GM Nijat Mamedov wins Ciutat de Reus

Azeri domination in the Catalunya weekend tournament

The rapid weekend tournament Ciutat de Reus saw total domination from the Azerbaijan players. Three of them finished on top with equal score – GM Nijat Mamedov, GM Azer Mizorev, and GM Rashad Babaev – all with 7,5/9. The winner on Buchholz Tie-Break was Nijat Mamedov who won 500 eur and a trophy.
Fourth place was for the local top player GM Marc Narciso Dublan who finished with 7,0, the same score as GM Epishin, IM Corrales, and FM Cruz. The top seeded GM Fedorchuk finished with 6,5/9 on 11th place.

Results by rounds

GM Nijat Mamedov – Marc Mallol Muste 1:0

Jose Antonio Garcia Rubio – GM Nijat Mamedov 1:0

GM Nijat Mamedov – GM Ruslan Pogorelov 1:0

GM Rashad Babaev - GM Nijat Mamedov ½:½

GM Nijat Mamedov – IM Luis Rojas 1:0

GM Azer Mirzoev – GM Nijat Mamedov ½:½

GM Nijat Mamedov – FM Cristhian Cruz 1:0

GM Vladimir Epishin – GM Nijat Mamedov ½:½

GM Nijat Mamedov – GM Sergey Fedorchuk 1:0

Ciutat de Reus preview

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