Paco Vallejo and Sergio Garza lead the 2009 Spanish National Chess Championship

Cala Major, Palma de Mallorca


The Individual Spanish Chess Championship 2009 is taking place 26 September – 4 October in Hotel Santa Ana de Cala Major (Palma de Mallorca). It includes 119 players, 44 of which titled.

The top seeded GM Francisco Vallejo Pons is having a good start. After 4 rounds he is with perfect 4,0/4. Paco Vallejo is sharing the position with the international master Sergio Garza, who managed to stun GM Alexis Cabrera in round 4.

There were many more surprises at the starting rounds, leaving some of the favorites behind. GM Del Rio, GM Illescas, GM De La Villa, GM Lopez Martinez have been held to draws in the first rounds, while GM Bellon Lopez, GM Arizmendi, GM Khamrakulov, and GM Narciso Dublan are even further behind in the standings.

Here are the top tables for round 5:

1 IM Garza Marco Sergio 4 vs 4 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco

2 GM Illescas Cordoba Miguel 3½ vs 3½ GM De La Villa Garcia Jesus Maria

3 GM Del Rio De Angelis Salvador G 3½ vs 3½ GM Lopez Martinez Josep Manuel

4 GM Khamrakulov Ibragim S 3 vs 3½ IM Aloma Vidal Robert

5 FM Fernandez Siles Luis 3 vs 3 GM Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis

6 GM Cabrera Alexis 3 vs 3 Astasio Lopez David

7 FM Valmana Canto Jaime 3 vs 3 IM Alonso Rosell Alvar

8 IM Cacho Reigadas Sergio 3 vs 3 FM Fenollar Jorda Manuel

9 IM Almagro Llamas Pablo 3 vs 3 Camacho Collados Marcos

10 IM Teran Alvarez Ismael 3 vs 3 Garcia-Ortega Mendez Jose M

11 GM Bellon Lopez Juan Manuel 3 vs 3 FM Galiana Salom Juan Ramon

12 FM Del Rey Diego 3 vs 3 Lorente Penalba Diego

13 FM Hernandez Gallardo Fco Javier 3 vs 3 IM Vassallo Barroche Mauricio

14 IM Vehi Bach Victor Manuel 3 vs 3 Montoya Irigoyen Inigo

15 FM Menvielle Laccourreye Augusto 3 vs 3 FM Mascaro March Pedro

Follow the live games here

Standings after 4 rounds

1 GM Vallejo Pons Francisco 2696 4 pts.

2 IM Garza Marco Sergio 2447 4 pts.

3 GM Del Rio De Angelis Salvador G 2559 3.5 pts.

4 GM Illescas Cordoba Miguel 2591 3.5 pts.

5 GM De La Villa Garcia Jesus Maria 2481 3.5 pts.

6 GM Lopez Martinez Josep Manuel 2570 3.5 pts.

7 IM Aloma Vidal Robert 2462 3.5 pts.

8 FM Mascaro March Pedro 2369 3 pts.

9 GM Arizmendi Martinez Julen Luis 2532 3 pts.

10 GM Bellon Lopez Juan Manuel 2430 3 pts.

11 GM Cabrera Alexis 2529 3 pts.

12 IM Teran Alvarez Ismael 2432 3 pts.

13 IM Almagro Llamas Pablo 2470 3 pts.

14 IM Cacho Reigadas Sergio 2484 3 pts.

15 FM Hernandez Gallardo Fco Javier 2360 3 pts.

16 Montoya Irigoyen Inigo 2070 3 pts.

17 FM Menvielle Laccourreye Augusto 2254 3 pts.

18 Astasio Lopez David 2315 3 pts.

19 IM Vehi Bach Victor Manuel 2381 3 pts.

20 IM Alonso Rosell Alvar 2487 3 pts.

21 Garcia-Ortega Mendez Jose M 2277 3 pts.

22 IM Vassallo Barroche Mauricio 2411 3 pts.

23 FM Fenollar Jorda Manuel 2311 3 pts.

24 Lorente Penalba Diego 2120 3 pts.

25 GM Khamrakulov Ibragim S 2554 3 pts.

26 Camacho Collados Marcos 2231 3 pts.

27 FM Galiana Salom Juan Ramon 2216 3 pts.

28 FM Valmana Canto Jaime 2332 3 pts.

29 FM Del Rey Diego 2419 3 pts.

30 FM Fernandez Siles Luis 2334 3 pts.

31 IM Recuero Guerra David 2492 2.5 pts.

32 WFM Vega Gutierrez Belinda 2218 2.5 pts.

33 CM Gutierrez Castillo Oscar 2130 2.5 pts.

34 WIM Gutierrez Castillo Paloma 2151 2.5 pts.

35 IM Cuenca Jimenez Jose Fernando 2460 2.5 pts.

36 FM Alvarez Fernandez Enrique 2340 2.5 pts.

37 GM Oms Pallisse Josep 2498 2.5 pts.

38 Sabater Sanchez Asensio 2211 2.5 pts.

39 FM Camacho Collados Jose 2401 2.5 pts.

40 Planells Roig Jose 2108 2.5 pts.

41 IM Estremera Panos Sergio 2402 2.5 pts.

42 WGM Vega Gutierrez Sabrina 2357 2.5 pts.

43 FM Garcia Garcia Ruben 2278 2.5 pts.

44 WFM Guadamuro Torrente Anabel 2142 2.5 pts.

45 GM Narciso Dublan Marc 2533 2 pts.

46 Gaya Llodra Juan 2218 2 pts.

47 Moya Albaladejo Jose Antonio 1959 2 pts.

48 Jimenez De La Torre Jose A 2175 2 pts.

49 Navarrete Espi Samuel 1929 2 pts.

50 Bordes Ibanez Juan 2046 2 pts.

Official website

GM Anton Filippov wins the 4th Pres. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Cup

