3rd Gathering of Knights and Kings

GM Rogelio Antonio wins

by Des Catolos, author of ChessHeroes

They said that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. But last Sunday at the gathering, you don’t need to pretend or play incognito as a fine Romans of noble birth just to be in the company of the Knights and Kings or simply called the “Old Vanguard” of Philippine chess. The 3rd Gathering of the Knights and Kings took place last Sunday, December 27, at the roof deck of Prince Gregory Condominium in Cubao, Quezon city. No other than GM Eugene Torre supervised the one day event. The closed quarters of the venue helps the players and guest to interact more with one another, I guess. Serenades, foods, drinks, gift, and friends never lacks. Dinner was also served at around 8:00 pm. Everyone was treated with excellent sweet and sour fish nuggets.

This friendly, exhibition tournament was made special by the presence of all grandmasters who participated in the recently held World Cup of Chess in Khanty. Wesley So, Rogelio Antonio and Darwin Laylo.

Also for the first time, in person, we had the opportunity of having some informal chats with the fathers of two chess prodigies, William So, father of Wesley and Bong, father of Stephen Rome Pangilinan. Our conversation all starts with simple kind words of humility that goes like this, “Sir, aren’t you the father of Wesley/Stephen?” in which we received in return: “are you the author of ChessHeroes?”.

Kapmigz, and Alexis and Tony, avid supporters of Philippine chess were here too. Also present and accompanying the So father and son is Mr Reggie Tee, who will accompany Wesley instead of his father William to Corus in January next year. GM Jayson Gonzales also showed up accompanied by some of his varsity players from FEU.

The Open section, or the masters section of the 3rd Gatherings of Knights and Kings was won by GM Joey Antonio, defeating the surprised finalist and first placer after the elimination rounds, National Master Ali Branzuela. The overwhelming favorite, Wesley So ended up in fourth place after finishing the elimination with 3 wins and 2 draws, loosing the tie break points to Antonio in the process.

Final standings

Champion: GM Rogelio “Joey” Antonio Jr.

2nd place: NM Ali Branzuela

3rd place: IM Rolando Nolte

4th place: GM Wesley So

5th place: IM Petronio Roca

6th place: GM Darwin Laylo

7th place: IM Barlo Nadera

8th place: NM Roberto Suelo Jr.

9th place: GM Jayson Gonzales

10th place: NM Allan Macalla

11th place: RP and US master Almario Marlon Bernardino Jr.

12th place: NM Erwin Carag

13th place: NM Rudy Ibanez

14th place: NM Mirabeau Maga

15th place: FM Deniel Causo

16th place: NM Edgardo Garma

17th place: IM Ronald Bancod

18th place: NM Raymond Salcedo

19th place: IM Emmanuel Senador

20th place: IM Chito Garma

21st place: Mark Ingcad

22nd place: NM Allan Sasot

23rd place: NM Elias Lao

24th place: FM Adrian Ros Pacis

25th place: FM Leonardo Carlos

26th place: NM Julius Sinangote

27th place: NM Efren Bagamasbad

28th place: NM Andrew Vasquez

29th place: Jerry Areque

30th place: NM Alex Milagrosa

31st place: NM Ponciano Badilles

32nd place: NM Eduardo Agagon

33rd place: Rodolfo Panopio Jr.

34th place: NM Edmundo Gatus

35th place: NM Samuel Estimo

Here are some photos from the event, for more photos and information visit ChessHeroes.

wesley so

Wesley So arrives at the venue

nm ali

Surprised finalist and second placer, NM Ali Branzuela wearing jersey no. 53

gm antonio rogelio

GM Rogelio “Joey” Antonio

gm torre

GM Eugene observing the game of Paulo Bersamina

philippines chess

The so called “Old Vanguard”, The Knights and Kings

Report by Merlon Bernandino

Rogelio “Joey” Antonio Jr., reigning RP Boy 12 and under champion Paolo Bersamina, Ray Marras and Narquinden Reyes emerged winners in Sunday’s 3rd Gathering of Knights and Kings (Fianchetto Invitational Chess Tournament) at the Rooftop of Prince Gregory Condominium #105 12th Avenue along Pedro Tuazon in Cubao, Quezon City.

The twelve-time RP Open champion Antonio, a sergeant at the HSSG of the Philippine Army under Commanding Lt. Gen. Delfin Bangit, defeated National Master Ali Branzuela in the finals (2-game match, seven minutes with three seconds increment), 1.5-0.5, to captured the Master division title and the top purse of P6,000 in the one-day event hosted by sportsman/ businessman Cesar Iligan, organized by Fianchetto Realty Development Corporation. Asia’s First Grandmaster Eugene Torre acts as the Project Director while International Arbiter Gene Poliarco serve as Chief Arbiter.

