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12:45 CET

Welcome to the day 3 live coverage of the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad. Here you will find minute by minute updates on the events in Dresden, underlining important games, bringing you fresh photos from the playing hall, explaining you the new Olympiad rules, sharing interviews, news, and many more details.

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13:00 CET

We start with a news about Vishy Anand. He may not be at the Olympiad, but yet he is one more time magnet of media attention. India’s Largest Television Network Doordarshan will telecast a special documentary entitled “Viswanathan Anand – World Chess Champion” on its DD 1, DD Sports, DD News, DD Bharti and DD India Channels. Produced and Directed by Vijay Kumar, the special documentary will be shown first on Doordarshan’s National Channel DD 1 on Sunday the 16th November at 11.30 p.m (19:00 hrs European Time). Read more about the TV show

13:10 CET

A very interesting day awaits us at the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad. After 2 rounds of intensive matches Russia somehow does not convince they have a super team. At the same time Armenia and Azerbaidjan are cruising smoothly through the competition, while India is struggling, but yet winning. In total 20 teams have full match points in the open section, including Tajikistan, Faroe Islands, Japan, and El Salvador.

In the women section the team of Russia seems unstoppable. Even though Slovenia put up a nice fight yesterday, the Russians are very balanced and deservedly lead the competition. 14 teams have full match points, the surprises being Germany 2, Denmark, and Venezuela.

13:15 CET

The top board pairing in the open section is Russia – Cuba

GM Kramnik Vladimir 2772 - GM Dominguez Perez Leinier 2719

GM Svidler Peter 2727 - GM Bruzon Batista Lazaro 2623

GM Morozevich Alexander 2787 - GM Quezada Perez Yuniesky 2580

GM Jakovenko Dmitry 2737 - GM Hernandez Carmenates Holden 2580

The Russian team keeps Kramnik on board 1 and substitutes Grischuk with Svidler. Morozevich is one more time a board up that the order list submitted, while the good performance of Jakovenko yesterday makes the Russian coach rely on him one more time today.

The Cuban media is praising the good start of the team. Here is what the Cuba news agency reports:

Cuban best player, Leinier Dominguez, 21st in the world ranking, and with a 2719 ELO, drew with black pieces his rival Kaido Kulaots (2,556) in a very long match that lasted 94 moves.

The same result was obtained by Cuban third player Yunieski Quesada in his match against Riho Liiva (2,460) that only lasted 7 and a half minutes.

Cuba’s victory was secure with the wins of Lazaro Bruzon and Holden Hernandez, both playing with white pieces, who defeated GM Meelis Kanep and IM Olav Sepp, respectively.


Jakovenko and Morozevich might be key to today’s match

13:20 CET

Other top games in today’s round 3 of the open section of the Olympiad include:

GM Naiditsch – IM Mas Hafizulhelmi

GM Jobava - GM Ivanchuk

GM Wang Yue - GM Carlsen (top 10 players encounter!)

GM Van Wely - GM Radjabov

GM Peter Leko - GM David Navara

13:25 CET

In the women section Russia will meet the young team of India. The World Champion Alexandra Kosteniuk will face the European Club Cup medalist IM Harika Dronavalli. In another interesting match, China vs Netherlands, the yound star Yifan Hou faces the experienced GM Peng Zhaoqin. More interesting games from round 3 include:

IM Tatiana Kosintseva – IM Tania Sachdev

WGM Sanchez Castillo – GM Hoang Thanh Trang

WGM Munguntuul Batkhuyag – GM Lahno

WIM Solomons Anzel – WGM Rogule Laura


13:45 CET

Indonesia is ver proud with the performance of their chess players as well. The Jakarta Post informs, “The Indonesian women’s chess team defeated Macau 4-0 in the opening round of the Chess Olympiad in Dresden, Germany on Thursday, but the men’s team went down 2.5-1.5 to Uzbekistan.

Irene Kharisma opened Indonesia’s winning streak with a victory over Nicole Rio da Silva. Evi Lindiawati added to the success by beating Enerlan Salvador, followed by Desi Rachmawati and Dewi Citra who beat Lee Wing and Mak Kit Shu respectively.