Report by Des Catolos, ChessHeroes Blog

In a tournament that was marred by some controversy and played in some of the most harsh of weather condition, the 4th edition of the President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Cup (PGMA) saw a photo finish after the ninth and final round with five players ended up tied for first place with identical 6.5 points. GM Anton Filippov of Uzbekistan, GM Ngoc Truong Son of Vietnam, GM Ehsan Ghaemmaghami of Iran and GM Narayan Gopal Geetha of India had to settle the issue via tiebreak points. But it is the third seed Filippov who scored with the most superior tiebreak points that gave him the rights to bag the championship cup. Filippov, however, had to share the top prize of $6,000 equally with the other top four finishers. Filippov finished the tournament undefeated with four wins and five draws.

The nine round Swiss-system tournament took place from September 24 – 30 in Paranaque City, Metro Manila and offers a total prize fund of $40,000 is named in honor of the Philippines 14th and current president, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. The time control of 90 minutes for the whole game with an increment of 30 seconds per move starting from move 1 was applied and draws are not allowed before the completion of Black’s 30th move unless by the repetition of position rule.The PGMA cup is organized by the National Chess Federation of the Philippines (NCFP) for 4th straight year.

On the other side of the story. A strong typhoon hits Manila Saturday morning, creating a massive and devastating flash floods in most Metro Manila area and surrounding provinces, prompting the organizers to suspend the tournament for one day. The tournament resumes Monday but six local players, including GM elect Ronald Dableo and International Master Barlo Nadera failed to show up for round 4 and they were declared lost by default. The players lodged an appeal with the organizers but their appeal was turned down. Eventually, either by protest or due to heavy flooding itself, some of the players decided to withdraw from the tournament. Also defending champion and Asia’s first ever grandmaster, Eugenio Torre saw his withdrawal from the tournament after seven rounds. After settling for five consecutive draws followed by two straight defeats in the hands of his lower rated opponents, many of them untitled, Torre thought he had enough and begged off from continuing.

Report by Des Catolos, ChessHeroes Blog

Final Standings:

1 GM FILIPPOV Anton UZB 2595 6,5

2 GM NGUYEN Ngoc Truong Son VIE 2589 6,5

3 GM GHAEMMAGHAMI Ehsan IRI 2579 6,5

4 GM GAGUNASHVILI Merab GEO 2564 6,5

5 GM GEETHA Narayan Gopal IND 2598 6,5

6 GM MCHEDLISHVILI Mikhael GEO 2613 6,0

7 GM ANTONIO Rogelio Jr. PHI 2557 6,0

8 IM DIMAKILING Oliver PHI 2434 6,0

9 GM VILLAMAYOR Buenaventura PHI 2426 5,5

10 GM WONG Meng Kong SIN 2403 5,5

11 GM KOTANJIAN Tigran ARM 2553 5,5

12 GM GOMEZ John Paul PHI 2521 5,5

13 IM BITOON Richard PHI 2490 5,5

14 GM ISMAGAMBETOV Anuar KAZ 2528 5,5

15 GM DAS Neelotpal IND 2471 5,5

16 SENADOR Emmanuel PHI 2367 5,5

17 GM GONZALES Jayson PHI 2457 5,5

18 IM DABLEO Ronald PHI 2417 5,0

19 GM LAYLO Darwin PHI 2537 5,0

20 GM KOSTENKO Pyotr KAZ 2491 5,0

21 GM DAO Thien Hai VIE 2542 5,0

22 GM LI Shilong CHN 2531 5,0

23 IM NOLTE Rolando PHI 2424 5,0

24 ANDADOR Rolando PHI 2260 4,5

25 OLAY Edgar Reggie PHI 2323 4,5

26 IM GARMA Chito PHI 2331 4,5

27 GM PARAGUA Mark PHI 2501 4,5

28 MACALA Allan PHI 2266 4,5

29 FM CARLOS Leonardo PHI 2334 4,5

30 MORAZO John Ranel PHI 2172 4,5

31 IM TIRTO INA 2407 4,5 2393

32 SEGARRA Randy PHI 2300 4,5

33 SEVILLANO Voltaire PHI 2358 4,5

34 CAUSO Deniel PHI 2334 4,5

35 FM PASCUA Haridas PHI 2310 4,5

36 WGM NADIG Krutika IND 2273 4,0

37 LUMANCAS Lyndon PHI 0 4,0

38 BAGAMASBAD Efren PHI 2311 4,0

39 DELA CRUZ Richard PHI 2155 4,0

40 ELORTA David PHI 2364 3,5

41 ABELGAS Roel PHI 2180 3,5

42 PORTUGALERA Ric PHI 2221 3,5

43 ALISANGCO Nicomedes PHI 0 3,5

44 GARMA Edgardo PHI 2345 3,5

45 LABAY Rainier PHI 2248 3,5

46 JORDA Danilo PHI 0 3,5

47 BRANZUELA Ali PHI 2288 3,0

48 RIVERA Albert PHI 2172 3,0

49 CORDERO Angel PHI 0 3,0

50 POLAO Ben PHI 0 3,0

51 GM TORRE Eugenio PHI 2535 2,5

52 IM NADERA Barlo PHI 2400 2,0

53 LEGASPI Edmundo PHI 2158 1,5

54 YULO Gerardo PHI 0 1,5

55 DIAZ Conrado PHI 2254 1,0

56 GEPIGA Glicel PHI 0 1,0

Zoltan Almasi sole leader at Marx Gyorgy after 4 rounds

Almasi enters the 2700 club

Zoltan Almasi, the third strongest Hungarian grandmaster after Peter Leko and Judith Polgar, is having a fantastic home event at the Gyorgy Marx memorial. With victories against Ganguly and Acs (with black) and Safarli (with white), and only one draw against Georg Meier, Almasi is top of the table with 3,5/4.

