Australian Chess Championship 2008

GM Dejan Antic first, IM Stephen Solomon new champion

The Australian Chess Championship was held from 2nd to 11th January 2008 at the Parramatta RSL Chess Club located in Parramatta, NSW. GM Ian Rogers, the best Australian player, has retired from competitive chess few months ago, thus missing the competition. However, the lineup was reinforced with Dejan Antic, Grandmaster from Serbia who is hoping to become permanent resident, and Herman Van Riemsdijk, experienced International Master from Brazil.

After the tense race, and thanks to the win with black pieces in the last round, GM Dejan Antic took the first place with 8.5 points from 11 rounds and $1.500 AUS prize. He was ineligible for the title of Australian Champion though, so the honors goes to IM Stephen Solomon, who finally earned the trophy on the 14th attempt. We want to thank Amiel Rosario of The Closet Grandmaster blog for the fantastic coverage of the Championship.

AUS ch 1

GM Dejan Antic on the left

Open section final standings:

1. GM Dejan Antic 2480 – 8.5

2-3. IM Stephen Solomon 2468 and IM Herman Van Riemsdijk 2391- 8.0

4. IM George Xie 2413 – 7.5

5-6. Moulthun Ly 2319 and Max Illingworth 2152 – 7.0

7-10. FM Igor Goldenberg 2395, Felix Klein 2205, FM Jesse Noel Sales 2299 and Tomek Rej 2283 – 6.5

11-16. GM Darryl K Johansen 2475, Tristan Boyd 2270, Samuel Chow 2240, FM Douglas G Hamilton 2229, Gareth Oliver 2164 and Junta Ikeda 2201 – 6.0
(38 players)

AUS ch 4

IM Stephen Solomon vs IM Herman Van Riemsdijk

James Watson was declared winner of the Major Group (64 players) after beating Yongtae Kim in the rapid and blitz tiebreak. During the regular 11 rounds both players have collected 8.5 points. Bob Liang won the Minor section (37 players) with 9 points out of 11 games. Lightning event had 76 participants, Samuel Chow and Moulthun Ly ended tied first with 9 points.

Important addition was 2007-2008 Australian Fisher Random Championships. Neil Wright of New South Wales earned the trophy with 6 points from 7 games. (24 players)

AUS ch 3

AUS ch 2

Photos courtesy of Amiel Rosario

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