Earlier, the Sta. Mesa, Manila native Antonio, needed to beat fellow former University of Manila (UM) team mate IM Rolando Nolte for the last final berths using the advantageous white pieces in their Alekhine Skirmish to arrange a titular showdown with Branzuela, one of the mainstay of Philippine National Police (PNP). Branzuela, meantime booked his seat in the finals after topping the five round Swiss-system elimination round with 4.5 points.

Antonio, Nolte and GM Wesley So tallied identical 4.0 points each, after the tie break points was applied, Antonio landed over-all 2nd place in the elimination round followed by Nolte and So who failed to enter in the play-off match because of lower tie break.

Rounding up to the top 20 finishers were No.5 IM Petronio Roca, No.6 GM Darwin Laylo, No.7 IM Barlo Nadera, No.8 NM Roberto Suelo Jr., No.9 GM Jayson Gonzales, No.10 NM Allan Macalla, No.11 RP and US master Almario Marlon Bernardino Jr., No.12 NM Erwin Carag, No.13 NM Rudy Ibanez, No.14 NM Mirabeau Maga, No.15 FM Deniel Causo, No.16 NM Edgardo Garma, No.17 IM Ronald Bancod, No.18 NM Raymond Salcedo. No.19 IM Emmanuel Senador and No.20 IM Chito Garma in the event which attracted 35 woodpushers

Paolo Bersamina, on the other hand, the pride of Pasay City defeated Prince Kenneth Reyes, 2-0, in the finals to dominate the Women and Kiddies tiara. Stephen Rome Pangilinan, winner in this year’s Las Vegas International Chess Festival Susan Polgar under eight-year-old division settled over-all third.

In other final results, Ray Marras edged NCFP official Wilfredo “Willie” Abalos, 2-1, to pocket the Executive title while CSB top gunner Narquinden Reyes walloped Clement Valledor, 2-1, to rules the Non-Master title.

Hastings chess 2009-2010

previews, round 1, and players blogging

The 85th Hastings International Chess Congress takes place from 28 December 2009 to 5 January 2010 at the Horntye Park Sports Complex in Hastings. The Hastings Masters Tournament, the main event of the competition, is a nine-round Swiss system event running from 28 December to 5 January, while the 27th Hastings Weekend Congress will take place on Saturday and Sunday 2-3 January 2010.

Round 1 of the Masters event is already complete. Most favorites won their games, but there were a few surprises like GM Hracek and IM Philippe were held to a draw by FM Eames and Alan Grant, and IM Andrew Martin was defeated by WIM Worek.

Official website / Results / Entries / Download games


Tournament preview and spell check by Stewart Ruben

It is highly desirable for there to be at least 10 foreign players of the status of grandmasters, international masters, woman grandmaster, women masters and a total of at least 20 foreign rated players in the Masters. This is in order to ensure there is the possibility of a player gaining a title result. Since our resources are strictly limited, this can require a fine balancing act between inviting leading English players and foreigners.

Yuri Drodzovkij GM 2627 and Natalia Zdebsaja WGM 2410 both Ukraine are obviously a husband and wife pair! As are Nikolaj Shalnev GM 2450 and Olgar Shalneya WIM 2153 of Germany. These two pairs are receiving hospitality at the White Rock Hotel, a valuable sponsorship. Zbynek Hracek GM 2624 Czech Republic is another very strong player from the Czech Republic. Andrei Stratescu GM 2624 Roumania is the second of 19 year old Roman Edouard GM 2620 France.

Other foreign leading players include: Dietmar Kolbus IM 2320 Germany, he lives in the Isle of Man which is why sometimes he can be found playing in the British Championship; Diana Arutyona WGM Ukraine and Joanna Worek WIM 2226 Poland are welcome newcomers as are Christophe Phillippe IM 2430 France, Dennis Breder Germany IM 2427, Gudmundur Kjartsson Iceland IM 2391. Petr Marusenko IM 2264 is another player from the Ukraine, but he seems to have been playing here forever. That is not true of course, the congress only dates back to 1919 and he has only been coming here since the USSR broke up. Vladimir Prosviriakov USA IM 2311 is back again; and I don’t remember whether this is the first visit by Nicolas Giffard France IM 2351.

The English challenger is led by 19 year old David Howell GM 2620. Simon Williams GM 2530 will be here with his partner WFM Aly Wilson Switzerland. Mark Hebden GM 2500 has celebrated the New Year here many, many times. Keith Arkell GM 2478 had a rather devastating autumn due to ill-health, but he says his health and therefore his results are now much better. He did give up chess for a few years, but could not resist the lure of Goddess Caissa. Keith and Mark really should do a book of their 100 best games against each other.