Zoltan Almasi has been orbiting the 2700 club for quite a while. Since October 2001 he has been above 2650 on 21 occasions. His rating has not dropped under that level since April 2006 and he achieved his maximum in October 2007 – a rating of 2691.

Now after the 4th round of Gyorgy Marx memorial, GM Zoltan Almasi has a virtual rating of 2703 points and is the new member of the prestigious club.

Zoltan Almasi square 2

GM Zoltan Almasi

Find more information about the Marx Gyorgy memorial here and follow the games from round 5 at the official site.


1. Almási, Z – 3,5

2. Meier, G – 3

3. Berkes, F – 2

4. Ganguly, S – 2

5. Safarli, E – 1,5

6. Ács, P – 0

GM Boris Savchenko leads Baku Chess open 2009

Savchenko leading by a full point

GM Boris Savchenko is having an absolute stormer at the 2009 Baku Chess Open. After 8 rounds the Russian GM has collected 7,5 points, defeating names like GM Sanikidze and GM Mamedyarov, and conceding only one draw against GM Ilia Smirin.

This gives GM Savchenko a full point advantage ahead of competition one round before the end and guarantees him a shared first place.

GM Savchenko has been playing very solid chess lately, impressing everyone at the Capablanca Memorial 2009 and Politiken Cup 2008. GM Savchenko is currently rated 2638 (104th place in the World) and with the current strong performance is set to break his personal best ELO record and enter in top 100 in the November 2009 rating list.

The medal race at Baku Open

There are four players sharing second with 6,5 points. Among them is one of the highest rated of the competition GM Kamsky. He was held three times to a draw by IM Azaladze, IM Sulashvili, and GM Sanikidze. Now Kamsky will have the difficult task to look for the medal against the current leader GM Boris Savchenko.

Among the 6,5/8 points group are IM Guliev, IM Erdogdu, and GM Smirin, while the top seeded GM Mamedyarov is sharing 6-11 with 6,0/8.

Here are the full standings after round 8.


