Strong blitz marathon in Morocco

GM Sebastien Mazé wins, GM Christian Bauer is second, third place for GM Van Wely

Christian Bauer

GM Christian Bauer

The second edition of the “Marathon International d’Echecs Rapides” blitz tournament in Morocco took place this weekend in the Méga Mall Rabat. It featured a total of 123 players who competed with 5 mins. without increment time control. A total of 21 rounds swiss system were played.

This tournament has already become the major chess event in Morocco and is intended to happen once per year. The young organizer Youssef Iraqui has done a great job finding sponsors and supports, even a minister of Morocco was present at the playing hall (he started the tournament by making the 1st move on board 1 round 1). There were side events as well, as a simul by GM Hicham Hamdouchi on 50 boards.

After 21 rounds GM Maze was able to grab the victory, just half a point ahead of GM Bauer. The third place was for GM Van Wely, followed by the top seeded of the competition GM Kasimdjanov. It was a tough competition and after round 5 there was no player with a perfect score.

“The atmosphere was very friendly and the playing conditions were quite nice as well. Local players were really enthusiastic and obviously willing to have more occasions to play tournaments,” shared our good friend Christian Bauer. He added some good words about the organizers as well, “Great job by Youssef Iraqui for finding sponsors and supports, and for the good organization.”

Here are the standings and the participants.

Final sdtandings

1. Mazé 19

2. Bauer 18,5

3. Van Wely 18

4. Kazimdjanov 16,5

5. Hamdouchi 15

6. Flear 14

7. Sebbar 14

8. Hifad 13,5

9. Adnani 13,5

10. Karim 13,5

11. Samy Shoker 13

12. Draoui 12,5


1 Kasimdjanov Rustam GMI UZB 2681

2 Van Wely Loek GMI HOL 2676

3 Tregubov Pavel GMI RUS 2629

4 Bauer Christian GMI FRA 2619

5 Hamdouchi Hicham GMI MAR 2575

6 Maz Sebastien GMI FRA 2565

7 Flear Glenn GMI ANG 2508

8 Karim Ismael MF MAR 2394

9 Shoker Samy MI FRA 2377

10 Draoui Najib MAR 2360

11 kamous ali MF MAR 2309

12 bouhaddoun oussama mf MAR 2303

13 Sebbar Ali MAR 2290

14 mokhliss el adnani FM MAR 2277

15 Arbouche Mohammed MF 2270

16 Bentefrit Samir 2245

17 Kharbouche Mounir MAR 2244

18 hifad rachid FM MAR 2224

19 Idrissi Chafik MAR 2204

20 daoudi kamal cf MAR 2188

Total 123 players