In the men’s division, Indonesia’s ace player Susanto Megaranto found 2004 world champion Rustam Kasimzhanov too strong to break and went down in his match. Indonesia evened the score at 1-1 after Irwanto Sadikin beat Dzhurabek Kharrakulov but Johanes Simbolon lost to Alexei Barsov. Tirta Chandra Purnama drew with Safrin Shukhrat in the fourth match.”

The Iranian press TV is on the opposite pole, as they report about the loss against France. “France has defeated the Iranian chess team in the men’s division at the 38th Chess Olympiad currently being held in Dresden, Germany.

The four-member Iranian squad lost 3-1 to France in its second encounter on Friday evening. Iran drew 2-2 against fifth-seed Hungary in its opening match on Thursday and will now face Mexico on Saturday.

In the women’s division, Iran was defeated 5-3 by Ukraine on the same day and is scheduled to clash with Botswana on Saturday.”

14:00 CET

One hour is left to the start of the round. Today the rule stating that players should be seated before the start of the round will be applied for the first time. Until now no forfeits have been given for that, but it is supposed to become as strict as the mobile phone rule.

14:15 CET

Today the long expectedappearance of two players will be a fact. The ex world champion GM Veselin Topalov will take board 1 for Bulgaria. They have a rather easy match against Nicaragua. Topalov will play against the 500 ELO lower rated IM Danilo Canda.

Bu Xingzhi will appear as well. He will be on board 2 for China in one of the most exciting matches of the day. China will meet Norway, two teams that definitely can hope for a medal at this competition.

GM Wang Yue 2736 - GM Carlsen Magnus 2786

GM Bu Xiangzhi 2714 - GM Lie Kjetil A 2526

GM Ni Hua 2710 - GM Johannessen Leif Erlend 2545

GM Li Chao B 2622 - IM Hammer Jon Ludvig 2522


14:30 CET

The Armenian radio is praising both Armenia and Azerbaijan on their performance up to now in the Olympics. “After two rounds at the Olympiad in Dresden 20 teams have four points each, with Azerbaijan and Armenia leading on tiebreak points.” reports the Public radio of Armenia.

Today Azerbaijan have a difficult game against the Netherlands, while Armenia meet Faroe Islands.

14:50 CET

10 minutes to the start of the games and the playing hall is full of people as usual. WIll USA be able to recover from the difficult start? Can Russia defeat the enthusiastic Cuba? Will we see a surprise on the top boards in the women section> It starts very soon, stay tuned!

15:05 CET

And the games have started!

15:07 CET

The first forfeit of the day is a fact. FM Hamperl wins against Ruzigura and Guernsey lead 1:0 against Rwanda.

Today the players seem more comfortable with the crowd and are moving faster in the opening.

15:10 CET

Howell Shamel also opens the score of Barbados against the Seychelles. These countries do not have chances for the top places, but they can be proud they participate in such large chess events.

15:15 CET

GM Topalov is back on board 1 for Bulgaria, while GM Georgiev is taking a rest day. Here is what GM Georgiev shared in an interview yesterday:

What happened yesterday when you lost to Germany’s team B inlcuding your defeat by Arik Braun?

I just played badly, after two hours I thought we would win by 3 or even 3,5 points but eventually the games toggled.

Are you still playing the Sicilian Dragon?

Yes, sometimes. Maybe once a year…

Did you play it already this year, can we expect a Dragon during the olympiad?

(Smiling) Maybe, I don’t know whether I played it already this year.

You played in German Bundesliga for a while.

Yes, for six years. I played for Bochum and Castrop-Rauxel from 1996 to 2002. I also play in team national championships in Bulgaria, Croatia, Serbia, Austria and France. I am rather a team player than an individual chess player.

Do you rather like condensed national championships where you play all rounds during one week or stretched throughout the year?

I definitely prefer the condensed variation as you don’t have the hazzle with travelling all the time. That’s why I stopped playing in Bundesliga.

Is there a goal set by your federation? Yo probably have the strongest Bulgarian team ever headed by the world’s top ranked player Veselin Topalov?

There is no goal set, no pressure. But we will earn more money if we get a good rank in the final table.

15:20 CET

Kramnik and Dominguez Perez have blasted 10 fast moves, but the Cuban player seems surprised by the opening as he is taking more than 15 minutes on move 11.