1 GM Savchenko Boris RUS 2638 7.5

2 IM Guliev Logman AZE 2426 6.5

3 IM Erdogdu Mert TUR 2467 6.5

4 GM Smirin Ilia ISR 2648 6.5

5 GM Kamsky Gata USA 2692 6.5

6 GM Abbasov Farid AZE 2552 6

7 GM Gelashvili Tamaz GEO 2615 6

8 GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar AZE 2721 6

9 GM Sanikidze Tornike GEO 2600 6

10 IM Durarbeyli Vasif AZE 2443 6

11 GM Ibrahimov Rasul AZE 2553 6

12 IM Can Emre TUR 2455 5.5

13 FM Yilmaz Mustafa TUR 2475 5.5

14 WGM Mamedjarova Zeinab AZE 2285 5.5

15 GM Shanava Konstantine GEO 2525 5.5

16 GM Mamedov Nidjat AZE 2620 5.5

17 Pourramezanali Amirreza IRI 2279 5.5

18 GM Jojua Davit GEO 2531 5.5

19 FM Agaragimov Djakhangir AZE 2313 5.5

20 IM Maghalashvili Davit GEO 2481 5.5

21 GM Guliyev Namig AZE 2525 5.5

22 Agayev Nidjat AZE 2288 5.5

23 IM Azaladze Shota GEO 2423 5.5

24 GM Pantsulaia Levan GEO 2600 5.5

25 GM Guseinov Gadir AZE 2667 5.5

26 FM Citak Selim TUR 2343 5.5

27 IM Chighladze Iveri GEO 2420 5.5

28 IM Khurtsidze Nino GEO 2420 5.5

29 IM Benidze Davit GEO 2422 5.5

30 WIM Kazimova Narmin Nizami Qizi AZE 2228 5

31 Orujov Elshad AZE 2190 5

32 Vakhania Alexandra GEO 2182 5

33 WIM Umudova Nargiz AZE 2254 5

34 Jafarli Alizamin AZE 2258 5

35 Rahmanov Shakhiyar AZE 2235 5

36 IM Morchiashvili Bachana GEO 2414 5

37 FM Mammadov Ayaz AZE 2331 5

38 IM Nigalidze Gaioz GEO 2453 5

39 Orujov Shujaat AZE 1955 5

40 WFM Tsalughelashvili Lile GEO 2086 5

41 IM Khotenashvili Bela GEO 2438 5

42 IM Sulashvili Malkhaz GEO 2476 5

43 GM Mikhalevski Victor ISR 2625 5

44 WFM Mammadova Gulnar AZE 2209 4.5

45 GM Kekelidze Mikheil GEO 2451 4.5

46 Allahverdiev Elchin AZE 2119 4.5

47 Allahverdiyev Araz AZE 2002 4.5

48 Asgarov Mushfig Nizami Oglu AZE 2203 4.5

49 Gurbanzade Erkin AZE 2180 4.5

50 Abdulla Khayala Mardan Qizi AZE 2165 4.5

51 Zeynalov Rashad Hamza Oglu AZE 1990 4.5

52 Koohestani Sh. IRI 2129 4.5

53 Orujov Azar AZE 1905 4.5

54 IM Yilmaz Turhan TUR 2286 4.5

55 Huseyn Orkhan Samir Oglu AZE 2121 4.5

56 FM Soozankar A.M. IRI 2270 4.5

57 Djavadov Ramil AZE 2158 4.5

58 Hasanov Shakhriyar AZE 2232 4.5

59 FM Zeynalov Farid AZE 2312 4.5

60 Guliyeva Sabina AZE 1991 4.5

61 Hajiyev Shahin Qabil oglu AZE 2065 4.5

62 Heydarli Kanan Beyukkishi Oglu AZE 2143 4.5

63 Hajiyev Kanan Zahir Oglu AZE 1978 4.5

64 Rustamzada Dargah Ahmad Oglu AZE 2088 4.5

65 Atababayev Khalid Zahid oglu AZE 2002 4

66 WGM Mamedjarova Turkan AZE 2233 4

67 Aghasiyeva Fidan Aydin Qizi AZE 2112 4

68 WFM Ismailova Parvana AZE 2145 4

69 Abbasov Vusal AZE 2174 4

70 WCM Fataliyeva Ulviyya Hasil Qizi AZE 1992 4

71 Abdullayev Azer AZE 2043 4

72 Musayev Eldar Elman Oglu AZE 2171 4

73 Mammadbayova Farida AZE 2005 4

74 Akhmedov Fariz Khatir Oglu AZE 2261 4

75 IM Rasulov Vugar AZE 2474 4

76 Izzat Kanan Azar Oglu AZE 2062 4

77 WIM Isgandarova Khayala AZE 2212 4

78 Hasanova Turkan Zakir Qizi AZE 1920 4

79 Abdulov Orkhan AZE 2343 4

80 Gasimov Elshan AZE 2074 4

81 FM Sharbaf Mohsen IRI 2407 4

82 Soyunlu Narmin Asat Qizi AZE 1758 4

83 Guliyev Raul Vilayat Oglu AZE 2052 3.5

84 Aliakbarov Anar Samir Oglu AZE 2048 3.5

85 Rzayev Bahruz AZE 2238 3.5

86 Damirbayli Tabriz Aslan oglu AZE 2026 3.5

87 Talishzada Orkhan Rovshan Oglu AZE 2071 3.5

88 Agayev Nazim AZE 2126 3.5

89 Djafarov Mahir AZE 2165 3.5

90 Pirverdiyev Aqil Kamran Oglu AZE 1905 3.5

91 Bayramov Vugar AZE 2290 3.5

92 Karimov Joshqun Telman Oglu AZE 1523 3.5

93 FM Pavlenko Oleg AZE 2154 3.5

94 Mammadova Aysel Alishiraz Qizi AZE 1973 3.5

95 Rzayev Chingiz Qafar Oglu AZE 2000 3.5

96 WFM Bayat Shohreh IRI 1978 3.5

Total: 153 players

BBC with large article on chess in Armenia

Levon Aronian is the national David Beckham

chess armenia

On Sturday, 26th of September, BBC website came out with a large report about chess in Armenia. It was titled “Armenia revels in its chess prowess” and talked about the Chess Olympiad, the level of chess in the country, the Tigran Petrosian memorial, and how chess could be the face of a whole country.

Here are some excerpts from the article.

I speak not a word of Armenian, and the first man I met in Armenia spoke not a word of English.

He was the driver picking me up from the airport.

“David,” I said, pointing at myself. “Tigran,” he said, shaking my hand, “Tigran Petrosian.”

This seems a weird coincidence. In 1963, his namesake, Tigran Petrosian, had defeated Mikhail Botvinnik to take the world chess title.

For Westerners it was a case of one Soviet Man beating another. The Soviets used chess to demonstrate the superiority of communism over capitalism, and had created a highly efficient chess factory, churning out prodigies like sausages.

But that is not how they saw it in Armenia. For them, Petrosian was above all an Armenian.

Tens of thousands of people gathered in Opera Square in the capital Yerevan, to watch the games being displayed on giant boards, as the moves were relayed from Moscow.

The result led to an outpouring of patriotic fervour. That same year, John F Kennedy was assassinated.

“In America everyone can remember where they were when Kennedy was shot,” one man tells me. “Here in Armenia, everyone of a certain age can recall the exact moment Petrosian became world champion.”

From that moment on, chess became a national obsession.

Serge Sarkisian President of Armenia and President of the Armenian Chess Federation

Later I meet the president of the Armenian Chess Federation. The interview had taken months to arrange.

That may seem odd until you realise that in his spare time, he is also president of the country.

His cabinet consists of two Tigrans – the prime minister and the finance minister.

The state already offers free training to the most promising players, and a guaranteed salary (equivalent to the average wage) to any Armenian who reaches the elite title of grandmaster.

The president now plans to introduce chess into the school curriculum.

“We don’t want people to know Armenia just for the earthquake and the genocide,” President Serge Sarkisian said. “We would rather it was famous for its chess.”

Levon Aronian is the equivalent of David Beckham

At a major international chess tournament taking place in the spa resort of Jermuk in the arid mountains, I bump into yet another Tigran Petrosian.

