Neckar Open 2009

Peralta, Naiditsch and Bachmann sharing the first place

The 13th Neckar Open with the prize fund of 14.000 EUR took place on 9-13th April. The organizers were thrilled that Germany’s 2700-rated player, GM Arkadij Naiditsch, made Neckar Open be his first tournament appearance since entering the exclusive club on April 1st rating list. Naiditsch did make it to the first place tie, having beaten IM Pedersen in the last round for final 7.5 points, but the trophy was claimed by GM Fernando Peralta who sported the best tiebreak score. Young Paraguayan star GM Axel Bachmann was the third player to finish in the top group.

The tournament had a massive turnout of 349 participants and it proved to be a very difficult ride for other top rated players. Grandmasters Sergey Fedorchuk 2656 and Vadim Malakhatko 2618 have collected 6.5 points each, which was good enough only for shared 14th place. GM Alexander Graf (long ago – Nenashev), rated 2601, was sharing 58th place with 5.5 points. On the other hand, a number of young and talented players have reached high positions, among them particularly Dutch delegation will be happy as IM Spoelman and FM Miedema are up on the 4-13th place tie.

Fernando Peralta sq

Fernando Peralta

Final standings:

1-3. GM Fernando Peralta (ARG 2559), GM Arkadij Naiditsch (GER 2700) and GM Axel Bachmann (PAR 2555) – 7.5

4-13. GM Marcin Dziuba (POL 2535), IM Wouter Spoelman (NED 2512), GM Fidel Corrales Jimenez (CUB 2574), IM Krasimir Rusev (BUL 2498), IM Ilja Zaragatski (GER 2428), IM Michal Olszewski (POL 2538), IM Ilja Schneider (GER 2505), GM Falko Bindrich (GER 2516), Dominik Orzech (POL 2461) and FM Roi Miedema (NED 2370) – 7.0

14-29. GM Sergey Fedorchuk (UKR 2656), IM Robin Swinkels (NED 2499), GM Janis Klovans (LAT 2415), Oleg Boguslavskyy (GER 2415), GM Zoltan Gyimesi (HUN 2581), IM Leonid Milov (GER 2539), GM Vadim Malakhatko (BEL 2618), IM Davit Lobzhanidze (GEO 2497), GM Ivan Farago (HUN 2491), FM Steve Berger (GER 2413), FM Tobias Hirneise (GER 2407), IM Nicolai Pedersen (DEN 2417), Michael Fedorovsky (GER 2432), IM Alexander Gasthofer (GER 2441), IM Marco Thinius (GER 2391) and GM David Baramidze (GER 2547) – 6.5 etc

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