Jon Ludvig Hammer wins Gjøvik 100th anniversary chess

Hammer becomes the 10th Norwegian GM

jon ludvig hammer

We warned you a few months ago to watch out for the new Norwegian super talent and here he does it one more time. 18 year old IM Jon Ludvig Hammer from Oslo won the Gjøvik 100th anniversary chess tournament with 7,0/9, ahead of 10 strong GMs of which 6 were rated above 2600.

With this victory Jon Ludvig Hammer secured his GM title, thus becoming the tenth Norwegian grandmaster. His previous norm he achieved during the European Club Cup (watch his video interview here)

You can find the final standings of the tournament below. GM Gopal made a great run to clinch second place on tiebreak. 13 year old Nijat Asad Abasov from Azerbajdzhan achieved his fifth(!) IM norm defeating GM Malakhatko in the final round. WIM Nargiz Umudova (19) of Azerbaijan got her second WGM norm. IM Gullaksen (being the second best placed Norwegian at the festival), FM Sofrigin, and GM de Firmian also performed well to finish in top 15.

1. IM Hammer (NOR) 7

2. GM Gopal (IND) 6 1/2

3. GM Tiviakov (NED) 6 1/2

4. GM Savchenko (RUS) 6 1/2

5. GM Kulaots (EST) 6 1/2

6. GM Kveinys (LTU) 6 1/2

7. Abasov (AZE) 6 1/2

8. GM Bartel (POL) 6

9. IM Kaplan (ISR) 6

10. FM Sofrigin (RUS) 6

11. Isgandarova (AZE) 6

12.GM Malakhato (BEL) 5 1/2

13. GM de Firmian (USA) 5 1/2

14. GM Mchedlishvili (GEO) 5 1/2

15. IM Gullaksen (NOR) 5 1/2

Total: 70 players

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