He is no relation of Armenia’s chess legend, but when Petrosian won the world title, says the younger Tigran, his father had a dream that if he ever had a son he would call him Tigran.

The boy has himself grown up to be a high-ranking grandmaster, a member of Armenia’s world-conquering side.

Cheery and plump, this Tigran Petrosian is an unlikely sex symbol, but in Armenia chess players are celebrities.

A spectator tells me that Armenia’s number-one player, Levon Aronian, is their equivalent of David Beckham. He even has the designer stubble. Young girls and aspiring chess players chase him for photos and autographs.

Read the full article here

Nanjing chess 2009

live games and daily news on Chessdom (pairings added)

Nanjing Pearl Springs 2009 begins on Monday, the 28th of September in China. It is the first event of the Grand Slam and will feature Veselin Topalov (Bulgaria), Magnus Carlsen (Norway), Teimour Radjabov (Azerbaijan), Dmitry Jakovenko (Russia), Peter Leko (Hungary), and Wang Yue (China).

As every major chess event, Nanjing will be featured with live games commentary on

Round 1 pairings

GM Magnus Carlsen – GM Peter Leko (live commentary here)

GM Veselin Topalov – GM Dmitry Jakovenko (live commentary here)

GM Wang Yue – GM Teimour Radjabov

Nanjing chess 2009

The organizers of Nanjing Pearl Spring 2009 have made an important change in the initially announced lineup. GM Viswanathan Anand, current World Champion and number two in the rating list, who was supposed to be part of the participants, will not attend the event. He will be substituted by the Hungarian grandmaster Peter Leko.

The change means that the chess fans will not be able to see direct games by the WCC 2010 competitors Topalov and Anand. Still, the tournament is going to be one of the strongest for the year.

All results from last year

Live games commentary

Nanjing chess 2009 will be commented live daily on Games will start at 8:00 CET and later during the day we will bring you photos, details, pgn, and much more.

Stay tuned for more details!

Wang Yue and Hou Yifan are China King and Queen

Two 8-player tournaments held on 17-24th September in Jinzhou, China

Chinese Chess Queen and Chinese Chess King were two 8-player round robin tournaments held on 17-24th September in Jinzhou, China. Women and men top Chinese players took participation in this prestigious festival.

Hou Yifan clinched the first place in women’s event only after the final round with with Black against WGM Shen Yang. In the meantime, Ju Wenjun signed a draw and remained second, half a point behind the winner.

Wang Yue did not have to fear about the King’s crown, as not even a last minute win by Wang Hao could endanger the leader. Both Hou Yifan and Wang Yue have collected five points on the scoreboard. More information on Gujuan Tzu’s blog.

Wang Yue sq

Wang Yue

WWCC Wenjun Ju

Ju Wenjun

Chess Queen final standings:

1. GM Hou Yifan 2585 – 5.5

2. Ju Wenjun 2443 – 5.0

3. GM Zhao Xue 2542 – 4.0

4. Tan Zhongyi 2435 – 3.5

5. WGM Huang Qian 2424 – 3.0

6. WGM Ruan Lufei 2486 – 2.5

7. GM Xu Yuhua 2485 – 2.5

8. WGM Shen Yang 2453 – 2.0

Chess King final standings:

1. GM Wang Yue 2736 – 5.0

2. GM Wang Hao 2690 – 4.5

3. GM Ni Hua 2692 – 4.0

4. Ding Liren 2530 – 3.5

5. GM Li Chao B 2617 – 3.0

6. GM Zhou Jianchao 2623 – 3.0

7. GM Bu Xiangzhi 2702 – 2.5

8. GM Zhang Pengxiang 2616 – 2.5

Kasparov – Karpov 2009 LIVE!

Kasparov wins both games, takes the lead in Valencia

kasparov karpov

As promised, will bring you minute by minute updates from the “Cuna del Ajedrez Moderno” chess meeting between Anatoly Karpov and Gary Kasparov. They will appear in reverse chronological order, the earlier news will appear lower o the page.

News will appear every 15 minutes, starting in the early hours of the 22nd of September, and continuing after a short break at 9:00 CET.

Useful resources

All news from Kasparov – Karpov

Game 1 live / Game 2 live

Below you will find all events from day 1. To follow live the events from day 2, go to the Kasparov – Karpov day 2 LIVE page

22:00 CET

Kasparov takes yet another victory and leads the match 2-0. You can replay the game here, soon we will bring you details of the press conference and news from the playing hall.

20:15 CET

Kasparov defeats Karpov with black and takes the lead in the match! As Jason Juett pointed out, Karpov drops an exchange to 24…Nxe6 25.dxe6 Qxd2 26.Rxd2 Rxd2 27.Bxb7 Rfd8 etc. and resigns /flags immediately. Even though there were slight chances for Karpov to hold the position, the time trouble was a strong factor. 0-1 and Kasparov is ahaed.

Game 2 starts in a few minutes, you can follow it here.

18:55 CET

Game 1 starts in 5 minutes, click here to follow it.

18:45 CET

Hello chess fans, this is Jason Juett bringing you live commentary of the Kasparov-Karpov match. These are two of the greatest players in history, and in many people’s opinion arguably the two greatest. They have met contested more world championship matches than any other two players, in a remarkably close series that somehow had Kasparov emerge on top every time, though we could imagine some of the matches going either way. Kasparov seems to be the big favorite to win among most fans, and I agree that I prefer his chances, but I think it will be closer than many think. We should remember that just a few years ago Karpov won the latest match in their series, a rapid one much like this one.

