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Official statement by Anna Rudolf

Here is an official statemet by Anna Rudolf that she sent to the team an hour ago:

Since the article about my story from the Vandoeuvre Open appeared on Chessdom, I’ve received lots of feedback. Short messages from chess player acquaintances, but also supporting comments on many blogs and sites, written by people who had not even known me before. I’m thankful to all of them, it was great to see how many people support me and judge the behaviour of the accusers.
Concerning this behaviour, I totally agree with Mr Bauer that it was somewhat understandable — if they had really thought I was cheating. But I don’t understand why did they keep on accusing me and why did they make a complaint to the arbiter about me right before the last game, if my games had been checked after Round 4 and they had not shown any “too often matching with the engine”. Saying that I am younger, female, and also “low rated” can’t make an evidence for cheating, I think. And for the ones who don’t understand how did I “learn to play chess in 2 months”, I would like to say that yes, I did lose games to players rated 2000 and I did lose lots of rating points on the World Junior Championship of 2007. That was the worst tournament of my life so far. But they could have a look at other tournaments, for example the same World Championship but from 2006 (5-8th place) or the European Women Championship of 2007 (double WGM-norm).
When my Federation (the Hungarian Chess Federation) got to know about the story from, they became quite shocked and immediately contacted me. They promised me overall support and they themselves are going to make a complaint to the FIDE Ethics Commision.
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The chief arbiter Eric Delmotte

The official statement by Anna Rudolf has not been the only reaction of the day. The chief arbiter of the competition Mr. Eric Delmotte shared:

Anna was playing a very good tournament and she is a very good player. She is a player that moves a lot during her game but there are a lot of players that do this.
Cedric Paci asked me to come to discuss an issue with GM Vladimir Lazarev, who told me that some players have some doubts about Anna’s performance. He asked me to have a look at her and that is what we did with my colleague.
But at no moment we saw anything suspicious in her moves. We tried also to analyse her games with some strong players and a computer and nobody after this analysis told me that he had a doubt.
The Latvian players have the right to expose some doubts, but they do not have right to act as they did in the last round by accusating her directly just before the game without any proof and after we dealed with it. Everybody must do everything to avoid cheating paranoya because this is not good for the “climate” of the tournaments.
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Anna Rudolf’s coach Ben Purton

Chessdom has also received the opinion of Mr. Ben Purton, the coach of Anna Rudolf. He is defenitely disturbed by the information that the story might repeat at Cappelle La Grande.

My name is Ben Purton, I represent Slough Sharks in the 4NCL and we have played in ECC in 2006. Anna Rudolf is our women player. The real sad thing is, she is the one player out of all of us who would least likely do something immoral in anyway. By far our nicest player. If Mr. Krivonosov and co. do not apologize we have to do something about it. The fact that Mr. Krivonosov wants to tormatise her at Cappelle La Grande is very disturbing. FIDE should do something about it!

More updates

Corus Wijk Aan Zee 2008 is starting tomorrow and Chessdom will have live commentary with GM Dimitrov, WFM Videnova, IM Perunovic, Milena Stefanova, and Goran Urosevic. However, we will not stop updating you on the Anna Rudolf’s case. We expect a translation of the opinions of GM Petr Velicka (special thanks to Viktor Novotny from for the help!) and an interview with IM Momchil Nikolov. We also got the email of Mr. Lazarev and will be contacting him for the other side of the story.

Stay tuned for updates!