Foreign names can be tongue twisters. Drodzovkij, being originally in Cyrillic script, means the best transliteration may be something like Drodzyovky and Zdebsaja Zdebsaya. You can tell Shalnevya is simply the female version of her husband’s Russian name. Worldwide, any name ending in ‘a’ is likely to be that of a woman. Hracek is probably Hrachek. Romain Edouard is straightforward – but I thought Edouard was his first name until he corrected me. When issuing formal invitations for visa purposes, it is all-important to get the same spelling as appears on the passport. While having dinner at my home Bojan Kurajica spent 10 minutes teaching my parents and me how to pronounce his name. It is approximately Boyan Kuraiyitsa.

But strangely enough my name causes the greatest problems. My cousins don’t even spell Reuben the same way, many use Rubin. Then there could be Roubin, Rueben, Rubens and so on. My father was told by the registrar that Stuart is the correct spelling. My father demanded, ‘Write down Stewart.’ Steuart is a rare variation. People often think my name is Reuben Stewart. In Cyrillic the last name becomes RBN.
My spellchecker had a nervous breakdown as I was writing this.

Media coverage

The Hastings Congress has received solid media attention in UK right from the start. The Telegraph and a few other major newspapers have published preview articles, but the good news is that chess blogs and participants have been active as well.

Peter Smith writes in his blog, “Arrived at Hastings on the afternoon of the 28th. A bit of heavy traffic on the A21 meant that I only arrived at my accomodation about an hour before my first game at 2.15. However, found my digs which are really nice, (Senlac Guest house is to be highly recommended), made my way to the tournament hall, had fish and chips in the bar and then straight into my game. It was a Sicilian Dragon which I haven’t encountered for a while. I got a slight edge and kept on with the plan of advancing on the kingside to open lines for attack. My opponent went wrong a couple of times which allowed me to win the ensuing endgame. I’ll annotate this at a later stage. The masters is headed by a group of strong Ukrainian Grandmasters and Young David Howell from England. If he plays like he did at the recent London Tournament I think he’ll win.”

IM Jack Rudd published on West Country chess, “For all its faults, I do actually like the British public transport network. Which is not to say I like everything about it. Yesterday’s journey, in which I made my way from Bideford to Coulsdon and then from Coulsdon to Hastings, is a case in point. It had all the normal joys of a post-Christmas journey, coupled with Sunday scheduling. Thus:

Bus from Bideford to Barnstaple.
Train from Barnstaple to Exeter – fortunately, they had decided to run four carriages instead of two; they needed them.
Get to Exeter St Davids. Can take a packed Paddington train or wait an hour for a slow train to Clapham Junction. Choose Paddington train, do not get a seat until Reading.
Go through the London Underground system to Victoria via Oxford Circus, hauling huge suitcase in my wake. Hauling huge suitcases through the Underground is always spectacularly fun for everyone.
Get fast train from Victoria to Purley, and then one from Purley to Coulsdon South.

Complete stuff that needs to be done at Coulsdon pretty quickly, with time to kill before the next train.
Go from Coulsdon to Gatwick Airport station. Just miss connection with Hastings train. Wait an hour at Gatwick Airport for another train. Note that there is nothing to do at Gatwick Airport station unless I go into the airport itself, which is confusing and likely to cause me to find myself lost in short order.
Get on Eastbourne and Ore train. Find out as I’m approaching Eastbourne that I’m in the wrong half of the train; hastily move through Southern train with narrow aisles with the aforementioned huge suitcase. More spectacular fun for everyone.
Eventually end up in Hastings.

It’s a good job I like this tournament so much. Today, I’m taking on GM Romain Edouard of France”

Caruana, Kamsky, and Safarli win in Reggio Emilia R1

All wins achieved with the black pieces

The 52nd Reggio Emilia chess tournament had an exciting start with 50% decisive games in round 1, all of them with the black pieces. The local favorite and Corus 2010 participant Fabiano Caruana outplayed the tactician Viktor Bologan. The Candidate matches 2010 player Gata Kamsky had a comfortable game against Daniele Vocaturo, while the Chessdom.com commentator Eltaj Safarli defeated Sabino Brunello.

Reggio Emilia chess

Round 1 results

Sabino Brunello – Eltaj Safarli 0-1

Konstantin Landa – Baadur Jobava 1/2-1/2

Viktor Bologan – Fabiano Caruana 0-1

Zoltan Almasi – Michele Godena 1/2-1/2

Daniele Vocaturo – Gata Kamsky 0-1

The 52nd Reggio Emilia tournament is scheduled to take place from 28th December 2009 until 6th January 2010. What started as small local tournament back in 1958, sprouted into prominent happening by the early 90′s, when both Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov sat on the stage. List of the Reggio Emilia winners is outstanding, Viswanathan Anand, Anatoly Karpov, Nona Gaprindashvili, Lajos Portish, Ulf Andersson, Rafael Vaganian, to mention a few.

