Ivan Ivanisevic took the 16th Kavala Open

144 players in main and 234 in U2100 group

Kavala Chess Club and East Macedonia – Thrace Chess Union were co-organizers of the 16th Open International Tournament of Kavala, which also acted as 17th Open Greek Championship / 10th Open Women Greek Championship. The tournament took place on 4-12th August at Foyer of Kavala Prefecture Amphitheater.

Serbian GM Ivan Ivanisevic edged then-leading GM Vasilios Kotronias in the direct last round clash to take the clear first place and 2.500 Euros prize money. Instead of defending a slightly inferior Trompovsky position, Kotronias initiated complications. Fearless tactician himself, Ivanisevic handled position well, and with two Rooks on the 7th rank transposed the game into winning ending.

Valjevo Ivan Ivanisevic

Ivan Ivanisevic

Some of top rated didn’t score too well. GM Dmitry Svetushkin (MDA 2618) finished on 5.5, while GM Alexander Graf (GER 2595) collected 5 points. There were 144 players in the main and fantastic 234 in U2100 section! Total prize fund was 11.500 Euros.

Final standings:

1. GM Ivan Ivanisevic (SRB 2595) 7.5

2. GM Vasilios Kotronias (GRE 2602) 7.0

3-11. GM Hristos Banikas (GRE 2567), Momchil Nikolov (BUL 2474), IM Pavel Dimitrov (BUL 2456), GM Tamaz Gelashvili (GEO 2604), GM Mikhailo Oleksienko (UKR 2567), IM Elina Danielian (ARM 2439), GM Dimitrios Mastrovasilis (GRE 2541), IM Giorgi Margvelashvili (GEO 2435) and IM Danilo MIlanovic (SRB 2495) 6.5 etc.