Thanksgiving Open

Four players share first, GM Alexander Onischuk declared winner

The Thanksgiving Open is completed in Saint Louis. After six rounds, a four-way tie emerged at the top of the leaderboard to send four grandmasters home with $900 each. After tiebreaks, GM Alexander Onischuk was declared as the overall tourney winner.

Onischuk emerged from the two-day schedule unscathed to take on GM Dmitry Gurevich in round four. Onischuk’s rook sacrifice gave him two advanced, connected center pawns, which gave him enough pressure to convert the victory.

In round five, Onischuk took on GM Yury Shulman in a King’s Gambit that eventually petered out into an uneventful draw. His hard-fought draw against GM Gregory Kaidanov in the final round helped secure a tie for first for both.

MO 2009 Onischuk

GM Alexander Onischuk

Kaidanov had to fight back from a surprising round two draw against CCSCSL standout Kevin Cao. Kaidanov topped Viktorija Ni in round three, Jialin Ding in round four and GM Ray Robson in round five to put himself in prime position heading into the final round.

Shulman maintained solid play throughout the tournament, and his draw in the final round against GM Nigel Short helped secure him a piece of the four-way tie at the top.

After drawing Robson in round four, Short had a lost position against IM Jake Kleiman, but still managed to pull out a draw. His three draws in the final three rounds were not enough to catch the rest of the field as Short finished the tournament with a score of 4.5/6.

Nigel Short sq

GM Nigel Short

GM Dmitry Gurevich had a solid tournament with a 5/6 finish to capture a tie for first place. His key victory came in round three against GM Timur Gareyev. The following round, Gurevich lost to the overall winner Onischuk, but finished strong with victories against Ni and IM Jake Kleiman in rounds five and six.

John Veech, a student of GM Mesgen Amanov, traveled form Wisconsin to take first U2400 and $550. Veech, who came into the tournament with a rating of 2160, finished with 4.5/6 (after requesting a 1/2-point bye in round six). His only loss came in round two to Robson, a position Robson said he though Veech could win. “He should have drawn me,” Robson said. “He had a forced draw at some point.” More information on the official website.

Final standings:

1-4. GM Alexander Onischuk, GM Yuri Shulman, GM Gregory Kaidanov and GM Dmitry Gurevich – 5.0/6

5-7. GM Nigel Short, GM Ray Robson and John Veech – 4.5 etc (74 players)

Women Pan American Chess Championship 2010

28th November to 4th December at the Casa de Portugal in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil

The Women Pan American Chess Championship 2010 is taking place from 28th November to 4th December at the Casa de Portugal in Campinas, São Paulo, Brazil. 54 players compete over the 9 rounds of Swiss pairing system. IM Carolina Lujan of Argentina and WGM Yaniet Marrero Lopez of Cuba are top-seeded in the starting list.

Carolina Lujan

Carolina Lujan

Participants list:

1 IM Lujan Carolina ARG 2349

2 WGM Marrero Lopez Yaniet CUB 2349

3 WIM Vigoa Apecheche Yanira CUB 2282

4 WIM Morales Mendoza Luciana PER 2187

5 WFM Chumpitaz Carbajal Ann PER 2174

6 WFM Terao Juliana Sayumi BRA 2154

7 Fernandez Maria Florencia ARG 2149

8 WFM Feliciano Vanessa BRA 2145

9 WIM Guerrero Rodriguez Alejandra MEX 2117

10 WFM Cancio-Bello Ayes Flavia CUB 2114

11 WFM Vargas Gabriela PAR 2086

12 WFM Romero Eche Erria Abigail ECU 2068

13 WIM Cordero Daniela BOL 2055

14 Tournier Laurie Cristiane BRA 2045

15 WFM Chang Suzana BRA 2015

16 Abarca Gonzalez Damaris CHI 1967

17 WFM Pereira Amanda Marques BRA 1961

18 Silva Rosas Natalia URU 1943

19 WCM Correa Jaqueline Pamplona BRA 1942

20 Martinez Janine BRA 1942

21 Heinrichs Vivian BRA 1877

22 Solis Luna Karla Teresa MEX 1857

23 Reis Virginia Lagrange M BRA 1841

24 Orbezo Rosales Ximena Lucia Grimaneza PER 1828

25 Correa Ariane Miranda BRA 1776

26 Tamarozi Isabelle BRA 1695

27 Larrea Llorka Maria Daniela URU 1681

28 Brito do Prado Andrielli Souza BRA 1676

29 Ramillo Vitoria Matheus BRA 1670

30 Brito do Prado Andressa Souza BRA 1594

31 Da Nobrega Taina Barbosa F BRA 1552

32 Albino Ana Carolina Nieri BRA 0

33 Andre Maria Eduarda Coutinho BRA 0

34 Blodorn Mayla BRA 0

35 Crisol Barbara Moreira BRA 0

36 Custodio Carolinne Martins BRA 0

37 Da Rocha Jessica Emanuelli Polsaki BRA 0

38 De Oliveira Inessa Silva BRA 0

39 De Souza Rafaela Oliveira BRA 0

40 Dos Santos Aline Dias BRA 0

41 Fernandes Elisa Salles BRA 0

42 Fritsch Laura Nagy BRA 0

43 Gomes Bruna Chati BRA 0

44 Hama Haruna BRA 0

45 Ichinohe Liliana Hana BRA 0

46 Leao Cintia Rocha BRA 0

47 Merlin Vitoria Panutto BRA 0

48 Nakasato Gabriela Fernandes BRA 0

49 Palandi Silvana Aparecida BRA 0

50 Pinheiro Tamyres Renata de Almeida BRA 0

51 Ribeiro Tamires BRA 0

52 Santos Thauana Alves BRA 0

53 Soledad Ortiz Maria URU 0

54 Strassburger Natalia Miranda BRA 0

Greek Individual Chess Championship (R6 and R7 updated)

GM Kotronias with strong advantage

Greek chess championship

The 60th edition of the Greek Individual Chess Championship is taking place November 25 – December 4 in Hotel Alkyon, between Patras and Athens. Ten players participate in the round robin competition. Top seeded is GM Vasilios Kotronias (2591), who won the Greek Championship a total of eight times – in 1986, 1987, 1988, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1994, 2006 – and is now looking for his 9th title. His main competition is GM Hristos Banikas (2590) – winner of five consecutive titles from 2000 to 2005 and also 2008 and 2009, GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (2580), GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis (2556), and GM Ioannis Nikolaidis (2552). The field is completed by IM Spyridon Kapnisis, FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, Georgios Kanakaris, Alexandros Koukoufikis, and the 17 years old Athanasios Spiliadis.

Organizers Pnevmatiki Stegi of Peristeri and Greek Chess Federation

Venue: Hotel Alkyon, official website

Round 7

GM Kotronias started dominating as expected. After the important victory in round 6, he went on to defeat Alexandros Koukoufikis and maintained the lead with 5,5/7. GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis and GM Banikas finished draw, and to everyone’s surprise IM Spyridon Kapnisis jumped to second position after defeating Athanasios Spiliadis.

To complete the surprises of the day GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis drew with Georgios Kanakaris, thus leaving Kotronias 1.2 point ahead of Kapnisis, and a full point ahead of GM competitors.

Download PGN round 7

Round 6

GM Kotronias achieved a major success in round 6. He defeated the temporary leader GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis. In a fairly equal game, Mastrovasilis refused a draw offer and went on to blunder and lose the game. This gives major advantage to Kotronias, as he has played all the strong opponents so far, and after this round is top of the standings.

Kotronias was also helped by another top board game, GM Banikas and GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis, who drew their round 6 encounter.

GM Nikolaidis defeated Kanakaris, IM Kapnisis won against Athanasios Spiliadis, and GM Nikolaidis scored a full point against Alexandros Koukoufikis.

Download PGN round 6

Round 5

Black pieces commanded the scene in round 5 of the Greek Chess Championship. Alexandros Koukoufikis, Georgios Kanakaris, GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis won their games of the day.

The top clash Kotronias – Banikas finished in a draw. Kotronias took early advantage, but with precise moves Banikas managed to equalize in the middle game and reach to a draw. GM Ioannis Nikolaidis and GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis also reached the equal score after a quiet game.

