World Youth Chess Championship Final Results

Indians dominate Championship, Croatians win U18

All good things must come to an end and so the World Youth Championships held in Vung Tau, Vietnam concludes tonight with yet another spectacular closing and prize giving ceremony tonight.

But we can already salute the 2008 World Youth Champions!

Open 18 – IM Ivan Saric (Croatia) 8/11

Girls 18 – WGM Valentina Golubenko (Croatia) 9/11

Open 16 – IM Adhiban (India) 9/11

Girls 16 – WFM Nazi Paikidze (Georgia) 9/11

Open 14 – Vidit Santosh Gujrathi (India) 9/11

Girl 14 – WIM Padmini Rout (India) 10/11

Open 12 – Sayantan Das (India) 9.5/11

Girl 12 – Zhai Mo (China) 8.5/11

Open 10 – Jan-Krysztof (Poland) 9.5/11

Girls 10 – Aleksandra Goryackina (Russia) 9/11

Open 8 – Tran Minh Thang (Vietnam) 10/11

Girl 8 – Zhansaya Abdumalik (Kazakhstan) 10/11

India is the biggest winner and the easy overall winners with 4 Golds followed by Croatia with 2 and Georgia, China, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan and hosts Vietnam with one apiece.

The team event results (taking the top 3 scores of a country’s players in each section), Gold-Silver-Bronze, are as follows:

Open 18 – Vietnam, Russia, India

Girls 18 – Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Croatia

Open 16 – India, Canada, Vietnam

Girls 16 – Vietnam, India, Georgia

Open 14 – India, Russia, Vietnam

Girls 14 – India, Vietnam, Philippines

Open 12 – India, Vietnam, USA

Girls 12 – India, Russia, Iran

Open 10 – Iran, China, India

Girls 10 – India, Vietnam, China

Open 8 -India, USA, Vietnam

Girls 8 – India, Vietnam, USA

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World Youth Chess Championship Round 10

Before the Final Round – Already Two World Champions! (Report by

With the completion of Round 10 the prospective winners all know what they need to do in the final Round 11.

There is a 4 way tie in Open 18 with IM Ivan Saric of Croatia, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong and GM Le Quang Liem of Vietnam and Samvel Ter-Sahakyan of Armenia all on 7.5/10. But WGM Valentina Golubenko of Croatia is already the Girl U-18 Champion with 9/10 and 2 points clear of all pretenders!

In the Open U-16, IM B Adhiban of India has 8.5 points and takes a commanding 1 point lead to all but assure him of first place but things are a little tighter for WFM Nazi Pakidze of Georgia who leads WFM Klaudia Kulon of Poland by half a point despite an impressive 8.5/10.

FM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi of India has been joined by Nodar Lortkpanidze of Georgia, both on 8/10 in the Open U-14. His countrywoman WIM Padmini Rout is however already the Girl U-14 Champion.

Sayantah Das of India, with 8.5/10, is also a comfortable leader in the Open U-12 and Pratyusha Bodda, also of India leads the Girls U-12 with 8/10.

Poland’s Jan-Krzysztof Duda is the boy to beat in the Open U-10 as is Russia’s Aleksandra Goryachkina the girls to beat in the Grils U-10.

Vietnam’s best hope is still with Tran Minh Thang with 9/10 in the Open U-8 and Kazakstan is equally hopeful of the prospects of Zhansaya Abdumalik in the Girls U-8.

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World Youth Chess Championship Round 9

Indian players dominating U-14 and U-12 categories

Long time leader GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam on 7/9 has been joined by countryman GM Le Quang Liem, FM Samvel Ter-Sahahyan of Armenia and IM Ivan Saric of Croatia in the Open U-18. But in the Girls U-18, WGM Valentina Golubenko of Croatia has reached 8 points and continues to remain 1.5 points ahead of her rivals.

In the Open U-16 IM B Adhiban of India, with 7.5/9 maintains a one point lead, and in the Girls U-16, WFM Nazi Paikidze of Georgia with an even better 8/9 enjoys the same advantage.