Kramnik is playing Russian System against Dominguez’s Gruenfeld defence, Bruzon – Svidler is Ruy Lopez. Morozevich is playing very popular Capablanca system against Quezada’s Nimzo Indian, Hernandez and Jakovenko already exchanged Queens in the Slav opening.

15:40 CET

India is holding stable against Russia in the women section in the opening of the games. GM Stefanova is back for Bulgaria after yesterday her country did not perform well. Panama are the first ones to score in this section, taking the lead againsAfganistan 1:0.

15:45 CET

In one of the top games of today Van Wely and Radjabov have been constantly trying to find tactical blows. They have already blasted over 20 moves and the position is very peculiar – Van Wely has a wide open king and a bishop more for two queenside pawns of Radjabov.

15:50 CET

Norway and China prove to be one of the most interesting matches of the day. Wang Yue – Carlsen is Capablanca variation of the Nimzo Indian, but somewhat more active for Black, compared to Morozevich game. Agdestein sits out, so K.Lie takes up on the second board. He is playing relatively harmless line against Bu’s Caro-Kann. Black is already equal. Third board is Johannessen wrote a book on the Zaitsev variation of the Ruy Lopez, but he is now engaged in some sort of Anti-Marshall against Ni Hua as Black. Jon Ludvig Hammer is playing Anti-Gruenfeld against Li Chao. In the same line David Howell won quickly as Black the other day.

15:55 CET

Van Wely and Radjabov continue theoretical discussion in an extremely sharp line of the Kings Indian defence. Radjabov sacrificed a piece for two pawns and attack – Van Wely’s King is pushed back into the center of the board. Make sure to check out this game, interesting action is coming.

16:00 CET

Kramnik seems to know what he is doing. He has more time on the clock than when he started, and Dominguez Perez is obviously surprised. He is losing time on each move and is down to 40 minutes. Could this be the first win for Russia on board 1?

16:15 CET

IM Ismagambetov opens the score for Kazahstan against Jordan. Guernsey and Barbados close out their games with fast victories.

16:20 CET

Iran have an easy game against Botswana in the women section and WIM Pourkashiyan opens the score.

16:30 CET

Wang Yue and Carlsen are playing a balanced game. Although there is a lot more left in the position, lower boards will surely be vital for the outcome of the match.

wang yue

16:35 CET

Armenia open the score against Germany 2.This looks an easy match for the strong armenian team, after on board 1 IM Danielian Elina defeated Judith Fuchs.

In the open section Slovenia remove all the doubts and show they will not let Bolivia surprise them. GM Dusko Pavasovic – FM Campero 1:0

16:50 CET

GM Tkachiev and GM Mastrovasilis draw in the match France – Greece. After the surprising draw against Montenegro in round 1, France is trying to find its top form again. Full coverage about the French team at Chess and strategy and Pokemonchess

16:55 CET

FM El Debs Felipe De Cresce scores a full point for Brazil against Mauritius.

17:00 CET

GM Fabiano Caruana has just won a wild game against GMDe La Riva. Finally things look fine for Italy, who have been suffering a lot in the first rounds.

17:05 CET

Cheparinov makes it count for Bulgaria on board 2. Topalov does not seem to have problems in his game and very soon Bulgaria might get their first convincing victory.

17:15 CET

In an interesting game GM Judith Polgar draws with GM Viktor Laznicka. Surely there was more in the position, but they agreed to split the point on move 30.

GM Akopian does well on board 1 and wins against IM Ziska. Armenia will keep being top of the table, surely watching the performance of Russia, Azerbaijan, and the other top nations.

17:30 CET

GM Nisipeanu breaks the long run of draws and scores a full point against Kojima Shinya. Japan were doing great until now, but it looks Romania will walk away with an easy two match points.

GM Movsesian brings a full point for Slovakia as well.

17:45 CET

Imprecise play by GM Ivanhcuk gives Jobava a decisive advantage. Ivanchuk made a piece sacrifice right after the opening, however, there was no reasonable compensation. This can make the day of Ukraine difficult, as Georgia is doing fine on the other boards.

At the same time Topalov has comfortable advantage both in time and his position, while the youngsters fight between Li Chao and Jon Ludvig Hammer ends in a draw.

18:00 CET

Germany 1 is stronger than ever.GM Baramidze opens a decisive gap with a victory over IM Liew Chee-Meng-Jimmy and Germany 1 are set one more time to stay among the leaders.

