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Here is the Chessdom regular blitz chess news report. It features the major news from the chess world in the last several days. If you want to stay up to date with chess news use our rss

More news will be added through the day, as the results from the competitions update and we get to know the last three participants in the World Cup quater final. (check out the World Cup video, part 2)

World Cup

World Chess Cup Khanty-Mansiysk

We start out blitz news report with the ongoing World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk. 5 of the quater finalists are already known – GM Magnus Carlsen, GM Ivan Cheparinov, GM Ruslan Ponomariov, GM Sergey Karjakin, GM Alexei Sirov. The other three finalists will come out of the rapid and blitz tiebreaks between GM Svidler – GM Kamsky, GM Jakovenko – GM Aronian, and GM Bareev – GM Alekseev.

Out of the 128 players, 120 will be home by tomorrow. As we said in the World Cup preview article a month ago, the competition puts on a tests both the physical and psychological endurance of the players. We see that the players that currently continue their fight for the title are either young or physically well prepared. As a good example, in the live comments we could see how Magnus Carlsen is holding Adams for a draw with only a few seconds on the clock.

Live coverage of the World Cup continues tomorrow on Join us at 11:00 CET / 5am EST for live comments of towo of the quater final games.

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Videos from the World Cup, part one and Videos from the World Cup, part two

Thanks to Frogbert from we get a very good estimation of the top players in the January 2008 rating list. Here is how the rating list would look if it were published today.

(1 position
2 name
3 current live rating
4 current change
5 tournaments played
6 games played
7 year of birth )

01 Kramnik 2798,8 +13,8 (1) 9 1975

02 Anand 2799,3 -1,7 (1) 3 1969

03 Topalov 2779,5 +10,5 (2) 14 1975

04 Morozevich 2765,3 +10,3 (2) 12 1977

05 Svidler 2763,3 +31,3 (3) 19 1976

06 Mamedyarov 2759,7 +7,7 (5) 35 1985

07 Leko 2753,0 -2 (1) 9 1979

08 Shirov 2752,9 +13,9 (5) 39 1972

09 Ivanchuk 2746,8 -40,2 (5) 25 1969

10 Aronian 2738,6 -2,4 (2) 16 1982

11 Gelfand 2736,6 +0,6 (1) 9 1968

12 Radjabov 2735,0 -7 (3) 20 1987

13 Carlsen 2734,6 +20,6 (4) 33 1990

14 Karjakin 2730,2 +36,2 (4) 32 1990

15 Jakovenko 2729,6 +19,6 (5) 31 1983

16 Adams 2725,8 -3,2 (5) 31 1971

17 Ponomariov 2724,2 +19,2 (5) 38 1983

18 Cheparinov 2717,0 +47 (5) 34 1986

19 Grischuk 2711,3 -3,7 (4) 21 1983

20 Alekseev 2711,1 -4,9 (5) 33 1985

21 Kamsky 2710,1 -3,9 (3) 24 1974

22 Polgar 2706,8 -1,2 (1) 10 1976

23 Wang 2702,3 -0,7 (2) 14 1987

24 Bacrot 2700,4 +5,4 (4) 23 1983

25 Akopian 2699,8 -13,2 (4) 30 1971

Anand will keep the first position in the rating list with a small marging over Kramnik. Third is Topalov thanks to the big drop (over 40 points) of Ivanchuk. He is closely followed by Morozevich (+10,5) and Svidler (spectacular +31,5 points). Shirov comes back into top 10 and Carlsen has all the chances to enter there as well, as he would need only 3 points more. The biggest jump in the list is by GM Ivan Cheparinov. A month ago he broke the 2700+ border. Now we see him in top 20 with 47 points gained since October! The match Carlsen – Cheparinov of the quater finals of the World Cup will be fantastic, follow it with live commentary on Chessdom at 11 CET / 5am EST on Thursday.

Balogh Csaba square

European Rapid Chess Championship

European Rapid Chess Championship 2007 will take place December 15-16 in Warsaw, Poland. A total of 582 players will participate in the event as 41 of them are 2500+. The field is led by GM Vugar Gashimov. He comes acompanied by GM Guseinov and GM Guliyev. The Polish are bringing their best players for the championship – GM Bartosz Socko, GM Kamil Milton, GM Wojtaszek, GM Macieja, GM Bartel, etc. Hungary is bringing our good friend GM Csaba Balogh and Greece will be represented by GM Hristos Banikas and GM Mastrovasilis among others.

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2nd PGMA Cup

The 2nd PGMA Cup International Open was held on 22-28 November at the Duty Free Fiesta Mall in Paranaque City, Philippines. There were 64 players but Chinese proved to be too strong and took top 3 places.

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ETCC 2007 ID Picture

Ahmed Adly leading the Egyptian Chess Championship

After Kamsky eliminated Ahmed Adly in the World Cup, the Egyptian GM returned home to participate in the Egyption Chess Championship. He is currently leading with full 4,0/4 points. FM Wageih has the same points and the two will meet in direct match tomorrow. For the latest news on Ahmed Adly, check later.

ETCC 2007 Round 4 ID Video

Fabiano Caruana is the 67th Italian Champion

As we already informed you during the live coverage of Akopian – Shirov, GM Fabiano Caruana won the Italian Championship with convincing margin. GM Caruana finishe nothigng less but 3 points ahead of the other players! Another fantastic achievement for the young Italian! Caruana finished with 9,5/11, IM Brunello and GM Garcia Palermo shared second with 6,5/11.

More info on Fabiano Caruana:

Profile of Fabiano Caruana

Caruana – Tiviakov post mortem from the ETCC

Branko Damljanovic square

Segundo Abierto Ciudad de Granada

Today starts the second edition of the open chess tournament “Ciudad de Granada”. Serbians are invading the southern Spanish city, bringing in GM Damljanovic, GM Strikovic, GM Paunovic, GM Djuric. Russia sends GM Korneev and Bulgaria the hot prospect IM Valentin Iotov. It is promising to be a strng tournament. Check out the official homepage

ETCC 2007 Closing 17

IV Open Masters Gran Hotel Bali

Tomorrow starts the strong IV Open Masters chess tournament “Gran Hotel Bali” in Benidorm. Top seeded is the ETCC bronze medalist, GM Aleksander Delchev. Delchev is having a spectacular rise since the beginning of the year and may be the 4th Bulgarian that joins the top 100 rating list next year. Delchev will have strong opposition in Benidorm, where he will face GM Dreev, GM Kogan, GM Mokashenko, etc. More information on the
Official website


3rd Pichay International Open

After winning the 2nd PGMA Cup, Ni Hua is leading the 3rd Pichay International Open. Ni Hua has 5,5/6 and is one point ahead of the chasing pack. With 4,5/6 are IM Wesley So, GM Zhang Zhong, GM Li Chao, GM Paragua Mark, GM Antonio Rogelio Jr., GM Dao Thien Hai, and IM Sadorra Julio Catalino.

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