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12:50 CET

Welcome to the day 3 coverage of the chess match Azerbaijan vs. The World. After a positive start for Azerbaijan in round 1, The World quickly turned the score on the first day. 3 victories by Kramnik and 2 by Karjakin on day 2 of the match gave the World a big 13:7 advantage.

Today Azerbaijan has the chance to show they can do better than in the previuos days and to defend their position as leading grandmasters. Games start at 13:00 CET

13:00 CET

The games have started in Azerbaijan, here are the pairings for round 6.

Gashimov – Anand

Radjabov – Kramnik

Guseinov – Shirov

Mamedyarov – Karjakin

13:15 CET’s reporter in Baku will bring the news minute by minute as it happens. Meanwhile, a big photo gallery of the match will be open at the Chessdom album space, more details later.

13:25 CET

In a recent interview Silvio Danailov claimed that Topalov has turned down an invitation for the Azerbaijan vs. The World match due to participation in promotional events in Bulgaria before the Mtel Masters. The information about these events was brought by Kaleid in the Chessdom forum, Topalov became the leader of the campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross (with the moto “The World is ours. It is your move”) and later played a simul against 20 players at the Nuclear power plant in Kozlodui.

13:35 CET

Radjabov draws with Kramnik and keeps the balance of the day equal.

13:45 CET

Mamedyarov and Karjakin follow suit and draw their game. Thus the score of the day is 1:1, and the score of the match is 8:14

13:55 CET

Just when it seemed Azerbaijan can keep up with the fight today, Anand came strong to win his game against Gashimov.

14:00 CET

Mamedyarov was sorry about his game with Karjakin, “I missed some moves. I was in good position and then, I do not know how, I let my opponent equalize.”

14:05 CET

In the longest game of the day Guseinov and Shirov madea draw.

Results round 6.

Gashimov – Anand 0:1

Kramnik – Radjabov 1/2:1/2

Guseinov – Shirov 1/2:1/2

Karjakin – Mamedyarov 1/2:1/2

Pairings round 7.

Anand – Radjabov

Gashimov – Kramnik

Shirov – Mamedyarov

Guseinov – Karjakin

Score after round 7: The World leads 15,5:8,5

14:30 CET

The 7th round was slightly delayed. The reason cited by Azerisport and other media in Azerbaijan was that the players were waiting for the President of the National Federation of Elman Rustamov. Now the games are underway.

15:30 CET

Kramnik and Karjakin do not have any mercy towards the Azeri team and both win their games with black. That puts them on a +4 and +3 respectively, a really strong achievement for such a top match.

15:45 CET

Shirov adds another full point to the bag of The World, while Radjabov saves half a point against Anand.

Results round 7.

Anand – Radjabov 1/2:1/2

Gashimov – Kramnik 0:1

Shirov – Mamedyarov 1:0

Guseinov – Karjakin 0:1

This makes the score 19:9 for The World and the President’s cup is going to the FIDE collection.

Round 8 pairings

Mamedov – Anand

Kramnik – Mamedyarov

Gashimov – Shirov

Karjakin – Radjabov

17:10 CET

Teimour Radjabov snatches the second full point for Azerbaijan! This has not happened since round 1, and at least Radjabov will come out dry from this match with a =0 balance.

Right about the same time Shirov and Gashimov shook peacefully hands for a draw.

17:25 CET

Anand and Kramnik do not let the round slip and win their games against Mamedyarov and Mamedov. This leaves The World with 21,5 and Azerbaijan with 10,5 points.

The President’s cup will be given to the team of The World during the closing ceremony that starts in about an hour. Stay tuned with as we bring you more details from the scene.

Stay tuned for minute by minute updates!

Live games from Baku