This year’s edition is the final practice for Vocaturo, Kamsky, and Caruana, all of them to participate in Corus Chess 2010 in Wijk Aan Zee.

Stay tuned for more information from Reggio Emilia here on Chessdom.com and the official site.

India wins Asian Team Chess Championship

Sasikiran leads India to success

One of India’s top grandmasters, GM Krishnan Sasikiran, led convincingly India to success at Asian Team Chess Championship 2009. Sasikiran scored 5,5/6 and his team won with advantage of 3 match points. With the same score, but easier opposition finished GM Negi. GM Harikrishna scored 4,0/6, GM Ganguly 5,0/6, and GM Deepan 2,5/3.

Second place is for Vietnam, with a better game points tiebreak over Iran. Here are the final standings of the Asian team championship and the results of the winners.

Final standings

1 INDIA A 14 MP 156 GP

2 VIETNAM 11 MP 145 GP

3 IRAN 11 MP 103 GP


5 INDIA B 8 MP 57 GP




9 YEMEN 2 MP 18 GP

10 NEPAL 1 MP 12,5 GP

asia team chess

India chess team results


GM Harikrishna P 2672 - GM Rahman Ziaur 2545 ½ – ½

GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 - GM Murshed Niaz 2409 ½ – ½

GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 - Md Jamal Uddin 2150 1 – 0

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J 2518 - FM Mohammed Abdul Malek 2290 ½ – ½

4 INDIA B - 1 INDIA A ½ :3½

IM Adhiban B 2486 - GM Harikrishna P 2672 ½ – ½

IM Satyapragyan Swayangsu 2480 - GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 0 – 1

GM Laxman R R 2511 - GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 0 – 1

IM Sengupta Deep 2488 - GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 0 – 1


GM Harikrishna P 2672 - GM Megaranto Susanto 2522 1 – 0

GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 - IM Purnama Tirta Chandra 2417 1 – 0

GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 - FM Novita Anjas 2340 ½ – ½

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J 2518 - Kaisar Jenius Hakiki 2227 1 – 0

2 VIETNAM - 1 INDIA A 1½:2½

GM Le Quang Liem 2624 - GM Harikrishna P 2672 1 – 0

GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son 2616 - GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 0 – 1

GM Dao Thien Hai 2524 - GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 0 – 1

GM Nguyen Anh Dung 2447 - GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 ½ – ½

1 INDIA A - 3 IRAN 3½: ½

GM Harikrishna P 2672 - GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 2603 1 – 0

GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 - GM Moradiabadi Elshan 2560 ½ – ½

GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 - GM Mahjoob Morteza 2510 1 – 0

GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 - IM Toufighi Homayoon 2454 1 – 0


GM Harikrishna P 2672 - GM Wu Shaobin 2454 1 – 0

GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 - FM Chua Zheng Yuan Terry 2256 1 – 0

GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 - FM Lo Kin Mun Dominic 2174 1 – 0

GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J 2518 - Tan Weiliang 2168 ½ – ½

9 SRILANKA - 1 INDIA A 0 : 4

Hapuarachchi H L M 2019 - GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 0 – 1

Edirisinghe Dulan 2137 - GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 0 – 1

Kalugampitiya R S 2135 - GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 0 – 1

Wijesuriya G Luxman 2089 - GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J 2518 0 – 1

2nd Bhiwani Fide Rated Open Chess Tournament

IM Sriram Jha top seeded

2nd Bhiwani Fide Rated Open Chess Tournament organinsed by Bhiwani District Chess Federation got off to a surprising start as seventh seed and seasoned campaigner O T Anilkumar of Kerala was held by unrated Anesh R of Andhrpradesh in the first round match at Preksha Vihar, Kriorimal Park on today. 134 players from different parts of India are participating in this one week long Rs. 2, 25,000/- prize money tournament.

The tournament was inaugurated by Shri. Rao Dan Singh, Chief Parliamentary Secretary in presence of Shri. Lalit Agarwal, Pawan Buwaniwala and Shri. Pradeep Gupta, Secretary Haryana Chess Association.

Official website

bhiwani chess

Shri. Rao Dan Singh, Chief Parliamentary Secretary making inaugural move of the tournament against Grandmaster Sriram Jha

