Bhakti Kulkarni to participate in the World School chess

Ivana Furtado, Anjana Krishna, and many others will join her

The World School U17 champion Bhakti Kulkarni is one of the heavy
favorites in the girls section at the upcoming championship in
. Bhakti Kulkarni, currently ranked 2nd among Indian
and 5th among Asia U18 female players with ELO 2208, is expected to go
yet for another title.

Bhakti Kulkarni is a holder of a WFM title and a WIM norm and her
recent success at championships suggests strong potential for the
future. She recently bagged more than 20 ELO points from the National
A women
competition, where she managed to hold to a draw the
defending champion, and finished mid table together with strong

Among her titles are the first place at the Goa State Chess
Association Championship, sponsored by Bank of India, where she scored
8,0/9 in a solid 80 participants field.

Bhakti Kulkarni will be joined in the lower categories by the two
times winner of the Under-8 World Youth Chess Championship, gold
medalist from the Under 8 Asian Youth Chess, and gold Medal winner at
the World School Chess Championship in Greece in 2007, the young
talent Ivana

Many other Indian players will join the World School Chess
Championship – Anjana Krishna, Vigram M, Sunyasakta Satpathy,
Sudharsan Surya K, Bhuvaneshwari R, Sriram S, Priadarshni M, Savant
Riya, etc (full
list here
). Other players will also participate in the parralel
event World
Amateur Chess Championship