Download PGN round 5

Round 4

Round 4 of the Greek Individual Chess Championship lacked major surprises. The leader GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis defeated IM Kapnisis and kept the top position of the table. GM Banikas and GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis won against FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis and Athanasios Spiliadis, both games going from opening advantage into a clear victory.

Georgios Kanakaris and Alexandros Koukoufikis finished draw the match of the bottom half of the table. In the most crucial match of the day GM Kotronias defeated GM Nikolaidis.

Download PGN round 4

R3 Game analysis by FM Simonidis: Dimitrios Mastrovasilis – Georgios Kanakaris

Round 3

The most exciting day of the championship so far, both as results and quality. IM Spyridon Kapnisis knocked out the temporary leader GM Kotronias after a fascinating complex game. Kotronias had a winning position in hand, but blundered in time trouble and gave away the full point.

The new leader is GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis, who won his game with Kanakaris and collected 2,5/3 so far. GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis is closely following his brother, after a victory over Alexandros Koukoufikis.

The young talent Athanasios Spiliadis drew with the experienced FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, proving that he is not in the final by chance.

The shortest game of the day was between GM Nikolaidis and GM Banikas, who played a well analyzed variation into a short draw.

Download PGN round 3

R2 Game analysis by FM Simonidis: Kapnisis – Nikolaidis

Round 2

The second round of the Greek Individual Chess Championship was in full contrast to the first one. No surprises were registered and the top players won their games.

The heroe of the previous round Georgios Kanakaris and the top rated GM Vasilios Kotronias played the most exciting game of the day. Kotronias was constantly leading the position, while Kanakaris was defending well. The lower rated player had several chances to equalize, but he missed them and finally the many times champion Kotronias scored second consecutive victory.

In a similar fashion went the game IM Spyridon Kapnisis – GM Ioannis Nikolaidis. The Grandmaster had a small advantage right from the opening, which he managed to convert to a very comfortable position. However, in the following moves GM Nikolaidis did not manage to find the precise moves, and Kapnisis used the situation to clinch a draw.

Alexandros Koukoufikis lost on time against FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, but the position was lost long before Koukoufikis flagged.

The brothers Mastrovasilis protagonized the show of round 2 as they completed a 34 moves draw in just 10 minutes! The regulations of the event state that no draw can be agreed before move 30, a condition that was kept in the game, and the final position was a clear draw rook endgame.

Download PGN round 2

Round 1

The championship got an exciting start with surprising results in round 1. Georgios Kanakaris, one of the participants of the coming Bansko Grand Chess Open, defeated GM Ioannis Nikolaidis with black. Kanakaris used a blunder by Nikolaidis on move 27, and managed to convert it into a full point.

IM Spyridon Kapnisis was also able to hold one of the favorites GM Hristos Banikas to a draw after a close to 5 hours games. The game is analysed by FM Simonidis here

In the derby match of the day GM Vasilios Kotronias managed to defeat his direct opponent for the first places GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis. With precise play of a pair of bishops GM Kotronias scored his first victory and joined the leaders with a full point. Replay the game with analysis here.

The favorites won in the other two matches with relative ease, GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis defeated FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis, while Alexandros Koukoufikis won against Athanasios Spiliadis.

Download PGN round 1

Video by Michail Prevenios


GM Vasilios Kotronias

GM Hristos Banikas

GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis

GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

GM Ioannis Nikolaidis

IM Spyridon Kapnisis

FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

Georgios Kanakaris

Alexandros Koukoufikis

Athanasios Spiliadis

Results and pairings

1 IM Spyridon Kapnisis ½ – ½ GM Hristos Banikas

2 GM Ioannis Nikolaidis 0 – 1 Georgios Kanakaris

3 GM Vasilios Kotronias 1 – 0 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

4 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis 1 – 0 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

5 Alexandros Koukoufikis 1 – 0 Athanasios Spiliadis

1 GM Hristos Banikas 1 – 0 Athanasios Spiliadis

2 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis 1 – 0 Alexandros Koukoufikis

3 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis ½ – ½ GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis

4 Georgios Kanakaris 0 – 1 GM Vasilios Kotronias

5 IM Spyridon Kapnisis ½ – ½ GM Ioannis Nikolaidis

1 GM Ioannis Nikolaidis ½ – ½ GM Hristos Banikas

2 GM Vasilios Kotronias 0 – 1 IM Spyridon Kapnisis

3 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis 1 – 0 Georgios Kanakaris