Round 1 top table results

IM Sriram Jha 1 – 0 Mahika Mor

Manan Rai 0 – 1 IM Saptarshi Roy

IM Lahiri Atanu 1 – 0 Aashna Khan

Aditya Baser 0 – 1 Sangma Rahul

IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam 1 – 0 Alok Nath Jha

Amrit Pal Singh 0 – 1 IM Deshmukh Anup

Anilkumar O T ½ – ½ Aneesh R

Bala Chandra Prasad D 0 – 1 Srivastava Y P

CM Prince Bajaj 1 – 0 Bhanot Stuti

Bheri Chinna Rao 0 – 1 Linda Rangarajan

Deepak Katiyar 1 – 0 Das Anindo Kumar

Deepak Soni 0 – 1 Soni Krishan

Gowtham T 1 – 0 Dhabria Suneet

Round 2 top table results

Srikanth P 0 – 1 IM Sriram Jha

IM Saptarshi Roy 1 – 0 Jain Singhai Niklesh N

Shirdhankar Subhash Bhargav 0 – 1 IM Lahiri Atanu

Sangma Rahul ½ – ½ Aubhropratim Manna

Rathore Sonakshi 0 – 1 IM Ramnathan Balasubramaniam

IM Deshmukh Anup 1 – 0 Saxena Arpit

Gusain Himal 1 – 0 Gandhi Vinay Balkrishna

Anurag Jaiswal 1 – 0 Yogesh Gautam

Srivastava Y P 1 – 0 Sree Lakshmi V

D K Chopra 0 – 1 CM Prince Bajaj

Linda Rangarajan 1 – 0 Jotish Joy

Mahabir Parshad Verma 1 – 0 Deepak Katiyar

Russia Superfinal – Round Five

Alisa Galliamova still crushing, Alexander Grischuk takes the lead in men section

Sanan Sjugirov defeated the defending champion Peter Svidler in the fifth round of the 2009 Russian Superfinal Championship, helping Alexander Grischuk to leapfrog and take a clear first place with 3.5 points. Svidler opened with the usually reliable Caro-Kann, but something went terribly wrong and his fort broke down after only 20 moves. In the final position white has multiple threats against the weak black pawns and shaky King.

Grischuk beat Alexander Riazantsev who after this round remains the only player bellow 50% score. It was a nice exchange sacrifice for a complete domination over the board. Other games were also very interesting, Artyom Timofeev sacrificed an exchange and then a whole Rook for a mass of passed pawns, while Nikita Vitiugov convincingly punished his opponent’s opening experiment. (Replay the games bellow)

Alisa Galliamova keeps the pace in the women section and wins fifth consecutive game, this time against Marina Romanko. Nadezhda Kosintseva is slowing down, and with another draw falls a full point behind the leader. Ttaiana Kosintseva surges forward, Romanko and Stepovaia are firmly tied to the bottom of the crosstable.

Alexander Grischuk sq 3

Alexander Grischuk

Round 5 results (men):

Grischuk – Riazantsev 1-0

Sjugirov – Svidler 1-0

Timofeev – Khismatullin 1-0

Jakovenko – Vitiugov 0-1

Alekseev – Tomashevsky draw


1. Alexander Grischuk – 3.5

2-3. Peter Svidler and Nikita Vitiugov – 3.0

4-9. Sanan Sjugirov, Artyom Timofeev, Denis Khismatullin, Dmitry Jakovenko, Evgeny Alekseev and Evgeny Tomashevsky – 2.5

10. Alexander Riazantsev – 0.5

Round 5 results (women):

Galliamova – Romanko 1-0

Kosintseva, N – Manakova draw

Bodnaruk – Pogonina 0-1

Kosintseva, T – Zaiatz 1-0

Gunina – Stepovaia 1-0


1. Alisa Galliamova – 5.0

2. Nadezhda Kosintseva – 4.0

3-4. Valentina Gunina and Natalia Pogonina – 3.5

5. Tatiana Kosintseva – 3.0

6. Anastasia Bodnaruk – 2.5

7-8. Maria Manakova and Elena Zaiatz – 1.5

9. Marina Romanko – 0.5

10. Tatiana Stepovaia – 0.0

Round 4 report

Follow the games live on the official website.

Russia Superfinal – Round Four

Peter Svidler still leading, Alisa Galliamova with perfect score

Peter Svidler maintains the lead in the men section of the 2009 Russian Superfinal Championship, half a point ahead of Alexander Grischuk, Dmitry Jakovenko and Denis Khismatullin. Svidler drew with Grischuk, while Khismatullin scored a nice win against Sanan Sjugirov. Alexander Riazantsev appears to be completely out of shape and remains sitting on the bottom of the crosstable.

Meanwhile in the women section, Nadezhda Kosintseva was held to her first draw, but Alisa Galliamova is still on the roll and wins fourth consecutive game. Tatiana Kosintseva finally reaches 50%, Romanko and Stepovaia lose again.

