening ceremony with the Chessdom.com journalists. The photos from the ceremony are now available at the opening ceremony photo gallery. You can see the interest of the local audience at this photo.

15:50 CET

In a rook endgame Hoang Thanh Thrang and Arribas Robiana are the first to pass move 40. This is the first time control and time has been added to their clocks.

16:00 CET

Second official result of the day – Ilaha Kadimova – Elizabeth Paehtz 1:0

16:01 CET

Aleksandra Kosteniuk also won, as the time pressure was too much for Pourkashiyan.

16:11 CET

Humpy Koneru scores a full point after driving Alaa El Din into the corner.

16:17 CET

Anna Muzychuk is an exchange up and more time on the clock, she seems to be heading to victory.

16:30 CET

The time trouble and the difficult position was too much for Valentina Gobulenko, and Viktoria Cmylite is the next one to achieve victory.

16:33 CET

Until now 3 wins for white, 3 for black and no draws.

16:35 CET

And right as we said that, here is the first draw of the day. Mkrtchian – Eva Moser 1/2 – 1/2

16:37 CET

Harika Dronavalli gets the second victory for India for today. She won her game against Vera Nebolsina in 34 moves.

16:44 CET

Chessdom.com editor-in-chief Goran Urosevic talked to IM Harika after the game. She believes that white made a couple of bad moves that allowed her to activate the pieces. The exchange of d4 pawn for c6 allowed her to advance to d4 and block white pawn on e2 which became very weak and a burden on white’s legs.

17:10 CET

Other results from the last minutes: Cramling, Pia (SWE)

1 – 0

Sanchez Castillo, Sarai (VEN), Zhao, Xue (CHN)

1 -0

Zuriel, Marisa (ARG), Zakurdjaeva, Irina (RUS)

0 – 1

Ruan, Lufei (CHN), Ushenina, Anna (UKR)

1 – 0

Le Thanh Tu (VIE), Kosintseva, Nadezhda (RUS)

1 – 0

Mohota, Nisha (IND), Mongontuul, Bathuyang (MGL)

1 – 0

Rajlich, Iweta (POL)

17:21 CET

The second draw of the day is Zhang Jilin (CHN) 1/2 – 1/2 Gaponenko, Inna (UKR)

17:23 CET

Official information about the players who did not show up from the Chessdom correspondent: Zapata, Karen (PER); Sebag, Marie (FRA); Chiburdanidze, Maya (GEO); Krush, Irina (USA); Javakhishvili, Lela (GEO); Gvetadze, Sopio (GEO); Korbut, Ekaterina (RUS); Bosboom Lanchava, Tea (NED) ; Lomineishvili, Maia (GEO) ; Khukhashvili, Sopiko (GEO) ; Khurtsidze, Nino (GEO)

17:25 CET

The games in progress are Xu, Yuhua (CHN)- Solomons, Anzel (RSA); Muminova, Nafisa (UZB) – Kosintseva, Tatjana (RUS); Muzychuk, Anna (SLO) – Velcheva, Maria (BUL); Zhukova, Natalia (UKR) – Rohonyan, Katherine (USA); Foisor, Sabina-Francesca (ROM) – Socko, Monika (POL); Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino (GER) – Shen, Yang (CHN); Tan Zongyi (CHN) – Tania, Sachdev (IND); Bojkovic, Natasa (SRB) – Ju, Wenjun (CHN)

17:30 CET

Xu, Yuhua (CHN)- Solomons, Anzel (RSA) 1-0, one more decisive result.

17:35 CET

Third draw of the day Kachiani-Gersinska, Ketino (GER) – Shen, Yang (CHN) 1/2 – 1/2

17:37 CET

Zhukova, Natalia (UKR) – Rohonyan, Katherine (USA), a victory for the American player.

17:41 CET

Legendary GM Evgeny Vasjukov is commenting games for the audience in the conference hall.