4 Alexandros Koukoufikis 0 – 1 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

5 Athanasios Spiliadis ½ – ½ FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

1 GM Hristos Banikas 1 – 0 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

2 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis 1 – 0 Athanasios Spiliadis

3 Georgios Kanakaris ½ – ½ Alexandros Koukoufikis

4 IM Spyridon Kapnisis 0 – 1 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis

5 GM Ioannis Nikolaidis 0 – 1 GM Vasilios Kotronias

1 GM Vasilios Kotronias - GM Hristos Banikas

2 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis - GM Ioannis Nikolaidis

3 Alexandros Koukoufikis - IM Spyridon Kapnisis

4 Athanasios Spiliadis - Georgios Kanakaris

5 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis - GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

1 GM Hristos Banikas - GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

2 Georgios Kanakaris - FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

3 IM Spyridon Kapnisis - Athanasios Spiliadis

4 GM Ioannis Nikolaidis - Alexandros Koukoufikis

5 GM Vasilios Kotronias - GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis

1 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis - GM Hristos Banikas

2 Alexandros Koukoufikis - GM Vasilios Kotronias

3 Athanasios Spiliadis - GM Ioannis Nikolaidis

4 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis - IM Spyridon Kapnisis

5 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis - Georgios Kanakaris

1 GM Hristos Banikas - Georgios Kanakaris

2 IM Spyridon Kapnisis - GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis

3 GM Ioannis Nikolaidis - FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis

4 GM Vasilios Kotronias - Athanasios Spiliadis

5 GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis - Alexandros Koukoufikis

1 Alexandros Koukoufikis - GM Hristos Banikas

2 Athanasios Spiliadis - GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis

3 FM Konstantinos Nikolaidis - GM Vasilios Kotronias

4 GM Athanasios Mastrovasilis - GM Ioannis Nikolaidis

5 Georgios Kanakaris - IM Spyridon Kapnisis

About Hotel Alkyon

Hotel Alkyon is the venue of the Greek Individual Chess Championship. It is open all year round, is surrounded by 23,000 square meters of gardens and palm trees and is ideally located 80 m from the beautiful “Blue Flag” awarded beautiful beach in Vrahati, Corinth (on the Corinthian Bay).

The region is very close to Athens, therefore during the weekends a great amount of city-residents visit the area. It is suitable for an excursion any time of year, but it can also be combined with other remarkable excursions in the Peloponesse.

You can find significant archaeological sites and wonderful beaches, casino and all these just a breath from Athens.

The location of Alkyon is of strategic importance, as it is an hour away from Athens. Also it is situated half way between Patras and Athens and is easily accessed from the highway.
“Proastiakos”, the Athens Suburban Railway can guarantee an easy and comfortable access to the Hotel from Athens or the International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”. For more details you may visit the site:

Perfect for travellers who are seeking a place to stay while discovering Classical Greece and the unexploited natural beauty of the off-beaten track such as: the famous Acrocorinth, the Ancient Sikion, Nemea and the mountain refuge in Ziria for climbers, Xylokastro, Kastania, Trikala, and Feneo for the nature lovers, Epidavros, Ancient Olympia and Mycene, Delphi, the picturesque villages of Arachova, Itea and Galaxidi.

During the period of 2000-2001 the Hotel has undergone additions with new buildings and rooms, facilities, function areas and conference rooms. A radical renovation of its older buildings was completed in the year 2004, along with an expand and addition of another building with 46 rooms. The result of these additions is the compose of several buildings with rooms, apartments and maisonettes in an area of 22 acres, and a main building with lobby area, lounges, bar, restaurant and conference / meeting rooms.
With the completion of the first face of the expansion in May 2009, a new conference/ event room, as well as a new pool with Jacuzzi and children’s pool add new facilities and provide top quality services to our guests.

The 3 acres of palm tree park is an ideal meeting point for games, entertainment, dinners, parties and barbeques.
Conference facilities fitted with the latest equipment accommodating up to 450 persons are now at disposal for Business seminars, Congresses, Product and service launches, Exhibitions, Parties, Receptions, cocktails. Our lounge with a foyer and entrance from the garden. The conference room can be divided in two separate halls. The lounge can be easily united with the restaurant and the garden for a unique and unforgettable venue up to 1300 participants.