Alisa Galliamova sq

Alisa Galliamova (courtesy of the official website)

Round 4 results (men):

Riazantsev – Alekseev 0-1

Tomashevsky – Jakovenko draw

Vitiugov – Timofeev 1-0

Khismatullin – Sjugirov 1-0

Svidler – Grischuk draw


1. Peter Svidler – 3.0

2-4. Alexander Grischuk, Denis Khismatullin and Dmitry Jakovenko – 2.5

5-7. Evgeny Alekseev, Nikita Vitiugov and Evgeny Tomashevsky – 2.0

8-9. Sanan Sjugirov and Artyom Timofeev – 1.5

10. Alexander Riazantsev – 0.5

Round 4 results (women):

Romanko – Gunina 0-1

Stepovaia – Kosintseva, T 0-1

Zaiatz – Bodnaruk draw

Pogonina – Kosintseva, N draw

Manakova – Galliamova 0-1


1. Alisa Galliamova – 4.0

2. Nadezhda Kosintseva – 3.5

3-5. Valentina Gunina, Anastasia Bodnaruk and Natalia Pogonina – 2.5

6. Tatiana Kosintseva – 2.0

7. Elena Zaiatz – 1.5

8. Maria Manakova – 1.0

9. Marina Romanko – 0.5

10. Tatiana Stepovaia – 0.0

Round 3 report

Follow the games live on the official website.

Russia Superfinal – Round Three

N. Kosintseva and Galliamova with perfect score, Svidler leading among the men

After the starting draw, the defending Russian champion Peter Svidler scored two consecutive wins, against Denis Khismatullin and Alexander Riazantsev, and took the helm at the national superfinal championship. In the other games of the third round, Dmitry Jakovenko beat Evgeny Alekseev, while the 16-years old Sanan Sjugirov outplayed Nikita Vitiugov after a long struggle in the Open Ruy Lopez.

The women section is extremely interesting, having produced only two draws from a total of 15 games. Alisa Galliamova is making a fantastic comeback after being absent from the chess arena for about two years, and together with Nadezhda Kosintseva is smashing the opposition for the perfect score after starting three rounds. Natalia Pogonina and Anastasia Bodnaruk are full point behind. Tatiana Stepovaia is still without points, but Maria Manakova scored her first win today.

Round 3 results (men):

Svidler – Riazantsev 1-0

Grischuk – Khismatullin draw

Sjugirov – Vitiugov 1-0

Timofeev – Tomashevsky draw

Jakovenko – Alekseev 1-0

Round 3 results (women):

Manakova – Romanko 1-0

Galliamova – Pogonina 1-0

Kosintseva, N – Zaiatz 1-0

Bodnaruk – Stepovaia 1-0

Kosintseva, T – Gunina draw

Peter Svidler

Peter Svidler

Round four is taking place on Wednesday, follow the games live on the official website.

Ciudad de Pamplona Chess 2009

Kiril Georgiev and Georg Meier top seeded


The XIX Pamplona Chess tournament, organized by the Institution Oberena and sponsored by the Government of Navarra and the City council of Pamplona, will take place 21-29 December 2009. It will include a round robin event with ELO average of 2575.
The time control will be 90 minutes for 40 moves + 30 minutes with 30 seconds cumulative increment for each move starting from the first move.

Pamplona is a traditional tournament organized at the Navarra capital every year since 1990. Here are the winners of the previous editions, and the silver and bronze medalists.

Year Gold / Silver / Bronze

Leonid Yudasin / Viktor Korchnoi / Zsuzsa Polgar

Leonid Yudasin / Miguel Illescas / Zsuzsa Polgar

Joel Lautier / Miguel Illescas / David Garci’a

Jordi Magem / Andrei Sokolov / Felix Izeta

Alexander Morozevich / Vadim Zvjaginsev / Jordi Magem

Jordi Magem / Julio Granda / Miguel Illescas

Zoltan Almasi / Jonathan Speelman / Zurab Azmaiparashvili

Miguel Illescas / Ulf Anderson / Julio Granda

Alexander Morozevich / Michal Krasenkov / Loek Van Welly

Nigel Short / Boris Gelfand / Zoltan Almasi

Viktor Bologan / Teimour Radjabov / Zoltan Almasi

Rustam Kasimdzhanov / Viktor Bologan / Paco Vallejo

Miguel Illescas / Luke McShane / Emil Sutovsky

Boris Gelfand / Segei Karjakin / La’zaro Bruzo’n

Ruslan Ponomariov / P. Harikrishna / Ivan Cheparinov

2006 Alexander Morozevich / Dmitry Jakovenko / Alexei Shirov

2007 Francisco Vallejo / Yue Wang / Baadur Jobava

2008 Krishnan Sasikiran / Vladimir Malakhov / Francisco Vallejo

Pamplona chess 2009 pairings

Round 1 on 2009/12/21 at 16:00

GM MEIER, Georg 2653 - IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435

GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589 - IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523


GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637 - GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640

IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494 - GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617

Round 2 on 2009/12/22 at 16:00

IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435 - GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617



IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523 - GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672

GM MEIER, Georg 2653 - GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589

Round 3 on 2009/12/23 at 16:00

GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589 - IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435

GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672 - GM MEIER, Georg 2653

GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637 - IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523


GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617 - GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640

Round 4 on 2009/12/24 at 15:00

IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435 - GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640


IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523 - IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494

GM MEIER, Georg 2653 - GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637

GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589 - GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672

Round 5 on 2009/12/25 at 16:00

GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672 - IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435

GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637 - GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589

IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494 - GM MEIER, Georg 2653

GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617 - IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523


Round 6 on 2009/12/26 at 16:00


IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523 - GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640

GM MEIER, Georg 2653 - GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617

GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589 - IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494

GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672 - GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637

Round 7 on 2009/12/27 at 16:00

GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637 - IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435

IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494 - GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672

GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617 - GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589

GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640 - GM MEIER, Georg 2653


Round 8 on 2009/12/28 at 16:00

IM HUERGA LEACHE, Mikel 2435 - IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523


GM LOPEZ MARTINEZ, Josep Manuel 2589 - GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640

GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672 - GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617

GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637 - IM RECUERO GUERRA, David 2494

Round 9 on 2009/12/29 at 16:00


GM MIRZOEV, Azer 2617 - GM LAZNICKA, Viktor 2637

GM GRANDA ZUNIGA, Julio E. 2640 - GM GEORGIEV, Kiril 2672


IM ALSINA LEAL, Daniel 2523 - GM MEIER, Georg 2653

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Asian Teams Chess Championship

Team Chess Championship in Kolkata, India

The Asian team chess championship is starting in Kolkata, India, wiith the participation of 93 players from Vietnam, India, Iran, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Singapore, Yemen, Sri Lanka, and Nepal.

Men section: 49 players of which 19 Grandmasters

Women Section: 44 players of which 10 Women grandmasters

The top seeded team in the men section is India A, led by GM Harikrishna and GM Sasikiran, while the top women team is again from India, led by IM Harika Dronavalli. Scroll down for full participant lists.

asia team chess

The opening of Asia teams chess

Yet another steel company after Corus is sponsoring a major chess competition. Union Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated the Tata Steel Asian Chess Championship by making a symbolic move on a chess board at the Hotel Hindustan International on Sunday. The finance minister also unveiled the champion’s trophies of this premier Asian team championship which is organised by Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy & All Sport Management and will be held at the historic Town Hall. Speaking on the occasion, Pranab Mukherjee said, “ Chess is a game of intellect, patience and farsightedness. It is not important who wins the trophy, it is the participants spirit that prevails.” He wished all the participating counties a memorable stay in Kolkata “ I am sure the participants will take back happy memories of the city, and a part of India…” he further added.

Aslo present on the occasion, were the Mayor of Kolkata, Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya, the leader of the CLP Manas Bhuinya, Sanjay Choudhury, Chief, Corporate Communications, Tata Steel, D.V. Sundar , Hony Secretary of All India Chess Federation and Ravindra Dongre, Vice-President of AICF.

D.V. Sundar praised the efforts of Dibyendu Barua Chess Academy and All Sport

Management in organising this Mega event.”Dibyendu Barua is the pride not only of Bengal, but also of India. Barua has served India as a chess player and has ventured into organisation. I am sure he will find greater obstacles as an organiser than he must have had as a player, ” said Sundar in lighter vein.

Schedule change

The championship scheduled to start on December 21, has been postponed by a day due to the late arrival of Bangladesh and Lanka teams. The Bangladesh captain, Niaz Murshed, however, arrived in the city earlier in the evening and attended the captains meeting. In the captains meeting held late in the evening it was agreed by all the teams that the tournament would start from Tuesday, December 22.

It was also decided in the captains meeting that no player can agree to a draw before 30 moves. The games will start from 2 p.m everyday.The time limit for each game will be 40 moves in the first one and half hours followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game. In addition there would be 30 seconds increment for each move.

India A teams start as the favourite in both the men’s and women’s sections in this 7 round Swiss league championship which will continue till December 28. As the host country, India will be fielding 2 teams in each category.

