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10:00 CET

Welcome to the day 2 live coverage of the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad. Here you will find minute by minute updates on the events in Dresden, underlining important games, bringing you fresh photos from the playing hall, explaining you the new Olympiad rules, sharing interviews, news, and many more details around the biggest team chess championship.

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10:15 CET

Games in Dresden start at 15:00 CET. Feel free to send your questions to our contact form. Our editors will be all day here to bring you the news from the Olympiad and answer your questions.

10:30 CET

The Russian men team created much confusion with the board order of the players. By the decision of the captain, GM Morozevich has been put on board 4 for this competition. Although no official explanation has been given for that, many Chessdom readers speculate that this is due to Morozevich ability to score full points against lower rated opponents. Exactly the win of Morozevich brought the Russian men victory over Switzerland today with a score 2,5:1,5.

Yurii Vassilev comments further on the issue in Russian media. “The victory of our chess players was due to the win of Morozevich, signed up at… board 4. Strange. The second highest rated player at the Olympiad plays board 4. I have been told that the Swiss team has protested, but it is all according to the rules.” shared Yuri Vassilev.

10:45 CET

International media is paying high attention to the Olympiad. The Spanish online edition of Marca is reporting about the performance of the national team. Here is an excerpt of the article titled “Easy win for Spain at the start of the Olympiad”.

“The big fiesta of chess with players from over 150 countries has began in Dresden. In the first round there were no major surprises or individual losses, even though there were some that surely attract ones attention like the draw of Hungary against Iran or the tripping of Cheparinov and Georgiev for Bulgaria. The men team of Spain did not have any problem against the Germany 3 team and won 3,5:0,5… The women also won 3,5:0,5 against Germany 3.”

10:55 CET

Pesimism prevails in the Indian media reports. Here is how the Hindu starts their Olympiad article “Sandipan Chanda’s 15-move draw with Canadian underdog Nikolay Noritsyn saw India take-off on the wrong foot in the opening round of the Chess Olympiad at Dresden, Germany, on Thursday.

The 13th seeded Indians, looking to avenge the defeat suffered in the 12th round of the previous edition of Olympiad in 2006, started as the favourites against the 48th seeded Canadians despite resting their spearhead K. Sasikiran.

However, Sandipan lost a queenside pawn and immediately forced a draw by repetition of moves against Noritsyn, rated 207 points below.”

11:15 CET

There are several teams that won 4:0 yesterday. A question from Jaime (Spain) came through our contact form, asking how do you determine tiebreak at the Olympiad. The most important factor is the Match points (2 for win, 1 for draw, 0 for loss). The second factor is the Sonnenborn-Berger (the sum of the match points of all opponents, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points, while each opponent’s match score is multiplied by the team’s game result against this opponent.) The idea behind this new rule is to combine, in the first procedure of the tie breaking, both the strength of the opponents and the number of game points scored against each one of them. The more game points scored against stronger opponents, the better for the team. The next tie-breaking procedures are: (b = Buchholz) by the sum of the match scores of all the team’s opponents, excluding the opponent who scored the lowest number of match points; and (c) by the sum of the game points scored.

The standing after each round, according to the procedure explained in points 5-7 above, is also the basis for the pairings of each next round.

11:30 CET

The board pairings have been released and one more time we will see many exciting matches due to the pairings system applied. Here are some of the top games of today:

GM Miton – GM Kramnik

GM Wojtaszek – GM Grischuk (the second of Anand vs the ECC champion)

GM Ivanchuk – GM Ivanisevic

GM Radjabov – GM Movsesian

GM Berg – GM Sasikiran

GM Dominguez Perez – GM Kasimdzhanov (World Blitz Champion vs ex World Champion)

GM Nielsen – GM Short

GM Meier – GM Carlsen

GM Cheparinov – GM Mateo (Topalov absent again)

GM Wesley So – IM Sebih

GM Caruana – IM Salem

IM Muzychuk – GM Kosteniuk

IM Paehtz – IM Lujan

GM Peng Zhaoqin – GM Sebag

IM Mkrtchian – WGM Nemcova

IM Klinova – IM Krush

11:40 CET

David Howell has a birthday today. The Chessdom team wishes him all the best! David will play on board 3 against GM Schandorff.