18:15 CET

GM Gashimov and GM L’Ami draw their game. The result of the match very much depends on the theoretical battle between Radjabov and Van Wely on board 1.

India wins their match with victories by GM Geetha and GM Sandipan, and a draw by GM Harikrishna against a 300 ELO lower rated opponent.

18:20 CET

Tromso open official bid for the Chess Olympiad in 2014 and now have an official website. More information about the bid can be found here

18:25 CET

Iceland is leading against Panama 2:0 after victories by GM Stefansson and GM Danielsen

GM Le Quang Liem and CM Nguyen Van Huy give the victory of Vietnam against Luxembourg.

18:35 CET

A quick look at the women section gives us many matches that have quickly come to a decisive end.

Georgia – Israel 3:1

Armenia – Germany 2 2:0

Icaland – Slovenia 0:4

Spain – Albania 3,5:0,5

Italy – Puerto Rico 4:0

Cuba – Bolivia 3:0

Still no score in India – Russia though.

18:40 CET

Armenia end it fast against the Faroe Islands

GM Akopian Vladimir 2679 – IM Ziska Helgi Dam 2416 1 : 0

GM Sargissian Gabriel 2642 - FM Olsen Heini 2376 1 : 0

GM Petrosian Tigran L 2629 - IM Rodgaard John 2383 1 : 0

GM Minasian Artashes 2541 - Poulsen Martin 2281 1 : 0

18:55 CET

Hungary with superb performance against strong Czech Republic

GM Leko Peter 2747 – GM Navara David 2633 1 : 0

GM Polgar Judit 2711 - GM Laznicka Viktor 2591 ½ : ½

GM Almasi Zoltan 2663 - GM Babula Vlastimil 2608 1 : 0

GM Berkes Ferenc 2645 - GM Stocek Jiri 2578 1 : 0

19:00 CET

The PR manager of GM Topalov has just given an interview for Focus news agency. He says, “Yesterday was the deadline for the decision of the match, yet we still have no information about that. It is clear that Topalov has confirmed his participation, but has Kamsky done that? I guess we will know this later today or tomorrow. I hope FIDE understands that nothing can be expected from Ukraine”.

At the same time Topalov sealed his game against Nicaragua and Bulgaria is leading 3:0.

19:10 CET

Uganda is the first team to be disqualified at the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad, informs Susan Polgar. As reported earlier, the Chief Arbiter and the Organizer decided to only give warnings to players / teams which were late in the first two rounds. They clearly said that they will STRICTLY enforce this rule starting round 3 and they kept their word!

For more info check out the 14:00 CET update.

topalov cheparinov olympiad

Topalov and Cheparinov victorious for Bulgaria

19:25 CET

Georgia stun Ukraine! The surprise of the day!

GM Jobava Baadur 2664 – GM Ivanchuk Vassily 2786 1 : 0

GM Izoria Zviad 2610 - GM Eljanov Pavel 2720 ½ : ½

GM Mchedlishvili Mikheil 2615 - GM Efimenko Zahar 2680 *

GM Arutinian David 2584 - GM Volokitin Andrei 2659 1 : 0

chess olympiad georgia

Jobava and Izoria on the top boards of Georgia

19:35 CET

USA take convincing victory in the women section, despite the surprising loss on the last board.

IM Krush Irina 2452 – WFM Malikgulyewa Aykamar 2051 1 : 0

IM Zatonskih Anna 2440 - WFM Hallaeva Bahar 2119 1 : 0

WGM Goletiani Rusudan 2359 - Isaeva Aknyr 2063 1 : 0

WGM Rohonyan Katerina 2334 - Gozel Atabayeva 2020 0 : 1

chess olympiad krush

Irina Krush and Anna Zatonskih lead USA to a victory

19:45 CET

Magnus Carlsen makes the day of Norway with a very difficult draw against Wang Yue. Norway wins and shows their ambition for medal!

GM Wang Yue 2736 – GM Carlsen Magnus 2786 ½ : ½

GM Bu Xiangzhi 2714 - GM Lie Kjetil A 2526 0 : 1

GM Ni Hua 2710 - GM Johannessen Leif Erlend 2545 ½ : ½

GM Li Chao B 2622 - IM Hammer Jon Ludvig 2522 ½ : ½

carlsen olympiad

19:48 CET

India! India! India! The young team of India is on the way of bringing down Russia! It all started with Tania Sachdev winning against Kosintseva and WGM Swathi stunning IM Korbut. Now it is all up to Mohota.

