BDO Chess Tournament

Premier and Challenger on 9-17th August in Haarlem, Netherlands

The fourth BDO Chess Tournament, composed of Premier and Challenger events, is taking place on 9-17th August in Haarlem, Netherlands. For the first time there are participants rated over 2600 FIDE elo, and one of them – GM Vladimir Burmakin of Russia, is pretty convincing thus far, having collected 6.5 points from seven rounds in the main group. Former European champion and current Dutch Women’s champion Zhaoqin Peng is the third Grandmaster in the starting lineup.

The average rating of 2447 elo and sufficient number of title holders are making the tournament eligible for granting title norms. Jeroen Willemze is very close to achieving IM norm as he only needs a point from the remaining two rounds, while the 16-years old FM Axel Rombaldoni should score 1.5 points. Total prize fund is €1,775. If two or more players finish with an equal score, prize money will be split equally.

Peng Zhaoqin 1

GM Peng Zhaoqin (photo by Carla Amse)

Premier tournament round 7 standings:

1. GM Burmakin Vladimir (RUS 2625) – 6.5

2. GM Spraggett Kevin (CAN 2601) – 5.0

3. IM Janssen Ruud (NED 2503) – 4.5

4-5.IM Siebrecht Sebastian (GER 2453) and Willemze Jeroen (NED 2420) – 4.0

6. GM Peng Zhaoqin (NED 2462) – 3.5

7. FM Rombaldoni Axel (ITA 2374) – 3.0

8. IM Ris Robert (NED 2415) – 2.0

9. FM Kuipers Stefan (NED 2321) – 1.5

10. Van Vliet Jeffrey (NED 2296) – 1.0

The Challenger Tournament is ongoing parallel to the main event and the winner will be invited to the next year’s Premier tournament. Current leader is Andrea Rombaldoni (ITA 2219), father of FM Axel, who is holding six points, a full point ahead of the competition. The rest of the field is composed of talented Dutch players.


Cor Croese 2363

FM Marc Overeem 2288

FM Otto Rubingh 2267

René Duchêne 2221

Andrea Rombaldoni 2219

Robbert Lathouwers 2214

Indra Polak 2172

Marco de Groot 2157

David Klein 2135

Ilias van der Lende 1978

More information on the tournament website.