GM David Howell

12:00 CET

Several users (Strendof, Papadopolou, Tiro, Pacheco) have asked who are the previous winners of the Chess Olympiad. Here is a list of the last editions:

1924 1st unofficial Chess Olympiad Czechoslovakia 31 Hungary 30 Switzerland 29

1926 2nd unofficial Chess Olympiad Hungary 9 Yugoslavia 8 Romania 5

1927 1st Chess Olympiad Hungary 40 Denmark 38.5 England 36.5

1928 2nd Chess Olympiad Hungary 44 USA 39.5 Poland 37

1930 3rd Chess Olympiad Poland 48.5 Hungary 47 Germany 44.5

1931 4th Chess Olympiad USA 48 Poland 47 Czechoslovakia 46.5

1933 5th Chess Olympiad USA 39 Czechoslovakia 37.5 Sweden 34

1935 6th Chess Olympiad USA 54 Sweden 52.5 Poland 52

1936 3rd unofficial Chess Olympiad Hungary 110.5 Poland 108 Germany 106.5

1937 7th Chess Olympiad USA 54.5 Hungary 48.5 Poland 47

1939 8th Chess Olympiad Germany 36 Poland 35.5 Estonia 33.5

1950 9th Chess Olympiad Yugoslavia 45.5 Argentina 43.5 W. Germany 40.5

1952 10th Chess Olympiad USSR 21 Argentina 19.5 Yugoslavia 19

1954 11th Chess Olympiad USSR 34 Argentina 27 Yugoslavia 26.5

1956 12th Chess Olympiad USSR 31 Yugoslavia 26.5 Hungary 26.5

1958 13th Chess Olympiad USSR 34.5 Yugoslavia 29 Argentina 25.5

1960 14th Chess Olympiad USSR 34 USA 29 Yugoslavia 27

1962 15th Chess Olympiad USSR 31.5 Yugoslavia 28 Argentina 26

1964 16th Chess Olympiad USSR 36.5 Yugoslavia 32 W. Germany 30.5

1966 17th Chess Olympiad USSR 39.5 USA 34.5 Hungary 33.5

1968 18th Chess Olympiad USSR 39.5 Yugoslavia 31 Bulgaria 30

1970 19th Chess Olympiad USSR 27.5 Hungary 26.5 Yugoslavia 26

1972 20th Chess Olympiad USSR 42 Hungary 40.5 Yugoslavia 38

1974 21st Chess Olympiad 46 Yugoslavia 37.5 USA 36.5

1976 22nd Chess Olympiad USA 37 Netherlands 36.5 England 35.5

1978 23rd Chess Olympiad Hungary 37 USSR 36 USA 35

1980 24th Chess Olympiad USSR 39 Hungary 39 USA 35

1982 25th Chess Olympiad USSR 42.5 Czechoslovakia 36 USA 35

1984 26th Chess Olympiad USSR 41 England 37 USA 35

1986 27th Chess Olympiad USSR 40 England 39 USA 38

1988 28th Chess Olympiad USSR 40.5 England 34.5 Netherlands 34.5

1990 29th Chess Olympiad USSR 39 USA 35.5 England 35.5

1992 30th Chess Olympiad Russia 39 Uzbekistan 35 Armenia 34.5

1994 31st Chess Olympiad Russia 37.5 Bosnia/Herzegovina 35 Russia II 34.5

1996 32nd Chess Olympiad Russia 38.5 Ukraine 35 USA 34

1998 33rd Chess Olympiad Russia 35.5 USA 34.5 Ukraine 32.5

2000 34th Chess Olympiad Russia 38 Germany 37 Ukraine 35.5

2002 35th Chess Olympiad Russia 38.5 Hungary 37.5 Armenia 35

2004 36th Chess Olympiad Ukraine 39.5 Russia 36.5 Armenia 36.5

2006 37th Chess Olympiad Armenia 36 China 34 USA 33

More information can be found at the well updated Olimpbase

12:15 CET

On a question from Adrian Ho, “is their an award or selection at the Dresden Olympiad for the Best or Most Brilliant game for every round”, there is no such one as far as we are aware. However, all users can feel free to send us your vote to the contact form, we will make sure to point out and comment the games you liked.

12:30 CET

Interesting news for the Olympic games in 2016 was published today at the Daily Telegraph and the International Hearld Tribune. The IOC will discuss today the inclusion of 7 new sports at the Olympic program. These are baseball, softball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby, and squash. Chess is not mentioned for this meeting of the IOC.