Read on for full commentary and live game 1

18:00 CET

One hour before the start the clocks are set and everything is ready for the start of the match Kasparov – Karpov. As Karpov drew the white queen at the opening ceremony, he will start with white. Both players have 25 minutes plus five seconds per move.

Jason Juett is in the studio, check out the game 1 live page in a few minutes for a preview of the match.

17:10 CET

Note: due to the very high number of visitors, Chessdom has created alternative broadcast pages. They will be loading faster and it will be easier to follow the games. Bookmark them now, games start at 19:00 CET Game 1 live / Game 2 live

17:00 CET

Two hours are left to the start of the match. The conferences are in progress, with journalists present a a good participation. The area around the playing hall is relatively calm, with the regular number of tourists walking around the modern buildings of Valencia.

16:10 CET

A quick reminder, games will be commented live on Game one starts at 19:00 CET with the commentary of Jason Juett, while game two is later the same evening and can be followed here.

Jason Juett has done fantastic job commenting top tournaments in 2009. Here are some of his commented games from Dortmund and Bilbao:

Alexei Shirov – Alexander Grischuk

Magnus Carlsen – Ettiene Bacrot

Peter Leko – Arkadij Naiditsch

Vladimir Kramnik – Peter Leko

15:35 CET

Karpov has really got the psychological war going. After saying he is number 1, while Kasparov number 2 in a video interview for Valencia TV, he claimed in an interview for Levante newspaper that he is still a champion in all senses, “I am very happy with my sports carreer, I was champion 40 years ago and I am a champion now [...] The journalists from Africa chose me as the player of the century. Not Russia, not Europe, Africa!”

Interesting detail from the interview, Karpov says that the longest he has been without playing chess is two weeks.

15:00 CET

The conferences on chess will start in less than an hour (check schedule and participants below). can confirm the presence of GM Yuri Averbakh, one of the Candidates for the World Championship in 1953 and USSR champion in 1954, and also very good chess historian. He will be today in Palau de Artes y Ciencias, and tomorrow will host his own conference at 16:00 CET.

Averbakh was also a major endgame study composer. He published more than 100 studies, many of which have given notable contributions to endgame theory. In 1956 he was given by FIDE the title of International Judge of Chess Compositions and in 1969 he became an International Arbiter. Averbakh is the eponym of several opening variations, perhaps most notably the Averbakh System in the King’s Indian Defence and some variations of the Modern: 1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.Be2 O-O 6.Bg5

14:30 CET

Yesterday at the press conference Kasparov and Karpov were very cordial to each other. They denied the information that they are not talking to each other. However, as reported by the organizers, Kasparov and Karpov will be staying in different hotels. When coming to the playing hall they will be using different cars and even different elevators, that will lead them to the game room.

14:00 CET

In rapid and blitz games the arbiter very often plays a key role. Pieces are flying, time is running, and the thought is often faster than the hand. The arbiter of Kasparov and Karpov will be Geurt Gijssen. He is considered as one of the best in this area and was the arbiter of the last Kasparov – Karpov matches.

Geurt Gijssen started with a mistake at the opening ceremony. As a result of miscomunication or desire to underline the importance of Kasparov and Karpov, he stated that the drawing of lots will be performed with two kings. At the same time the little bags contained two queens, honoring the chess piece that was first established in Valencia.

Hopefully this will be the only mistake of Geurt Gijssen during the match, and the rapid and blitz games will go without problems.

13:45 CET

Another interesting event that we will be following for you is the Baku Open 2009. Kamsky, Mamedyarov, Smirin, and Savchenko were victorious in round 1, while Guseinov was surprised by a 2071 ELO player.

13:20 CET

There are 5 hours and a half until the start of the match and virtually every radio and TV’s sports emission in Spain has reported on the match. The predictions, opinions, and details vary from media to media, but one thing is sure, the match will be one of the top events of the year. Feel free to send us your opinion at our contact form.

13:00 CET

The FIDE President Kirsan Ilymzhinov talked to Itar – Tass about the match. Cited by the Spanish ADN, he said, “There is no question that the match will attract much attention, for which the chess world has to be thankful.” Ilymzhinov also expects a battle of intellects, of personalities, but most importantly “a chess event that many people did not expect to ever happen.”

12:45 CET

If you want to view the press conference and the drawing of lots, there is a video by Europe-Echecs and GM Robert Fontaine at this link.

12:00 CET

The Kasparov and Karpov matches have great history. They have played twice in Moscow, and once in London – Leningrad, Sevilla, and New York – Lyon.

A total of 144 games were played, check out the results match by match. The balance is slightly positive for Kasparov, who achieved 19 wins, 21 losses, and 104 draws.

Karpov dominated the 1970s and early 1980s with an incredible string of tournament successes. He convincingly demonstrated that he was the strongest player in the world by defending his title twice against ex-Soviet Viktor Korchnoi, first in Baguio City in 1978 and then in Meran in 1981. His style often frustrated opponents, causing them to lash out and err. This allowed him to bring the full force of his Botvinnik-learned dry technique (both Karpov and Kasparov were students at Botvinnik’s school) against them, grinding his way to victory.