Le Quang Liem

GM Le Quang Liem

There is a complete dominance by India in the U-14 and U-12 categories. FM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi still leads the Open U-14 with 7.5/9 and in the Girls U-14, WIM Padini Rout has made a remarkable 8.5/9 and leads by one point. In the Open U-12, Sayantan Das with 8/10 is the new sole leader, and in the Girls U-12 Bodda Pratyusha with 7.5 points has done the same.

Poland’s Jan-Krzystof Duda leads the Open U-10 with 8/9 while in the Girls U-10 Alekxandra Goryachkina of Russia has the lead with 8/10.

In the Open U-8, Vietnam’s Tran Minh Thang still leads with 8/9 and in the Girls U-8, Zhansaya Abdulmalik of Kazakhstan has 8/10 and a one point margin over her rivals.

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Chess is Olympic sport in Turkey

the nations where chess is Olympic sport grow

The Turkish Chess Federation is accepted to the Turkish National Olympic Comittee on the meeting of the committee on July 4,2008. . This meant chess is now accepted to the TNOC as the only non-olympic sports. Turkish Chess Federation was included in the state sports organization back in 1991 while after 2004 it became one of the first autonomous federations in Turkey which enabled the energetic development of the federation.

The President of the TNOC Mr.Togay Bayatlı stated “We are very glad to welcome Turkish Chess Federation as instituitional member of TNOC and we would like to cooperate more in the future”

The new world chess champion?

Prince Bajaj going for the U12 world chess title

Coming the suburbs of National Capital Region (NCR) and born in a middle-class family, Prince Bajaj (12), a student of class VI at a Ghaziabad school, has carved out a niche not only for himself but also for the country on the world stage in the game of chess. Currently, practicing for over eight hours a day, he has been selected by All India Chess Federation (AICF) to represent India in World Youth Chess Championships (WYCC), to be held from October 19 to 31, in Vietnam.

Bajaj has already shown signs of an international chess player, as he won gold medal at Asian championship held in Iran in 2006, a silver medal in World Youth Chess Championship, in Georgia, in 2006, bronze medal in World Youth Chess championship, in Turkey, in 2007, and silver in Asian youth Chess Championships in New Delhi in 2005.

“He is working hard and is showing sings of a complete professional player. The competition would be tough at world championships with participants from over 72 countries,” said his coach GB Joshi.

His genius came to light when he received a chess game on his fifth birthday. His parents realised the potential and encouraged him to play chess. His teachers and friends provide all necessary support to him. He is currently ranked 2137 and considers Viswanathan Anand as his idol.

When at home, he likes to watch WWF, cartoons and play video games and can’t avoid fighting with his elder sister over trifles. “When it comes to competitions, he is as mature as an adult. He takes his games very professionally,” his parents Meenu and Rajkumar Bajaj inform.

Report: Peeyush Khandelwal

GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son and WGM Valentina Golubenko lead the WYCC

World Youth Chess Championship round 8


Valentina Golubenko

Vietnam rejoices and hopes as GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son takes a one point lead over his rivals with 7/8 in the Open U-18. On 6/8, are is his compatriot GM Le Quang Liem who after a bad first round is now in joint second together with IM Ivan Saric of Croatia and IM Jacek Tomczak of Poland. And in the Girls U-18, WGM Valentina Golubenko of Croatia, now on 7.5/8, has further extended her lead by an amazing 1.5 points.

It is very much the same story in the Open U-16 with IM B Adhiban of India also extending the margin of his lead to 1 point with 7/8. This is also the case in the Girls U-16 with WFM Nazi Paikidze of Georgia now also on 7/8.

India is dominating the U-14 category with FM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi of India still leading the Open U-14 with 7/8 and in the Girls U-14, IM Padini Rout on 7.5/8 has a 1 point lead.