17:41 CET

Anna Ushenina said for Chessdom that after the regular opening, her opponent made a few inaccuracies which allowed White to gain a strong initiative. Anna was already significantly better when Black blundered and ran into checkmate.

Tomorrow she is having birthday and she is planning to modestly celebrate with friends.

17:50 CET

Anna Muzychuk won against Maria Velcheva after being an exchange up for more than 35 moves.

18:00 CET

Video from the opening ceremony at official website

18:15 CET

If you haven’t noticed yet, there is a completely new chess song in the video above :)

18:17 CET

Foisor, Sabina-Francesca (ROM) 1/2 – 1/2 Socko, Monika (POL)

18:25 CET

With that the games from today are finished. Some do not show in the live games panel, but later on this will be fixed. Tomorrow the new system will function correctly and you will be able to enjoy all the games. Do not miss the coverage on Chessdom.com as well, as we will bring you many photos, videos and direct interviews with the players after the games. Later tonight you will have a detailed report with many many interesting moments from today.

Stay tuned for minute by minute updates

World Women Chess Championship starts today

fresh information about the WWCC in Nalchik

Information about the World Women Chess Championship

Official website

Statements: Kirsan Ilymzhinov / Boris Kutin / Arsen Kanokov

General information / Pairings round 1



Mt. Elbrus, the highest peak in Europe
very near the WWCC

Today in Nalchik (Kabardino Balkaria) starts the World Women Chess Championship, of which Chessdom.com is official media partner. 53 players from 29 countries will participate. Among them will be the world champion Xu Yuhua, the ex world champion Antoaneta Stefanova, the women rating leader Humpy Koneru, and the leader of the Russian team Alexandra Kosteniuk. Pairings of round 1 are already known and the exciting clashes will start on August 29th.

Despite the difficult disputes around the political situation in the region, the Organizing Committee managed to meet all conditions by FIDE on time. The FIDE commission has inspected the site and has given the definite green light for the championship.

Today, August 28th, is the opening ceremony of the World Women Chess Championship. On one of the biggest concert stages in Russia, the Green Theater in Nalchik, will be the official part of the ceremony. There will be welcome messages by the vice President of Russia and President of the Russian Chess Federation Alexander Zhukov, by the President of FIDE Kirsan Ilymzhinov, and the President of Kabardino Balkaria Arsen Kanokov.

On the next day, August 29th, games will start at 15:00 local time (13:00 CET). The first moves will be by the official guests. Chessdom.com will have direct transmission from Nalchik with live chat, interviews, many photos, and information updated every hour. The live games will be on the official page and the later stages will be commented live on Chessdom as well. Games in Nalchik will be commented by GM Evgeny Vasiukov.

Everything at the hotel “Sindica” is reported to be ready for round 1. Banners with chess symbols and words of greeting meet the guests at the entrance to the town. The largest of them is hung on the facade of the Musical Theater. Intour hotel “Sindica” will become a chess club for the period of carrying out of the championship.

The square in front of the hotel is decorated with the flags of the participating countries; a large poster with the Championship symbols and greetings meets the guests in the foyer. The hall of the restaurant is refitted as a chess playing ground. According to the rules of FIDE the floor is covered with carpets, the tables have been changed and arranged in a certain order. Electronic chess boards and plates with the names of participants as well as camera-recorders for live broadcasting have been set there. The restaurant has been moved to the terrace. The Press-Center of the Championship has also been equipped according to the requirements of the FIDE. It is situated in the small conference hall of the hotel, from where we will be reporting.

The Women World Chess Champion for 2008 will be know on September 18th. The new chess queen will receive a crown with 46 diamonds and 3 large sapphires

Stay tuned for updates!

nalchik 2008 nalchik 2008

The logo and the talisman
high quality images of them in the Chessdom photo gallery

Hungarian chess championship women finals

Anna Rudolf and Veronika Schneider at the final

anna rudolf

By Laszlo Rudolf for Chessdom.com

The Hungarian Women Chess Championship is taking place in the Thermal Hotel Visegrád, August 22-29. It resembles the system of the Women World Chess Championship that is starting tomorrow in Nalchik – 16 players engage in a KO system.