The board meets in June to make recommendations to the full IOC membership. A simple majority is needed for a sport to be voted onto the program.

Here are some interesting insights on Olympic sports by Meghan Haire for

13:05 CET

And right as we were going to answer another round of questions from our users, breaking news came out. The round 2 of the Chess Olympiad is postponed!

The reason was a change in the composition of the teams a few minutes ago. The decision has been taken by the arbiters in Dresden. Stay tuned as the news unfolds.

13:10 CET

The official start of the round has been moved to 16:00 CET. The reason were the multiple changes in the team composition. Earlier we remember that Kamil Miton substituted Socko on boar 1 for Poland to play against Kramnik. Obviously, this has not been the only change.

13:16 CET

The main reason has been the compositions of Nigeria and the Philippines. This has provoked 1 hour delay in the start of all games.

13:30 CET

The final composition and pairings of the Philippines should be:

GM Villamayor Buenaventura 2468 – GM Rizouk Aimen 2507

GM So Wesley 2610 – IM Sebih Kamel 2295

IM Gomez John Paul 2519 – Goutali Tarek 2225

GM Laylo Darwin 2507 – IM Haddouche Mohamed 2333

However, news about the final composition of Nigeria is still not available!

13:45 CET

The official site published the news as well, “Due to series of errors from various departments, the chief arbiter after consultation with the organizing committee decided to postpone today’s round to 16:00.” However, no more details were given. Stay tuned for more updates on the situation.

14:00 CET

The problem with the team of the Philippines has been the last board (GM Laylo / IM Gonzales). Nigeria seem to have deeper problems and may be directly forfeited this round.

14:15 CET

If Nigeria is allowed to play, the pairings in Fiji – Nigeria will look like

Arora Neel 1887 – Omorere Benjamin 0

Goundar Sanmogam 1896 – Adebayo Adegboyega 2266

Prasad Calvin 1888 – Bomo Kigigha 1988

Kumar Manoj 2019 – Campbell Charles 0

14:30 CET

No changes will be allowed now to board orders and games will start in exactly 1 hour and 30 minutes.

chess olympiad train

The Olympic train, photo by Susan Polgar

14:45 CET

Special Dresden train lines from and to various hotels, International Congress Center, and City Hall. Even the stops are decorated with chess material.

Many shops on the street also feature chess branding for their products.

15:00 CET

One hour is left to the new exciting round in Dresden, where we will see some of the top players return for their teams. Kramnik will play his first game at the Olympiad, as well as his second Leko. GM Jobava also comes on board 1 for Georgia, and IM Jon Ludvig Hammer substitutes GM Johannessen.

On the other hand, we will not see GM Topalov in action today, as he is probably saving power for stronger matches. GM Svidler also takes a day off, thus leaving GM Morozevich on board 3.

15:30 CET

30 minutes before the games players, spectators, and journalists have started entering the playing hall. It is especially important for players to be on time, as the new regulations require the participants to be on their seats before the start time of the round.