6th Femida Chess Tournament – Cup of Governor of Kharkiv region

A Dan Dzo with a new victory, the other match decided by phone ring

The traditional chess tournament “Femida – Cup of Governor of Kharkiv region – 2010″ is being played from November 23rd to November 26th at the Palace of Students of the National Law Academy of Ukraine named by Yaroslav the Wise.

The four best Ukrainian professional chess clubs are taking part in the event: “Law Academy” Kharkiv (Ukrainian champion 2000, 2004, 2005), “PVK – Kievchess” Kiev (bronze medalist of 2009 European Club Championship, the champion of Ukraine in 2007, 2008, 2009), “A Dan Dzo – PGMB”, Chernigov (bronze medalist of the European Club Championship in 2010, the champion of Ukraine 2010) and “Rovenskie lesnie zubry” Rovno (vice-champion of Ukraine 2010).

A Dan Dzo – PGMB continues the victorious row by defeating PVK – Kievchess in the second round of the tournament. Baadur Jobava cleverly earned the exchange from Ruslan Ponomariov and then brought the advantage home. On the second board Anton Korobov stormed over Areshchenko’s Gruenfeld Indian and converted into the second point for A Dan Dzo. Grandmasters Miroshnichenko and Volokitin hung the pieces all over the third board in an extremely interesting game which eventually ended in a draw. Yuriy Kuzubov could only narrow the loss down to minus one.

The clash between Rovenskie lesnie zubry and Law Academy was marked with Nazar Firman’s phone ring, which immediately forfeited him the game. It turned out that this was the decisive point in the match as the remaining three games ended in draws, thus handing the 2.5-1.5 victory to Rovenskie. Replay the selected games bellow.

Femida playing hall

View on the playing hall (All photos courtesy of Anastasia Karlovich)

Femida Ponomariov-Jobava

Ruslan Ponomariov onlooking while Baadur Jobava is contemplating his next move

Femida Evgeny Miroshnichenko

GM Evgeny Miroshnichenko

Round 2 results

PVK Kievchess – A Dan Dzo PGMB 1.5-2.5

Ponomariov Ruslan – Jobava Baadur 0-1

Areshchenko Alexander – Korobov Anton 0-1

Miroshnichenko Evgenij – Volokitin Andrei draw

Kuzubov Yuriy – Zhigalko Sergei 1-0

Law Academy – Rovenskie lesnie zubry 1.5-2.5

Moiseenko Alexander – Kravtsiv Martyn draw

Firman Nazar – Eldar Gasanov 0-1

Aveskulov Valeriy – Iakymov Volodymyr draw

Onischuk Vladimir – Ivanov Oleg draw

See also the round one report. The tournament continues with round three games, which can be viewed live on the official website.

Femida Nazar Firman - Eldar Gasanov

Nazar Firman (right) lost the game against Eldar Gasanov because his mobile phone started ringing

Femida Kravtsiv

GM Martyn Kravtsiv

Femida Vladimir Onishuk

Vladimir Onishuk

Femida Zhigalko-Kuzubov

Yuriy Kuzubov vs Sergei Zhigalko

Femida simul for kids

Simultanous exhibition for kids

Femida GM Evgeniya Dolukhanova

GM Evgeniya Dolukhanova plays against kids

Femida IM Alexander Ipatov

IM Alexander Ipatov during the simul

Femida GM Mikhail Brodskiy

GM Mikhail Brodskiy gives simul

Femida playing hall 2

Snowdrops and Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2010

20-27th November in Marienbad, Czech Republic

The chess legends of the 20th century and the rising generation of female players are currently competing in the “Snowdrops and Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2010″ tournament with Sheveningen system. The event is taking place from 20 November till 27 November in Marienbad, Czech Republic. The playing venue is Villa Butterfly hotel.

