Candidate matches round 1 will have 3 tiebreaks

Bareev and Rublevsky qualify

Gata Kamsky

Although Gata Kamsky has already qualified for round 2, the report of day 6 must start with news about the best US player. Gata has a birthday today! Happy birthday from the team ! We wish you all the best.

Rublevsky qualifies

Sergei Rublevsky was the first one from day 6 to qualify to round 2. He got a draw from Ponomariov, who did not show great desire to play during the last games of the match. Rublevsky is going to face Grishchuk to decide who goes to the finals in Mexico.


Judith Polgar got an unbalanced position against Evgeny Bareev. Later in the game she even had a slight advantage, but it was not enough. Bareev played precise moves in time trouble and the game ended draw. Bareev will see Leko in round 2.

Gelfand and Kasimdzhanov will play tiebreak

Gelfand and Kasimdzhanov seemed to be obsesed with the desire not to lose. Today they gave one more vote for the Sofia rule by agreeing on a short draw. This is the first game to go into tie breaks. Gata Kamsky will not learn his opponent for a day more.

Carlsen gets to a tiebreak

Magnus Carlsen played most of game 6 in an inferior position. However, the young chess star found a way to block Aronian’s attack and with precise moves managed to activate his pieces. Draw was agreed and the players will see each other tomorrow again.

Shirov stuns Adams

Michael Adams could not stop the endgame pawn advance on the Queenside of Shirov. The Spaniard won and the result in the match became even. Exciting tiebreak is expected tomorrow between the two solid players.

Tie breaks

The tie break consists of four rapid games 25 min + 10 sec per move. In case the players are level again, they play two blitz games. If these 12 games in total are not enough to decide the winner, an armageddon game will be played.

Candidate matches preview

Players arrive at Elista

Round 1, game 1

Round 1, game 2

Round 1, game 3

Round 1, game 4 – Kamsky and Leko qualify

Round 1, game 5 – Grishchuk qualifies

Round 1, game 6 – Bareev and Rublevsky qualify, 3 matches remain equal

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