Participants men section

1. INDIA A (RtgAvg:2653)

1 GM Harikrishna P 2672 IND

2 GM Sasikiran Krishnan 2664 IND

3 GM Ganguly Surya Shekhar 2654 IND

4 GM Negi Parimarjan 2620 IND

5 GM Deepan Chakkravarthy J 2518 IND

2. VIETNAM (RtgAvg:2563)

1 GM Le Quang Liem 2624 VIE

2 GM Nguyen Ngoc Truong Son 2616 VIE

3 GM Bui Vinh 2488 VIE

4 GM Dao Thien Hai 2524 VIE

5 GM Nguyen Anh Dung 2447 VIE

3. IRAN (RtgAvg:2532)

1 GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan 2603 IRI

2 GM Moradiabadi Elshan 2560 IRI

3 GM Mahjoob Morteza 2510 IRI

4 GM Bagheri Amir 2410 IRI

5 IM Toufighi Homayoon 2454 IRI

4. INDIA B (RtgAvg:2491)

1 IM Adhiban B 2486 IND

2 IM Satyapragyan Swayangsu 2480 IND

3 GM Laxman R R 2511 IND

4 IM Sengupta Deep 2488 IND

5 IM Himanshu Sharma 2469 IND

5. INDONESIA (RtgAvg:2382)

1 GM Megaranto Susanto 2522 INA

2 IM Purnama Tirta Chandra 2417 INA

3 FM Novita Anjas 2340 INA

4 Kaisar Jenius Hakiki 2227 INA

5 CM Farid Firman Syah 2249 INA

6. BANGLADESH (RtgAvg:2354)

1 GM Rahman Ziaur 2545 BAN

2 GM Murshed Niaz 2409 BAN

3 Md Jamal Uddin 2150 BAN

4 FM Mohammed Abdul Malek 2290 BAN

5 Ahmed Mahtabuddin 2171 BAN

7. SINGAPORE (RtgAvg:2263)

1 GM Wu Shaobin 2454 SIN

2 FM Chua Zheng Yuan Terry 2256 SIN

3 FM Lo Kin Mun Dominic 2174 SIN

4 Tan Weiliang 2168 SIN

8. YEMEN (RtgAvg:2217)

1 Abdullah Sonbul 0 YEM

2 FM Fouad Mofleh 2199 YEM

3 FM Faraj Yahya 2280 YEM

4 Al-Aqrabi Saleh 2201 YEM

5 CM Abdul Moula Sabri 2189 YEM

9. SRILANKA (RtgAvg:2130)

1 Hapuarachchi H L M 2019 SRI

2 Edirisinghe Dulan 2137 SRI

3 Kalugampitiya R S 2135 SRI

4 Anuruddha G C 2158 SRI

5 Wijesuriya G Luxman 2089 SRI

10. NEPAL (RtgAvg:2019)

1 Mahato Rajkishor 1994 NEP

2 Karmacharya Punya Man 2015 NEP

3 Pandey Sajan 0 NEP

4 Shrestha Rajendra Prasad 1982 NEP

5 Shrestha Sujendra Prasad 2084 NEP

chessdom logo

Participants women

1. INDIA A (RtgAvg:2396)

1 IM Harika Dronavalli 2467

2 WGM Karavade Eesha 2413

3 IM Tania Sachdev 2399

4 WGM Soumya Swaminathan 2303

5 WGM Nadig Kruttika 2255

2. INDIA B (RtgAvg:2333)

1 WGM Gomes Mary Ann 2384

2 WGM Mohota Nisha 2351

3 WIM Padmini Rout 2334

4 CM Bhakti Kulkarni 2263

5 Nimmy A G 2224

3. VIETNAM (RtgAvg:2304)

1 WGM Le Thanh Tu 2344

2 WIM Pham Le Thao Nguyen 2295

3 WGM Nguyen Thi Thanh An 2334

4 WFM Nguyen Thi Mai Hung 2244

5 WFM Hoang Thi Nhu Y 2150

4. IRAN (RtgAvg:2228)

1 WGM Pourkashiyan Atousa 2306

2 WGM Paridar Shadi 2242

3 WIM Ghader Pour Shayesteh 2187

4 WFM Hejazipour Mitra 2176

5 WFM Khademalsharieh Sarasadat 2020

5. INDONESIA (RtgAvg:2101)

1 WGM Sukandar Irine Kharisma 2304

2 Lestari Baiq Vina 2170

3 WFM Dewi Aa Ci Ra 1938

4 WCM Sihite Chelsie Monica 1971

5 WCM Medina Warda Ulia 1959

6. SINGAPORE (RtgAvg:1972)

1 WFM Tay Li Jin Jeslin 2099

2 WFM Liu Yang 2066

3 WFM Chan Wei Yi Victoria 1924

4 Neo Xiuwen Christabel 1798

7. BANGLADESH (RtgAvg:1970)

1 Khan Nazrana 1985

2 Jahanara Haque 1548

3 WFM Sultana Zakia 1971

4 Begum Masuda 1872

5 WIM Hamid Rani 2051

8. SRILANKA (RtgAvg:1816)

1 Ranasinghe S D 1839

2 Premanath Dinushki 1819

3 WFM Thilakawardana Supeshala 1809

4 WCM Walallawita Lihini 1797

5 Udupitiya U G S S S 1760

9. NEPAL (RtgAvg:1200)

1 Khamboo Monalisa 0

2 Namrata Chudal 0

3 Adhikari Asmita 0

4 Ghale Tara 0

5 Jaiswal Bishekha 0

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