“Oldhands” are represented by Lajos Portisch, one of the world’s best chess players during the 1960′s and 1970′s, Vlastimil Hort, one of the best Czech players of all time, Dragoljub Velimirovic, champion of Yugoslavia in 1970, 1975 and 1997, whose brilliant combinations earned him a nickname Yugoslavian Tal, and Wolfgang Uhlmann, the best player of former East Germany and tireless advocate of the French defence.

Indian Grandmaster Humpy Koneru, currently the world’s second best female player, Lithuanian Grandmaster Viktoria Cmilyte, Philippines-born Australian chess player Arianne Caoli and the Czech Tereza Olsarova are playing in the team “Snowdrops”.

Marienbad 1


Marienbad 3

Dragoljub Velimirovic

Marienbad 4

Viktoria Cmilyte (Photos courtesy of Vladimir Jagr)

The games start each day at 15:00 local time, apart from the last round which will start at 14:00. Follow the games live on the official website. Reports are available daily at the Novoborsky chess club website.

The games will be annotated by the captain of the Czech national team, International Master Michal Konopka. In addition, the best Czech player David Navara, the top Slovak Grandmaster Sergei Movsesian and the world number three Levon Aronian will take part in the games’ discussions.

Apart from the main Sheveningen event, Grandmaster David Navara hosted a simul against 20 competitors. Chess-related art exhibition by the German artist Bernd Besser and portraits of famous Grandmasters taken by the photographer Vladimir Jagr are also open for the public.

Marienbad 2

Detail from the opening ceremony

Marienbad 5

Exhibition by Bernd Besser

Marienbad 6

Portraits by the photographer Vladimir Jagr

Marienbad 7

Grandmaster Levon Aronian helping in analysis

Marienbad 8

Simul by GM David Navara

6th Femida Chess Tournament – Cup of Governor of Kharkiv region

A Dan Dzo – PGMB defeated Rovenskie lesnie zubry in the first round

The traditional chess tournament “Femida – Cup of Governor of Kharkiv region – 2010″ is being played from November 23rd to November 26th at the Palace of Students of the National Law Academy of Ukraine named by Yaroslav the Wise.

The four best Ukrainian professional chess clubs are taking part in the event: “Law Academy” Kharkiv (Ukrainian champion 2000, 2004, 2005), “PVK – Kievchess” Kiev (bronze medalist of 2009 European Club Championship, the champion of Ukraine in 2007, 2008, 2009), “A Dan Dzo – PGMB”, Chernigov (bronze medalist of the European Club Championship in 2010, the champion of Ukraine 2010) and “Rovenskie lesnie zubry” Rovno (vice-champion of Ukraine 2010).

A Dan Dzo – PGMB scored a convincing 3-1 victory over Rovenskie lesnie zubry in the first round, while Law Academy and PVK – Kievchess have split the points.

Femida opening

Detail from the opening ceremony (Photos by Alexander Semenets)

Femida preparation

Final preparation for the games

Femida analysis

GM Miroshnichenko analysing

Round 1 results

A Dan Dzo PGMB – Rovenskie lesnie zubry 3-1

Jobava Baadur – Kravtsiv Martyn 1-0

Korobov Anton – E.Gasanov draw

Volokitin Andrei – Iakymov Volodymyr 1-0

Zhigalko Sergei – Ivanov Oleg draw

PVK Kievchess – Law Academy 2-2

Ponomariov Ruslan – Moiseenko Alexander draw

Areshchenko Alexander – Zherebukh Yaroslav 1-0

Miroshnichenko Evgenij – Firman Nazar draw

Kuzubov Yuriy – Aveskulov Valeriy 0-1

The tournament continues with round two games, which can be viewed live on the official website

Femida players

Femida players 1

Judith Polgar defeats Veselin Topalov to claim the UNAM Torneo Cuadrangular

Convincing 3.5-0.5 victory for the Hungarian Grandmaster

Judit Polgar gave an impressive demonstration of the quality and skill as she convincingly outplayed the former world champion Veselin Topalov in the final match of the UNAM Torneo Cuadrangular. The thrilled audience in the packed theater Juan Ruiz de Alarcon applauded Judit after she won three of four games and conceded only one draw.

The rector of the UNAM, Jose Narro Robles, congratulated both finalists and thanked them for their participation in the event. Judit Polgar was very pleased and grateful for the opportunity to play in Mexico, as “it is wonderful to play in front of so many people, and winning in such atmosphere is even greater.”

