GM Ivan Salgado Lopez wins U18 Chess Championship title

Ivan Salgado Lopez is Junior Chess Champion of Spain

GM Ivan Salgado Lopez won the Junior Chess Championship of Spain after a dramatic finish. He achieved 8,0/9, the same points as FM David Recuero Guerra, but a better tiebreak gave him the title.

GM Salgado Lopez was the only grandmaster of the competition with 100 ELO more than the second seeded FM Jorge Cabrera Trujillo. Salgado Lopez started with a winning streak, but two quick draws with FM David Recuero Guerra and IM Vila Gazquez put the title in danger. Salgado Lopez did not lose games to the end, but after the perfect performance of David Recuero Guerra the title had to be decided by the tiebreak result.

Immediately after the end of the Junior Chess Championship started the Women Finals. After round 2 the top seeded WGM Vega Gutierrez, WIM Garcia Vicente, and WFM Redondo Arguelles are leading the competition.

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