He eventually lost his title to a fiery, aggressive, tactical player who was equally convincing over the board: Garry Kasparov. The two of them fought five incredibly close world championship matches, the World Chess Championship 1984 (controversially terminated without result with Karpov leading +5 -3 =40), World Chess Championship 1985 (in which Kasparov won the title, 13–11), World Chess Championship 1986 (narrowly won by Kasparov, 12.5–11.5), World Chess Championship 1987 (drawn 12–12, Kasparov retaining the title), and World Chess Championship 1990 (again narrowly won by Kasparov, 12.5–11.5).

The possible world tour that Kasparov and Karpov mention include exactly the same countries where the matches were played. The cities might be different, as is the example of the December Kasparov – Karpov match in Paris.

11:45 CET

The rapid games of Kasparov – Karpov will be featured with live commentary on Game 1 can be followed here at 19:00 CET.

11:15 CET

Parallel to the Kasparov – Karpov match, a very strong round robin tournament is taking place in the USA. This is the SPICE Cup, featured daily on Chessdom. Today you will be able to follow live with GM commentary the games Hammer – Akobian and Wesley So – Mamedov.

10:45 CET

Yesterday Karpov was held to a draw in one of the simul games. The draw was achieved by Irene Arques, a local 23 year old girl from Alicante (a city close to Valencia) from club d’escacs d’Alaquàs. Her rating is about 2000 ELO and she has only a few official FIDE rated games in the past years. However, she is highly active in local interuniversity competitions, weekend rapid and blitz games, and other friendly matches.

As soon as we have the moves from the games of the simul they will be published.

10:15 CET

“Is the World tour Kasparov – Karpov set?” is the most frequent question that arrives to the Chessdom mail. What we know until now is that K & K are planning to play similar matches in New York, Paris, and Moscow. The only one confirmed is the match in Paris (full info here). The exact venue is not known, but according to an interview of Karpov for local TV station, the possible stage will be the Louvre.

09:45 CET

Interesting calculation was presented by the specialist in chess history José Antonio Garzón. He states, “Kasparov and Karpov have met in 144 world championship games, which is many hours over the board. But the preparation for such games requires much more time, consulting the two grandmasters they have spent 43 800 hours over the board.”

Jose Garzon will be the host of a conference today at Palau de les Artes, with discussion over the historical proof of the modern origins of chess in Valencia. He will be accompanied by Alessandro Sanvito and Govert Westerveld. “The book of games of Alfonso X El Sabio” will be presented by Dr. Ulrich Schadler. The conferences start at 16:00.

09:30 CET

During the night the Chessdom team has been following the development of news spreading over the world. All major Asian agencies have reported on the match, newspapers in South America and the USA going to have featured articles in the morning. The Italian Eurosport had a report titled “Kasparov vs Karpov 25 anni dopo”, while the list of major online editions that can be added to the coverage includes CNN,, Mirror, El Universal, etc.

09:15 CET

Good morning too all chess fans! In less than 10 hours the games Kasparov – Karpov from “Valencia Cuna del ajedrez moderno” will start at Palau de Artes. will be following the events from Valencia all day long and at 19:00 CET you will be able to enjoy live games commentary.

Kasparov - Karpov

03:00 CET

Reminder of the Kasparov – Karpov schedule: the first rapid games will be played today at 19:00 CET. Wednesday the match will continue with two more rapid games, while on Thursday the blitz games are scheduled at the same time.

02:15 CET

Interesting new was reveled by the Spanish newspaper Las Provincias. On the way to the simul the car of Anatoly Karpov had a small accident. That caused Karpov to arrive 10 minutes late for the simul. The 8 moves win put him back on track, until the 23 years old Irene Arques held him to a draw in the final game.

Parallel to that Kasparov had a nice warm up, alternating e4 and d4 on the boards.

01:30 CET

Kasparov and Karpov played a total of 40 games late on Monday evening at Ciudad de Las Artes y Ciencias. In a little more than two hours Kasparov won all his games.

Karpov did not have problems on most of the boards, but Irene Arques, one of the best local female players, played a very nice game. At the end Karpov offered draw and both shook hands. Irene Arques shared with journalists, “In the beginning he was winning, but I managed to come back and he offered a draw.”

All details about the simul of Kasparov and Karpov are here.

01:00 CET

Talking about news updates, they are also found on major TV stations. The Russian “Vesti” had a long report on the Valencia encounter between Kasparov and Karpov, with details on history and analysis of Sergey Dolmatov.

Official video of the match can be seen here, while Karpov’s opinion of the match is on Valencian TV.

00:45 CET

Currently Kasparov and Karpov news are flooding international media. Several hours after the press conference news is flooding BBC, The Guardian, Times Online, AFP, Marca, Channel News Asia, Ria Novosti, Itar – Tass, and many more international news agencies, guaranteeing the details of the match to fly to thousand of sources.

00:30 CET

Kasparov was once again silent on his helpers for the Valencia match. He came with Clara Kasparova, but besides his training with Magnus Carlsen in Norway, not much is known. On the other hand, Karpov revealed that Bologan, Onischuk, and Riazantsev will be helping him.

00:15 CET

After the press conference the two players visited the Mayor of Valencia Rita Barbera, who assured them that it is a pleasure to host the match Kasparov – Karpov.

00:10 CET

The act of drawing of lots was symbolic and was resembling the importance of the Valencia upgrade of chess rules. The players drew their starting number from queen chess pieces, thus selecting who will start the first game with white.

Kasparov and Karpov gladly answered a few more questions, among them K and K assured the importance of internet for chess, and especially that it can be played online.