Yesterday some players have been late, but the arbiters have not applied nothing but warnings. The rule will be in full power starting round 3.

15:45 CET

The official message about the round delay has been changed now. “Due to a series of unforeseen errors regarding the team rosters, the chief arbiter after consultation with the organizing committee decided to postpone today’s round to 16:00.
. The previous version is at the 13:45 update.

15:55 CET

Five minutes before the start of the round, the game of the day according to your votes received through our contact form is Radjabov – Movsesian. Meier – Carlsen also has got many votes and is currently second. Third is Dominguez Perez – Sasikiran.

16:00 CET

And the games are on! 1. d4 by Miton as expected, Ivanchuk starts aggressively against Ivanisevic.

16:07 CET

And the first results are already a fact, only 7 minutes after the start of the games. WGM Mamedjarova won on forfeit against Janyl Tilenbaeva. Today should be a better day for Azerbaidjan women team after the 4-0 loss yesterday against Russia.

Nigeria and FIji are paired, but no moves on board 1 from Nigeria which probably means it is forfeited as well, or there are retransmission problems.

16:15 CET

The first decisive result of the day comes in the game Leticia Avalos – Nayab Niloofar. 1-0 for the Paraguay player, check mate in 11 moves.

16:30 CET

One of the top matches of today is USA – Greece. The European country won yesterday convincingly 4-0, which made the USA coach bring Nakamura back on the board. Until now games are going equal. Remember that players are not allowed to make draws before move 30, except in the cases of 3 moves repetition. So a lot of chess action expects us today.

16:35 CET

After the nervous match from India yesterday, Sasikiran has taken the top board of the team. He has the difficult task to face Emanuel Berg with black.

16:40 CET

Seychelles and Mauritius are bringing on a show of its own. The score after a little more than 30 minutes of play is 1:1!

16:45 CET

GM Kosteniuk is surprised by the opening moves from IM Anna Muzychuk and is losing quite a lot of time on the clock. They are at move 8 and Muzychuk and queens can go off the board in the next move. Muzychuk is almost 20 minutes up on the clock.

16:50 CET

Karjakin is having a hard time lately. His scores are not favorable and in today’s game he might enter a prepared line by GM Solak.

16:58 CET

In the women section Paraguay cruised over Afganistan. The score is 3:0 and the match will be soon over.

17:05 CET

El Salvador women score 1:0 against Quatar. ingrid Sanchez defeats Al-Khelaifi Kholoud at move 20. Trinidad and Tobago women also open the score against Aruba.

17:15 CET

The women team of India starts the same way as the men team yesterday. IM Harika Dronavalli draws with WGM Rogule. It was a three move repetition.

17:30 CET

GM Ivan Cheparinov is back on track and has advantage against Mateo. There is still play left in the position, but the Bulgarian GM looks solid at this moment.

17:35 CET

After the good win yesterday, Spain starts with a draw today. GM San Segundo Carrillo – IM Zeljko Bogut 1/2 – 1/2. Board 1 game between GM Shirov and GM Predojevic could turn the match in any direction.

Hungary also draws on board 4 Samolins – GM Balogh 1/2 – 1/2.

17:45 CET

Egypt take the lead against Syria and they do it where it was most difficult. The Egypt FM Abdel Razik Khaled was lower rated than IM Hakki Imad, yet he managed to take the full point. Now it should be easy for GM Adly and GM Bassem to convert the advantage in 2 match points.

17:55 CET

Good game by one of the brave women players of the open section WGM Anya Corke. She managed to win and with that her team leads 3-0 against US Virgin Islands.

18:00 CET

GM Mircea Parligras draws with GM Peralta. A show expects us in Romania – Argentina with a very interesting game by Istarescu and Falager on board 1.

18:05 CET

Shocker for Egypt! Syria equalizes as FM Bakr beat 300 ELO higher rated GM Adly. The match is all level now.