In the Open U-12, long time leader Darwin Yang of the USA on 7/8 points has been joined India’s Sayantan Das, and in the Girls U-12 tehre has been a reshuffle with WFM Rueda Paula Andrea Rodriguez of Colombia, Bodda Pratyusha of India, and Fliiz Osmandja of Germany all sharing the lead with 6.5 points each.

Jan-Krzystof Duda of Poland has siezed a narrow lead in the Open U-10 with 7/8 while in the Girls U-10 Alekxandra Goryachkina of Russia and WFM Cecelie Haussernot of France all share the lead, also with 7/8.

Finally, in the Open U-8, Vietnam’s Tran Minh Thang leads with 7/8 and in the Girls U-8, Zhansaya Abdulmalik of Kazakhstan and Gunay Mammadzada of Azerbeijan are now the front runners with 7 points each.

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World Youth Chess Championship round 7

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Refreshed from a break, energised by the Social and Talent Night and throughly entertained by the Vietnam Cultural Night, the young champions in the World Youth Championships reentered battle today for honours. Yet nothing much has changed!

In the Open U-18, GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam and IM Ivan Saric of Croatia remain deadlocked on 6 points each while in the Girls U-18, the in form WGM Valentina Golubenko of Croatia is now a full point ahead of her challengers with 6.5 points.

The Open U-16 is another particularly competitive category and IM B Adhiban of India is now taken the sole lead with 6/7, a half point ahead of his nearest rivals, all three coming from India as well! In the Girls U-16, WFM Nazi Paikidze of Georgia and WFM Klaudia Kulon of Poland are still in a neck to neck race, also with 6 points apiece.

India continue to impress in the Open U-14 with FM Vidit Santosh Gujrathi leading with 6/7 and are also dominating the Girls U-14 with WIM Padini Rout on 6.5/7.

In the Open U-12, Darwin Yang of the USA is still the leader with 6.5 points but in the Girls U-12 Zhai Mo of China and WCM Medina Warda Aulia of Indonesia, the recent winner of the World Schools Championships have now taken the lead with 6 points each.

There is a 3 way tie on 6 points in the Open U-10, Moisavi Seyed Khalil of Iran, Jan-Krzystof Duda of Poland and Xu Yi of China all impressing. The Girls U-10 is even more complicated with a 4 way tie. WFM Simone Liao of the USA, Alekxandra Goryachkina of Russia, Li Zhouling of China and WFM Cecelie Haussernot of France all share the lead on 6 points.

In the Open U-8, Liu Xiangyi of China still leads with 6.5/7 and in the Girls U-8, Zhansaya Abdulmalik of Kazakhstan, Prathima M Bansi of India, and Gunay Mammadzada of Azerbeijan are the front runners with 6 points each.

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Ivan Sokolov Triumphs In Essent Crown

Three players tie first in Open Tournament

The experienced Grandmaster Ivan Sokolov convincingly outplayed much younger opposition in the Crown Group of the 12th Essent Chess Tournament and claimed the first place with 5 points out of six rounds, 2.5 points ahead of the rest of the field. The Crown Group is a 4-player double round robin event, which usually features one of the world’s top players (here Sokolov), World Junior Champion from previous year (Adly), one of the best female players (Sebag) and one Dutch Grandmaster (Smeets).

By looking at the games, one gets impression that Sokolov’s play was streamy and confident, particularly from the White side of the board. Nowadays, everyone is trying to play solid Slav defence, but Sokolov scored two wins against this opening by using Romanishin’s fianchetto method. Youngsters also had some nice efforts, take a look at Smeets’ usage of Bishops pair to neutralize white’s material advantage in the game against Sebag.

Crown Group Final Standings:

1. Ivan Sokolov (NED 2650) – 5.0

2-3. Jan Smeets (NED 2604) and Ahmed Adly (EGY 2586) – 2.5

4. Marie Sebag (FRA 2533) – 2.0

The Essent Open finished in a three-way tie on the first place, with Dutch GM Friso Nijboer having best score in the additional criteria.

