Azerbaijan vs The World match, day 2 LIVE!

The World with a big lead, Kramnik with 3 wins

13:15 CET

Welcome to the day 2 live coverage of the President’s Cup on! Today we will bring you minute by minute updates from Baku, where Azerbaijan is challenging The World in a rapid match.

Round 3 started at 16:00 local time (13:00 CET). It will be followed by rounds 4 and 5, a quite exciting and probably decisive day for the outcome of the match.

13:30 CET

Round 3 pairings are:

Mamedyarov – Anand

Guseinov – Kramnik

Shirov – Radjabov

Gashimov – Karjakin

Yesterday it was Anand who came on a positive score and gave The World an advantage in a true World Champion style. Today the difficult task to hold his advance is for Mamedyarov, who was the person to score the only full point for Azerbaijan in the first rounds.

Interview with Vishy Anand upon his arrival in Baku here.

13:45 CET

While updating the news from Azerbaijan, we will keep an eye on the ongoing Chinese Chess League and the US Chess Championship that has just started. The Bosna 2009 and the Mtel Masters 2009 will surely add to a very rich of chess competitions month of May.

For now all attention is on Baku, as besides two World Champions, one World Cup finalist, the Corus winner, and all the chess elite of Azerbaijan, there will be many additional interesting events. Among them is a press conference with the FIDE President that will start in 15 minutes.

13:47 CET

First score of the day, Anand and Mamedyarov draw their game on board 1. At the same time Guseinov is testing Kramnik’s Petroff.

13:50 CET

Mamedyarov commented shrtly for the Azeri media, “I am happy with the draw with Anand. It was a forced variation and the result is logical.”

14:00 CET

Gashimov and Karjakin agreed to a draw, while Kramnik steamrolled with the Petroff and scored a full point, increasing the advantage of The World.

14:15 CET

In a very interesting Q vs R + B endgame Shirov managed to build a very stable fortress and saved the game for The World.

Round 3 results:

Mamedyarov – Anand 1/2:1/2

Guseinov – Kramnik 0:1

Shirov – Radjabov 1/2:1/2

Gashimov – Karjakin 1/2:1/2

Round 4 pairings:

Mamedov – Anand

Mamedyarov – Kramnik

Gashimov – Shirov

Radjabov – Karjakin

Score after round 3: The World 7 – Azerbaijan 5

14:25 CET

Mamedov stated before his match with Anand that he is confident that Azerbaijan can turn the match around.

15:00 CET

The press conference with Kirsan Ilymzhinov is over, the details will be revealed in a minute. In the mean time the captain of Azerbaijan commented for the journalists, “Chess is not futbol and we are not Barcelona, but we still can catch up with the competition and reduce the difference.”

15:15 CET

First score of round 4, Mamedov manages to hold Anand to a draw.

15:30 CET

Kramnik has delivered yet another blow on Azerbaijan. With black he defeated Mamedyarov. Another draw on third board between Shirov and Gashimov leaves The World 3 points ahead.

15:45 CET

Karjakin makes the round a real blow for Azerbaijan. He defeated Radjabov with black.

Round 4 results:

Mamedov – Anand 1/2:1/2

Mamedyarov – Kramnik 0:1

Gashimov – Shirov 1/2:1/2

Radjabov – Karjakin 0:1

Round 5 pairing:

Anand – Mamedyarov

Kramnik – Guseinov

Radjabov – Shirov

Karjakin – Gashimov

Score after round 4: The World 10 – Azerbaijan 6

16:10 CET

Top news from the press conference: Baku will probably apply to host the match Anand – Topalov (read the full news here). This was announced by the FIDE President, who also said that Baku is a possible candidate to stage a women Grand Prix.

16:45 CET

Third draw for Anand for the day this time against Mamedyarov with white. This was their second game of the day, both finishing with a draw.

17:00 CET

It is the day of Kramnik, he achieves third consecutive win. The score now is 6,5:11,5 for The World.

17:15 CET

Shirov keeps the impeccable day for The World by drawing with Radjabov.

17:20 CET

Karjakin makes the score 13:7 after a victory against Gashimov.

Round 5 results:

Anand – Mamedyarov 1/2:1/2

Kramnik – Guseinov 1:0

Radjabov – Shirov 1/2:1/2

Karjakin – Gashimov 1:0

Score after round 5: The World 13 – Azerbaijan 7

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