18:08 CET

GM Georg Meier continues his good performance. After winning yesterday against Cheparinov, today he drew with GM Carlsen.

Tadjikistan, staring players about 2300, wins their 6th game in a row! This makes them temporary leaders of the Olympiad.

18:15 CET

Here are some interesting photos from the second day of the Olympiad by our good friend Susan Polgar.

chess olympiad kramnik

Kramnik and Grischuk on the first boards for the super Russian team

chess olympiad radjabov

Radjabov and Mamedyarov strong on the top boards for Azerbaidjan

chess olympiad kamsky

Nakamura and Kamsky ready for action

18:24 CET

IM Muzychuk steals the first points from Russia drawing the World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk.

18:34 CET

In one of the top games of today GM Dominguez Perez drew with GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov.

chess olympiad norway

Norway vs Germany 2, GM Carlsen drew with GM Meier

18:45 CET

Wojtaszek is playing a nice game and has all the winning chances to put Russia against the wall. Poland can bring the surprise today, as Miton is holding well Kramnik. The only light in the tunnel for the super team is Jakovenko, who has good position.

18:55 CET

GM Agrest – GM Ganguly draw. Yet another difficult day for India?

GM Darryl Johansen puts Australia ahead of El Salvador, while GM Amin Bassem returns the smiles of Egypt scoring a full point.

In the women section Israel takes the lead against the USA, as WIM Vasiliev wins against WFM Abrahamyan.

19:05 CET

FM Martinez stuns 300 ELO higher rated IM Xie to equalize the match of El Salvador against Australia

GM Chao Li gets the first point for China today. Switzerland win their match against Turkmenistan with victories of GM Jenni Florian, GM Korchnoi and a draw by GM Pelletier. David Navara puts the Czech Republic ahead of Lithuania.

chess olympiad navara

GM David Navara

19:15 CET

The president of the Ukranian Chess Federation Viktor Petrov stated in front of news agencies that Ukraine will necessarily win a medal in the 2008 Olympiad. Yesterday the women team of Ukraine drew with Argentina, while the men won a difficult match against Vietnam. Today Ukraine leads 1:0 against Serbia in the men section (Ivanchuk beats Ivanisevich), while the women are winning with the same score (victory by WGM Zdebskaja)

chess olympiad karjakin

GM Karjakin

chess olympiad wesley

GM Wesly So with a disappointing draw against 200 ELO lower rated opponent

19:25 CET

Great games by IM Jon Ludvig Hammer and GM Lie give Norway the match victory.

GM Meier Georg 2558 – GM Carlsen Magnus 2786 ½ : ½

IM Braun Arik 2567 – GM Agdestein Simen 2588 *

GM Bindrich Falko 2517 – GM Lie Kjetil A 2526 0 : 1

IM Huschenbeth Niclas 2417 – IM Hammer Jon Ludvig 2522 0 : 1


GM Caruana lost to 200 ELO lower rated IM Salem, but Italy won the match against UAE

19:45 CET

China victorious at the Olympiad for a second round in a row.

GM Azarov Sergei 2613 – GM Wang Yue 2736 *

GM Zhigalko Sergei 2592 – GM Ni Hua 2710 0 : 1

GM Fedorov Alexei 2584 – GM Wang Hao 2696 ½ : ½

GM Zhigalko Andrey 2568 – GM Li Chao B 2622 0 : 1

19:55 CET

GM Miton defended a difficult endgame and has good chances for a draw.

20:15 CET

GM Delchev gets the first point for Bulgaria today. However, the women of Bulgaria, without Antoaneta Stefanova on board 1, are on the way to losing against Germany 2 (which is 200 ELO point average lower rated).

20:23 CET

Romania wins against Argentina.