Veselin Topalov congratulated Judit on her victory and said that the friendly atmosphere, such he met here in Mexico, cannot be found in many places. He thanked UNAM for the opportunity to participate in this event, and for the overall promotion of chess. “Every time I play in Mexico, it is an unforgettable experience,” he added.

UNAM Torneo Cuadrangular was a knockout event with four players. Judit Polgar first eliminated Vassily Ivanchuk to progress to the final, and Veselin Topalov defeated the local Grandmaster Manuel Leon Hoyos.

world cup Judit 2

Judit Polgar

Veselin Topalov defeats Manuel Leon Hoyos

Topalov and Polgar in the final of UNAM Torneo Cuadrangular

Veselin Topalov defeated Manuel Leon Hoyos with the convincing 3,5:0,5 at the second semi final of the Torneo Cuadrangular, part of the chess festival of the 100th anniversary of the Universidad Nacional de Mexico.

In front of the full Teatro Juan Ruiz de Alarcon, Topalov employed good time management to bring down the Mexican in the first two games. Complicating the positions where possible, Topalov enjoyed solid time advantage, which he converted in full two points. The psychological pressure was too much for Leon Hoyos in game three, but in game four he managed to get a comfortable draw (replay bellow).

“To Manuel happened the same thing as to me when I was young,” said Topalov at the press conference. “You respect the higher ELO of your opponent and you think twice about each move, thus ending in time trouble.”

Topalov added about today’s final, “I will be very careful against Polgar, when you play against her you think you are doing good, but then something happens and the game turns out to be very complicated.”

Topalov- Hoyos

Veselin Topalov and Manuel Leon Hoyos

Open Chess Tournament Mediterranean 2017

Grandmasters Hrvoje Stevic and Zdenko Kozul shared the first place

Rijeka 2017

The Chess Club “Rijeka” held the 4th open chess tournament “Mediterranean 2017″ from 13 November to 20 November 2010 in the city of Rijeka, located at the North-west part of the Croatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

The manifestation is organized for the occasion of the candidacy of the city of Rijeka for organization of the Mediterranean Games in 2017, under the motto “Chess with the scent of the sea”, and with the idea to promote companionship and cooperation of chess players and chess federations of the Mediterranean countries.

Croatian Grandmaster Hrvoje Stevic used the advantage of white pieces to defeat GM Luka Lenic in the final 9th round and join his compatriot and former European Champion Zdenko Kozul on the shared first place. The two players have collected 6.5 points each, but Stevic grabs the trophy on better tiebreak score.

Seven players shared the third place with 6.0 points each. According to the crosstable, the 2008 Scottish champion Alan Tate, rated only 2234, pulled a GM norm and earned 67 elo points.

Idris Muslija won the Open B tournament, reserved for U-2200 players, by collecting 8 points from nine games. This event had 112 participants.

More information on the official website

Final standings (Open A):

