European Youth Chess Championship R4

the young talents are competing in Herceg Novi

The European Youth Chess Championships are currently going on in Herceg Novi. More than 900 players from 44 countries are participating. After 4 rounds there have been some surprises, which is a logical fact in the junior events. Here are the group by group summaries.

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Youth Chess Championships, Boys U18

The similar strength of the players of the U18 youth section, combined with the fighting spirit of the participants is leading this group to a very interesting competition for the top spots. After 4 rounds there is no player with full score and six are sharing the top spot in the group. Among them are the IM Swiercz (who is one of the top seeded for the U18 group of the U18 World Youth Championship in Vung Tau, Vietnam), the Turkish top junior IM Emre Can, the Czech talent FM Krejci, and the Russian hope IM Rozum. The big surprises among the leaders are the untitled Teodor Anton (2353) and Adrian Panocki (2338) who managed to stun FM Recuero and IM Chirila.

The rating favorites GM Salgado Lopez and IM Ivan Saric are with 3,0/4.

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Youth Chess Championships, Boys U16

The surprise in the U16 group came in round 3 after the only IM in the filed, IM Peter Prohaszka made a draw with the untitled Italian Alessio Valsecchi (2298). This let FM Ter-Sahakyan and FM Nils Grandelius take the lead with full 4,0/4. They are closely followed by a chasing pack with 3,5/4. There is the Ukrainian hope FM Illya Nyzhnyk, as well as Stefan Mazur, Vitaly Sivuk, and Antonio Pavlidis.

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Youth Chess Championships, Boys U14

FM Vladislav Kovalev is sole leader of the U14 Boys Youth Chess Championships. He is closely followed by Kristian Seegert, Roman Grib, Zaur Fazahir Oglu Mammadov, Karen Grigoryan, and FM Ulvi Bajarani with 3,5/4. The top seeded FM Bukavshin has 3,0/4, the same points as the Mtel Masters Junior winner Sasho Andreev.

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Youth Chess Championships, Boys U12

The rating favorite, and the only IM in this group and the U14 group, IM Kiprian Berbatov, started with 4 consecutive wins. However, things are pretty tight at the top as more players have full points – Beradze, Bortnik, Chigaev, and Dubov. All these players meet in round 5 in direct clash for the top places.

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Youth Chess Championships, Boys U10

Vladimir Minko and Ali Marandi Cemil Can are leading this section with full points. They are followed by 8 players with 3,5/4 and many more with 3,0/3. The group of the youngest players is always unpredictable and anything may happen. Yet surely among these young talents we may find future top players.

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Youth Chess Championships, Girls U18

WFM Kubra Ozturk and WFM Olga Girya are cleearly dominating the U18 girls group with full score 4,0/4. Ozturk managed to take down two WFM players on the way. Girya has not met any rated opponents yet, but her games were not easy as well. The two leaders meet on board 1 in round 5.

The top seeded WGM Katerina Nemcova and the German hope WFM Melanie Ohme are a point behind the first positions, while Marija Rakic is having hard time and is with 2,5/4. Very good performance so far are having Teodora Traistaru, Ekaterini Pavlidou, Maria Dvoranova, Varduhi Kalashyan, Joanna Kasperek, and Maria Demidowicz who are performing above their rating level.

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Youth Chess Championships, Girls U16

This group will be a clear ace between Russian and Georgian players. WFM Varvara Repina is leading with 4,0/4, followed by her compatriots WFM Alena Suslova and WFM Anna Gvanceladze with 3,5. The two Georgian rating favorits WFM Nazi Paikidze and WFM Keti Tsatsalashvili have 3,5/4 as well. Round 5 game on board 1 will be WFM Repina vs WFM Paikidze.

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Youth Chess Championships, Girls U14

Everyone was wondering who of the WFM players will take the lead – Mihaela-Veronica Foisor, Marsel Efroimski, or Marina Baraeva. The untitled Diana Baciu surprised them all and is sole leader with 4,0/4. Foisor and Efroimski are with 3,5/4, but nothing can be predicted into this group as there are many silent favorites for the top places as Burcu Sasmazel, Salome Neuhauser, or Tsveta Galunova.

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Youth Chess Championships, Girls U12

WFM Styazhkina and Andreea Cristiana Navrotescu are leading with 4,0/4. Bitalzadeh, Dziodzio, Tantsiura, and Belova are with 3,5/4, while WFM Visanescu is way behind for her rating with only 2,0/2. Round 5 will see the top board clash between the leaders.

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Youth Chess Championships, Girls U10

As the general rule goes, the rated players in this group are always surprised by the unrated ones. Such is the situation here, as the unrated Anna Vasenina, Iulija Osmak, Marina Marina, and Aleksandra Goryachkina are leading with full 4,0/4. The rating favorite Sagadijeva is with 2,0/4, the same score as Teodora Rackic.

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