GM Istratescu Andrei 2633 – GM Felgaer Ruben 2591 ½ : ½

GM Parligras Mircea 2611 – GM Peralta Fernando 2557 ½ : ½

GM Lupulescu Constantin 2594 – IM Kovalyov Anton 2571 1 : 0

GM Vajda Levente 2582 – IM Flores Diego 2568 ½ : ½

Argentina lose their women match as well, this time against Germany.

IM Paehtz Elisabeth 2471 – IM Lujan Carolina 2366 ½ : ½

IM Kachiani-Gersinska Ketino 2371 – WGM Amura Claudia 2344 1 : 0

WGM Michna Marta 2399 – WIM Zuriel Marisa 2189 1 : 0

WFM Ohme Melanie 2237 – WFM Ahmed Sthepanie 2142 0 : 1

20:23 CET

The chase between Azerbaidjan and Armenia continues, both winning their respective matches 3:1. However, the current leader will be Tadjikistant after a second consecutive 4:0 victory!

20:45 CET

Russia – Poland 1:1. Can jakovenko save the day? Morozevich and Kramnik missed slight winning chances and now it is up to the 4th board to decide. In the women section Russia is leading 2:1 to Slovenia, however, it is not sure what the outvome of Srebrnic – Kosintseva will be in the opposite color bishops and rooks endgame.

20:55 CET

Netherlands get a solid victory, showing good performance with a young team and without Sokolov and Tiviakov.

GM Van Wely Loek 2618 – GM Iturrizaga Eduardo 2538 ½ : ½

GM Smeets Jan 2604 – IM Alvarez Marquez Johann 2430 ½ : ½

GM LAmi Erwin 2610 – IM Prasca Sosa Rafael 2410 1 : 0

GM Werle Jan 2582 – IM Sequera Paolini Jose 2398 1 : 0

21:00 CET

Germany 2 victorious against Bulgaria! Stunning victory!

Fuchs Judith 2238 – WGM Djingarova Emilia 2352 1/2

Schoene Maria 2198 – WGM Voiska Margarita 2318 0 : 1

WFM Mader Manuela 2132 – WGM Velcheva Maria 2280 1 : 0

Endress Anna 2067 – WFM Raeva Elitsa 2251 1 : 0

21:05 CET

Jakovenko might save the day for Russia. Great performance by Poland. Russia somehow do not convince they have a super team until now.


Jakovenko seems to be saving the day, Morozevich drops a winning position

21:25 CET

Strong Ukraine gets a deserved victory. GM Karjakin is still strugling, but the match is decided.

GM Ivanchuk Vassily 2786 – GM Ivanisevic Ivan 2658 1 : 0

GM Karjakin Sergey 2730 – GM Solak Dragan 2595 *

GM Eljanov Pavel 2720 – GM Kovacevic Aleksandar 2581 1 : 0

GM Volokitin Andrei 2659 – GM Perunovic Milos 2580 ½ : ½

Bulgaria wins 3:1 against DOminican Republic with victories by Cheparinov, Iotov, and Delchev. Second loss in a row for Georgiev, he will probably take a rest day tomorrow.


Russia still at the driving seat in the women section

21:45 CET

IM Muzychuk Anna 2508 – GM Kosteniuk Alexandra 2525 ½ : ½

WGM Krivec Jana 2345 – IM Kosintseva Tatiana 2513 ½ : ½

WGM Srebrnic Ana 2290 – IM Kosintseva Nadezhda 2468 0 : 1

WIM Rozic Vesna 2293 – WGM Pogonina Natalija 2474 0 : 1

Final score Slovenia 1 Russia 3.

We are elaborating now the controversial scores information which is coming for the remaining games. Stay tuned!

22:00 CET

Grischuk-Wojtaszek 1/2-1/2 has been confirmed. As expected Jakovenko wins and with that the final score is 2,5:1,5 for Russia.

22:15 CET

India is victorious in the women section after wins by Tania Sachdev and Mary Ann Gomez.


Special thanks for GM Susan Polgar for all the fantastic photos

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