Essent Open Final Standings (84 players, 9 rounds):

1-3. GM Nijboer Friso NED 2540, GM Fier Alexandr BRA 2581 and GM Haslinger Stewart ENG 2506 – 7.0

4. GM Ernst Sipke NED 2576 – 6.5

5-16. IM Spoelman Wouter NED 2459, GM Gupta Abhijeet IND 2580, GM Naumkin Igor RUS 2506, GM Safarli Eltaj AZE 2568, GM Romanishin Oleg UKR 2532, GM L’Ami Erwin NED 2610, FM Slingerland Fred NED 2373, GM Agamaliev Gamil AZE 2479, GM Ikonnikov Vyacheslav RUS 2571, GM Van Der Wiel John NED 2501, GM Ulibin Mikhail RUS 2521 and IM Diamant Andre BRA 2412 – 6.0

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Susan Polgar and SPICE

Lubbock, Texas


By Cory Chandler

In the past year, Lubbock and Texas Tech University have embraced chess like no other community in the U.S.

The Texas Tech Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE), Visit Lubbock and the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting to introduce two new displays at the Lubbock Preston Smith International Airport, showing visitors why the Hub City has the best “Knight” life in Texas.

Two large-scale chess sets located on the east and west wings of the terminal, now provide entertainment for travelers while a plaque, posters and other information promote SPICE and chess activities in Lubbock.

Lubbock and Texas Tech were named co-city and co-university of the year, respectively, by the U.S. Chess Federation.

“Susan Polgar and the SPICE program have opened the door to a world that not only enhances the university’s profile, but has increased Lubbock’s exposure to international tourists,” said Marcy Jarrett, executive director of Visit Lubbock.

SPICE hosts a number of invitational and open tournaments throughout the year for everyone from enthusiasts to international champions.

The 2008 SPICE Cup (a FIDE category 15 event) was the highest rated tournament of its kind ever held on U.S. soil and featured players from countries including Iceland, India, Poland, Germany and Russia; the Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls brought female chess players from nearly every U.S. state to Lubbock for competition.

SPICE stands for Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence at Texas Tech University (

The Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) is the model for the highest standard in chess education. Directed by Susan Polgar, the institute is poised to become the world’s premier center for chess research, education, development and outreach.

Through SPICE, Texas Tech has focused the resources of a major university and Big 12 Conference member on providing scholarships for players, conducting research into various aspects of the game, championing scholastic, college and women’s chess and housing an outreach program bringing chess to enthusiasts of all ages.

The SPICE Mission

· To promote chess as a vehicle for enriching education

· To support and promote competitive chess at college level

· To recruit outstanding undergraduate and graduate students

· To bring national and international recognition to TTU and TTUHSC

· To be the leader in promoting women’s chess

· To serve as the global center for chess research, education and outreach

Thessaloniki bidding for the ECC 2010

Grand Hotel Palace

For the first time after the two Chess Olympiads the City of THESSALONIKI is bidding for the European Club Cup 2010. Here are some details about the Proposing Venue.

Grand Hotel Palace, is the newest 5 star hotel on the west entrance of Thessaloniki. With its unique design, Grand Hotel Palace harmoniously combines the exceptionally modern facilities with the elegance and luxury of the neoclassical building, creating a unique cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Rooms and halls equipped with state-of-the-art technology can guarantee to cover the needs of even the most demanding guest. Grand Hotel Palace can guarantee the success of any business meeting or sport and social event, thanks to the experienced conference and banqueting personnel, and the state-of-the-art equipment of our specially designed rooms and halls.


Grand Hotel Palace in a total conference capacity of 3.000 s.m. can provide an extensive range of banquet rooms and conference halls with capacity ranging from 10 to 1800 persons, specially designed to host any type of event, from small business lunches to large international conventions.

Grand Hotel Palace will host also on 2009 the annual Games Festival. The festival includes series of tournaments & exhibitions in prestigious sports like, chess, billiards, bridge, darts, and popular table games like scrabble, strategic games, pc games e.t.c.

For sure Thessaloniki and Grand Hotel Palace is one of the most prestigious venues that ever hosts a Chess Event.