1 GM Stevic Hrvoje CRO 2621 6.5

2 GM Kozul Zdenko CRO 2595 6.5

3 GM Popovic Dusan SRB 2546 6

4 GM Haznedaroglu Kivanc TUR 2439 6

5 GM Predojevic Borki BIH 2632 6

6 GM Lenic Luka SLO 2619 6

7 GM Saric Ivan CRO 2574 6

8 Tate Alan SCO 2234 6

9 IM Yilmaz Mustafa TUR 2476 6

10 GM Brkic Ante CRO 2564 5.5

11 GM Berescu Alin-Mile ROU 2468 5.5

12 IM Martinovic Sasa CRO 2502 5.5

13 GM Kurajica Bojan BIH 2529 5.5

14 IM Caspi Israel ISR 2460 5.5

15 GM Cvitan Ognjen CRO 2526 5

16 GM Nevednichy Vladislav ROU 2547 5

17 IM Loncar Robert CRO 2404 5

18 IM Rukavina Josip CRO 2421 5

19 WIM Drljevic Ljilja SRB 2298 5

20 GM Jovanic Ognjen CRO 2532 4.5

21 GM Drazic Sinisa SRB 2524 4.5

22 IM Baron Tal ISR 2455 4.5

23 IM Bukal Vladimir Jr CRO 2390 4.5

24 FM Plenca Julijan CRO 2311 4.5

25 WIM Franciskovic Borka CRO 2274 4.5

26 IM Battaglini Gabriel FRA 2446 4.5

27 FM Paljusaj Edmond CRO 2316 4.5

28 IM Zufic Miroslav CRO 2442 4.5

29 GM Fercec Nenad CRO 2491 4

30 IM Nikolov Sasho BUL 2458 4

31 WIM Hagesaether Ellen NOR 2275 4

32 IM Brumen Dinko CRO 2359 4

33 WGM Ionica Iulia-Ionela ROU 2244 4

34 Andersen Alf R NOR 2220 4

35 Ivanov Stojan Emilov BUL 2205 3.5

36 Foglia Maurizio ITA 2204 3.5

37 WIM Butuc Maria RUS 2180 3.5

38 FM Valenti Giuseppe ITA 2122 3.5

39 IM Medancic Rikard CRO 2284 3

40 Andrejic Vladica SRB 2168 3

41 FM Naslund Mikael SWE 2151 2.5

42 FM Bontempi Piero ITA 2375 2.5

43 FM Fucak Emilijo CRO 2280 2.5

44 IM Doric Nenad CRO 2320 2.5

45 FM Pavlovic Ranko CRO 2242 2

46 Ostling Hakan SWE 2207 1

Judith Polgar defeats Vassily Ivanchuk in day 1 of Torneo Cuadrangular

A 115-moves game decides the outcome

The National University of Mexico (UNAM) is celebrating 100-years anniversary with a massive chess festival. One of the top events of the festival is the Torneo Cuadrangular, a rapid championship with Topalov, Polgar, Ivanchuk, and Leon Hoyos.

The mini match Vassily IvanchukJudit Polgar took place on day one of Torneo Cuadrangular. Polgar started cautiously with white in the first game and Ivanchuk quickly took advantage in the opening. Without leaving attacking chances for the world top woman, Ivanchuk grinded down the position and won convincingly after 40 moves.

Just as everyone in the “escenario de Mexico” thought it will be an easy walk for Ivanchuk, the Ukrainian GM complicated himself the task. In a relatively equal game, Judith decided to go all out attack with 25… Rc4, not noting a possible 26. Ra3 continuation, which would have left her in inactive position with little chances for favorable outcome.

But Ivanchuk hurried with the reply and offered exchange of queens with 26. Qd2, which gave the opportunity to Polgar to retreat with 26… Qb6 and maintain the equal position. Ivanchuk felt he was still better, but time was serious pressure for him, so he went for the radical 31. f5. Polgar defended well, and Ivanchuk flagged making the score equal 1:1.

world cup Judit 2

Judit Polgar

Game three concluded peacefully in only 30 moves. None of the players took risks, and with plenty of time on the clocks the game finished draw.

Game four started with the opening moves similar to game two. Ivanchuk was the first to deviate by inserting 10. a3, not allowing an early land of Polgar’s bishop on b4. As a response to the new structure, Judith tried to build pressure early on with 15…a5. Ivanchuk responded correctly with Be3 and took the initiative in the game.

The position was alternating from slight advantage for white to equal, up until move 53, when Ivanchuk played the dubious Rhe2 allowing Polgar to take material and maintain the defence around the king. Soon Polgar was two pawns up and with good advantage on the clock. With the heavy pieces still on the board she had to be careful not to give drawing opportunities to her opponent, and such were present on several occasions.

After 74… h4 (75. Qe8 Qf7 76. Qh8+ Qh7 77. Qc8 Kh5 78. Qxe6 h3 79. Qe8+ Qg6 80. Qh8+ Qh6 81. Qe8+ Qg6), or after 84… Kg4 (85. Qd1+ Kg3 86. Qg1+ Kh3 87. Qf1+ Kg4 88. Qd1+). Ivanchuk’s clock went low again and moves started flying on the board. Most probably because of that the official pgn says Ivanchuk missed a mate in 1 on move 94. Despite some more imprecise moves, Ivanchuk held until 113. Kd2, when his position collapsed and Judith Polgar won the decisive game of the match.

Jermuk Ivanchuk

Vassily Ivanchuk