The winner will be member of the Hungarian Olympic team for Dresden 2008 (other teams are available at Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 teams page)

Participants list

1 Vajda Szidónia IM 2397 Atomerőmű SE Paks

2 Mádl Ildikó IM 2387 Csuti-Hydrocomp SK Zalaegerszeg

3 Gara Anita WGM 2340 MTK-Erzsébetváros Budapest

4 Gara Tícia WGM 2319 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa

5 Rudolf Anna WGM 2337 Decs

6 Schneider Veronika WIM 2316 BEAC

7 Horváth Júlia WIM 2240 Vasas SC

8 Tóth Lili WIM 2208 Atomerőmű SE Paks

9 Forgó Éva WIM 2200 Csuti-Hydrocomp SK Zalaegerszeg

10 Ignácz Mária WIM 2178 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa

11 Domány Zsófia WFM 2177 Makói SVSE

12 Albert Kornélia WFM 2159 Mátyásföldi Lawn Tennis Club-Bp.

13 Tóth Sarolta WFM 2151 Orosházi SE

14 Remete Eszter 2132 Haladás VSE

15 Kiss Emese 2145 Pénzügyőr SE

16 Hidegh Eszter 2115 Mátra SE Gyöngyös

The championship has reached the culmination, where WGM Anna Rudolf and WIM Veronika Schneider will face each other in the final. Anna Rudolf defeated WFM Kornelia Albert, WGM Ticia Gara, and WIM Lili Toth on the way to the final, while Veronika Scheider won against WFM Domány Zsófia, WGM Anita Gara, and WIM Mária Ignácz.

You can follow the live games on the official website. Stay tuned for updates on Chessdom.com!

hungary visegrad venue

The venue in Visegrad

hungary participants

Participants at the Hungarian Women Chess Championship

hungary cups

The cups for the winners

Top clashes in round 2 at the 1st Dragon Chess Open

wesley so

1st Dragon Capital Vietnam chess open started with very few surprises and most of the top seeded players won their games. Round 2, however, will have some of the top players clash on the first boards. GM Azmaiparashvili will have to face the Philippine chess tallent IM Sadorra. GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son, Vietnam’s hope in the event will face IM Bitoon, while GM So Wesley will play against CM Nguyen Van Huy. Other interesting encounters are GM Dzhumaev – IM Tu Hoang Thai, GM Le Quang Liem – IM Goh Weiming, FM Pham – GM Shanava.

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369 players at the 16th International Open Chess Tournament Honor to National Resistance

fighting chess in the first rounds

16th International Open Chess Tournament Honor to National Resistance started on Monday in Nikea, Greece. A total of 369 players participate in the competition. Most of them are from Greece and GM Ioanis Nikolaidis is top seeded. He is accompanied by IM Grigoriadis, IM Karagiannis, IM Skalkotas, etc. 8 other countries have their representation there, as the most numerous is Bulgaria, with players such as the national bronze medalist IM Rusev, the Chessdom.com photographer WFM Iva Videnova, and the WJCC participants Ivailo Enchev and WFM Adriana Nikolova. The chief arbiter of the event is FM Sotiris Logothetis.

Finland is here with GM Westerinen, Italy with FM Ronchetti, Georgia with IM Managadze, Kazahstan with FM Sergeev, etc.

In the first round there was lots of fighting chess, with draws being less than 30% of the results. There were a few upsets, but still the top seeded GM Nikolaidis, IM Rusev, IM Dochev, IM Skalkotas, WFM Videnova, IM Karagiannis, and 40 more strong players have full points.

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FM Sotiris Logothetis

dip final 9 rusev

IM Krasimir Rusev

Iva Videnova

WFM Iva Videnova