European Union Youth Chess Championship

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EU youth chess championship U8

A big battle is going on among the youngest players at the youth chess championship. After leading convincingly for 4 rounds Mihnea Costachi and Florian Duerr drew each other on board 1. This let the chasing pack get closer and Ivanov, Daniel Kadlec, Matei Oprita, and Sergiu-Gabriel Herea are only half a point behind. In round 6 the top board pairings are Costachi – Ivanov and Herea – Duerr.

EU youth chess championship U10

The rating favorite Antal Tibor Kende does not have any problems until now and is leading with 5,0/5. He is closely followed by Bilel Bellahcene with 4,5/5 and both will meet on board 1 in round 6. Acsiente and Jan Petr are with 4,0/5. 10 players are with 3,5/5 among which the leader among the girs Anna-Lena Schnegg.

EU youth chess championship U12

This section is the only one to have a titled player – WFM Daria-Ioana Visanescu. Even though she is not rating favorite in the section, she is leading after round 5 with 4,5/5. She is followed by Luca Kessler, Ottomar Ladva, and the top seeded Gary Giroyan with 4,0/5. Top board pairings for the next round are Visanescu – Ladva and Giroyan – Kessler.

EU youth chess championship U14

The U14 section has a sole leader after round 5. This is Druska Juraj with 4,5/5. The chasing pack composed of Nikita Meskovs, Pedro Neves, Toms Kantans,Zan Tomazini, Tomas Laurusas, and Jakob Aperia are only half a point behind. The top girl is Ioana gelip with 3,0/5.

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