French Women Team Championship

The 12 best women teams of France competed in Rennes May 11-13 in the Top 12F championship. Evry Queen-side castling, champion of France 2006, abandoned the competition right before the start. Yet, we could see JEEN Paris, Marseilles Duchamps, Mulhouse, Rennes Paul Bert, Clichy, Vandoeuvre, Bischwiller, Wood-Doves, Paris-Chess Club, Creteil and Guingamp producing great games.

Here are the standings of the tournament that was disputed in the “Thabor” park.

Group A

1. Mulhouse Philidor 15
2. Rennes Paul Bert 12
3. J.E.E.N. Paris 11
4. Echiquier Guingampais 10
5. Marseille Duchamps 7

Group B

1. Clichy-Echecs-92 15
2. Vandoeuvre-Echecs 13
3. Bischwiller 9
4. Paris Chess Club 8
5. C.E. de Bois-Colombes 8
6. Thomas Bourgneuf 7

The final five rounds of the tournament will be played in June. We will keep you updated.

French league women

French league Guingamp