GM Kosteniuk Alexandra 2525 – IM Harika Dronavalli 2462 1 : 0

IM Kosintseva Tatiana 2513 - IM Tania Sachdev 2425 0 : 1

IM Kosintseva Nadezhda 2468 - WGM Mohota Nisha 2311 *

IM Korbut Ekaterina 2459 - WGM Swathi Ghate 2320 0 : 1

india olympiad

19:55 CET

The Azerbaijan – Netherlands derby finishes peacefully after fierce fighting. Van Wely brings the point to Netherlands.

GM Van Wely Loek 2618 – GM Radjabov Teimour 2752 1 : 0

GM Smeets Jan 2604 - GM Mamedyarov Shakhriyar 2731 ½ : ½

GM LAmi Erwin 2610 - GM Gashimov Vugar 2703 ½ : ½

GM Werle Jan 2582 - GM Huseynov Gadir 2650 0 : 1

19:57 CET

Time trouble in Kosintseva – Mohota! India have a drawn match in hand and can make it count. In the men section easy victory for India over El Salvador.

20:05 CET

Believe it or not, Monaco holds the Philippines! They surely were missingWesley So.

GM Efimov Igor 2442 – GM Villamayor Buenaventura 2468 1 : 0

FM Van Hoolandt Patrick 2231 - GM Gonzales Jayson 2469 0 : 1

Krulich Roman 2239 - IM Gomez John Paul 2519 1 : 0

Gentilleau Jean-Philippe 2158 - GM Laylo Darwin 2507 0 : 1

20:11 CET

Fresh from Dresden. In the third round of the 2008 Dresden Chess Olympiad, the U.S. team faces South Africa. On board 3, GM Shulman has made an official complaint about a clock situation. He made a move and pressed his clock. Unfortunately, his time was still running, informs GM Polgar.

When he discovered this glitch, he reported to the arbiter and the clock was replaced. But the same problem continued. Now he is asking to be moved to a different board because he believes that the board which connects to the clock is malfunctioned.

20:15 CET

GM Bacrot Etienne 2705 – GM Papaioannou Ioannis 2597 ½ : ½

GM Vachier-Lagrave Maxime 2716 - GM Kotronias Vasilios 2587 ½ : ½

GM Fressinet Laurent 2676 - GM Banikas Hristos 2572 ½ : ½

GM Tkachiev Vladislav 2664 - GM Mastrovasilis Dimitrios 2572 ½ : ½

20:30 CET

Sweden wins against Lebanon 3:1, but Emanuel Berg has third loss in a row. Today it was against 300 ELO lower rate opponent. Sweden will probably give him a rest day tomorrow.

IM Haddouche stopped Serbia to a draw and their Olympic dream for a medal is over. They will need to do a lot better in the next rounds to enter the top places.

20:35 CET

Another big surprise in the women section! Greece lose to Indonesia.

IM Dembo Yelena 2446 – WIM Sukandar Irine Kharisma 2303 ½ : ½

WGM Botsari Anna-Maria 2308 - Lindiawati Evi 2121 0 : 1

WGM Makropoulou Marina 2265 - Dewi Aa Citra 1802 1 : 0

WIM Stiri Alexandra 2171 - Kadek Iin Dwijayanti 1859 0 : 1

20:45 CET

On the question from many readers: India – Russia in the women section was a draw after Nadezhda Kosintseva won against Nisha Mohota. Still a very good performance by India, surely the surprise of the day. Russia remain clear favorites though.

22:15 CET

Important update. The live transmission of the official site seems to have messed up Georgia vs Ukraine (special thanks to Dambi for notifying us). Official sources from Dresden confirm that the last game Arutinian – Volokitin was won by the Ukranian and Ukraine is the winner of the match. Stay tuned for more details, we are researching the case.

22:17 CET

This puts tomorrow on the top board Armenia vs Ukraine. Aronian is expected to be back on board 1 for a heavy match with Ivanchuk. Spain will face Germany, Russia will play with India.

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