00:05 CET

The press conference of Kasparov and Karpov yesterday at Centro Cultural Bancaja started with mutual cordial remarks by both players. Both hailed the positive effect they have had on modern chess. Karpov even reached a point, where he firmly claimed that “if Kasparov returs today to the chess board he will be the best or among the best”. Kasparov reasured that the old rivalry still exists, but the hard feelings are cured as time passes.

This of course totally contradicts with the spirit they showed the weeks before the match. Kasparov and Karpov assured that they will do everything possible to achieve victory in the match (news article here), while Karpov started the psycological fight with a video interview on the Valencian TV.

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim will visit the Kasparov – Karpov match

The President of UAE chess federation will stay in Valencia for four days

valencia chess

Dr. Al-Fahim, President of
UAE chess federation

Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim, President of the UAE chess federation, has confirmed his arrival for the Kasparov – Karpov match in Valencia. He will stay in a hotel close to the playing hall and will be enjoying the match for four days.

There is a possiblity Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim to close the deal with the Linares 2010 chess tournament, that Chessdom first informed you about during this year’s event.

According to Arabian Business Magazine the fortune of Dr. Sulaiman Al-Fahim is 10 times bigger than the one of Abramovich. However, Dr. Al-Fahim never forgets his passion – the chess, a sport in which he touched the youth medals and the federation he is now president of.

Stay tuned with the coverage from Valencia, from where we will bring you minute by minute updates, news, details, photos, interviews, and much more!

Serbian Women Team Championship

14-22nd Septembar in Pozarevac, Radnicki defending the title

The Serbian Women Team Championship is taking place on 14-22nd September in Pozarevac. Women clubs have been struggling to maintain membership and sponsors over the past few years, which even led to cancellation of the National Cup once, but finally ten teams applied to participate in Pozarevac. Top seeded are BAS and last year champion Radnicki, when the competition was significantly stronger.

srb w7

IM Natasa Bojkovic (BAS)

srb w5

IM Cristina-Adela Foisor and WGM Irina Chelushkina (Radnicki)

srb w4

WGM Anna Rudolf won against WGM Jovana Vojinovic

srb w6

WIM Lyubka Genova and WGM Jordanka Belic drew their game

srb w2

Opening ceremony: National anthem of Serbia

srb w3

First move of the championship

srb w1

The crosstable

Photos by Laszlo Rudolf

Team rosters:

1. SK Srem (Average rating 2097)

1 WGM Rudolf Anna 2286 HUN

2 Bjeloglav Milica 2018 SRB

3 Miladinovic Lena 2027 SRB

4 Tomin Ksenija 1858 SRB

5 Bojovic Jovana 1878 SRB

6 Gebejes Ana 2056 SRB

2. SK BAS (2403)

1 IM Bojkovic Natasa 2429 SRB

2 IM Gaponenko Inna 2438 UKR

3 IM Vasilevich Tatjana 2423 UKR

4 WGM Stojanovic Andjelija 2323 SRB

5 WIM Drljevic Ljilja 2207 SRB

6 WIM Velickovski-Nejkovic Maja 2187 SRB

7 WIM Markovic Gordana 2257 SRB

3. Sahmatni kruzok (1634)

1 Djuric Olgica 1863 SRB

2 Vojvodic Sanja 1792 SRB

3 Milivojevic Milica 1679 SRB

4 Spasic Jelena 0 SRB

5 Petrovic Tamara 0 SRB

4. Pozarevacki SK (2102)

1 WIM Genova Lyubka 2250 BUL

2 WIM Petrovic Marija 2180 SRB

3 WFM Nikolic Mila 1963 SRB

4 Kovacevic Ana 0 SRB

5 Tuvic Nada 2015 SRB

6 Suhartovic Svetlana 0 SRB

5. SK Radnicki (2326)

1 WGM Chelushkina Irina 2333 SRB

2 IM Foisor Cristina-Adela 2433 ROU

3 IM Petrenko Svetlana 2260 MDA

4 WGM Benderac Ana 2276 SRB

5 WIM Zivkovic Vesna 2122 SRB

6 Tanaskovic Slavica 0 SRB

6. SK Nestor (1977)

1 WFM Videnova Iva 2307 BUL

2 WFM Nestorovic Irena 2008 SRB

3 Zarkovic Mila 1853 SRB

4 Markovic Tamara 1701 SRB

5 Milanovic Maja 1741 SRB

6 Zivanovic Natalija 1566 SRB

7. SK Zlatar (2015)

1 WGM Belic Jordanka 2320 SRB

2 WFM Urosevic Marija 2076 SRB

3 Vuckovic Jovana 1865 SRB

4 Zecevic Snezana 1799 SRB

5 Vuckovic Lidija 1739 SRB

6 Radovic Ivana 0 SRB

8. SK Bora Kostic (1879)

1 Miljkov Andjela 0 SRB

2 Stajic Snezana 2049 SRB

3 Uzelac Iva 1802 SRB

5 Stojanovic Marija Z 1885 SRB

6 Sekulic Isidora 1780 SRB

9. SK Jugovic-Energy net (1914)

1 Petrovic Tijana 0 SRB

2 WGM Maksimovic Suzana 2249 SRB

3 WFM Mladenovic Jelena 2150 SRB

4 WFM Zivic Radmila 2058 SRB

5 Rakulj Ivana 0 SRB

6 Djurdjev Ljubica 0 SRB

10. SK Rad (2118)

1 WGM Vojinovic Jovana 2359 MNE

2 Djukic Sandra 2233 SRB

3 WFM Eric Jovana 2134 SRB

4 Milutinovic Stefana 1745 SRB