Evgeny Tomashevsky Wins European Chess Championship!

Second place for Vladimir Malakhov, third is Baadur Jobava

Russian Grandmaster Evgeny Tomashevsky won a dramatic final match against his compatriot Vladimir Malakhov to claim the title of 2009 European Chess Champion! Tomashevsky won the first game, but then forfeited in the second in probably drawing Rook endgame. The champion was to be determinated after an Armageddon game where White has 5 minutes and Black 4 minutes plus draw odds. Malakhov achieved a winning position with Black but then hastily put the whole Rook en prise, which Tomashevsky grabbed without hesitation!

Baadur Jobava of Georgia won the match for the 3rd place against Ernesto Inarkiev.

Tiebreaks for the title of European Champion and medals (two games at 15 min+5 sec, followed by 5/4 armaggedon)

Round 1

11 GM Nyback Tomi – 6 GM Malakhov Vladimir 0.5-1.5

7 GM Grachev Boris – 10 GM Guseinov Gadir 1-2

9 GM Kobalia Mikhail – 8 GM Jobava Baadur 1-2

Round 2

GM Jobava Baadur – GM Sokolov Ivan 2-0

GM Inarkiev Ernesto – GM Guseinov Gadir 2-1

GM Malakhov Vladimir – GM Naiditsch Arkadij 1.5-1.5

GM Tomashevsky Evgeny – GM Navara David 1.5-0.5


GM Jobava Baadur – GM Tomashevsky Evgeny 1-2

GM Malakhov Vladimir – GM Inarkiev Ernesto 1.5-0.5


GM Malakhov Vladimir – GM Tomashevsky Evgeny 1-2

3rd place

GM Jobava Baadur – GM Inarkiev Ernesto 1.5-0.5

Evgeny Tomashevsky sq

European Chess Champion – Tomashevsky Evgeny

Vladimir Malakhov sq

Silver medal for Malakhov Vladimir

Baadur Jobava sq

Bronze medal – Jobava Baadur

Tiebreaks for World Cup qualifiers

GM Areshchenko Alexander – GM Savchenko Boris 0-2

GM Sakaev Konstantin – GM Stevic Hrvoje 3-1

GM Vitiugov Nikita – GM Svetushkin Dmitry 1.5-0.5

GM Petrosian Tigran L – GM Dreev Alexey 1.5-0.5

GM Kurnosov Igor – GM Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter 0.5-1.5

GM Pashikian Arman – GM Lupulescu Constantin 0-2

GM Mikhalevski Victor – GM Motylev Alexander 0-2

From the group of players that finished with 7.5 points, Meier Georg, Nijboer Friso, Fedorchuk Sergey A, Timofeev Artyom, Sjugirov Sanan, Bartel Mateusz and Mamedov Rauf have qualified for the World Cup 2009 without additional matches. Bologan Viktor and Papaioannou Ioannis did not participate in tiebreaks.

System of the Tie-break matches (excerpt from the Regulations):
Additional matches of two games will be played with 15 minutes on the clock and addition of 10 seconds before each move.

If this match is drawn again, then two games will be played with five minutes plus two seconds per move.

If this match is again drawn, then the sudden-death game will be played with white having 5 minutes on the clock and black having 4 minutes, without any addition. White has to win the sudden-death game in order to win the match.

In case that more than three tie-break rounds have to be played, the Chief-Arbiter – after confirmation by the ECU President or his representative – may change the playing schedule in such a way that the tie-break matches can be finished within one day.

Final standings in the main competition

1-11. GM Sokolov Ivan NED 2657, GM Inarkiev Ernesto RUS 2656, GM Naiditsch Arkadij GER 2693, GM Tomashevsky Evgeny RUS 2664, GM Navara David CZE 2638, GM Malakhov Vladimir RUS 2692, GM Grachev Boris RUS 2655, GM Jobava Baadur GEO 2669, GM Kobalia Mikhail RUS 2634, GM Guseinov Gadir AZE 2661 and GM Nyback Tomi FIN 2644 – 8,0

12-34. GM Meier Georg GER 2608, GM Nijboer Friso NED 2559, GM Fedorchuk Sergey A UKR 2633, GM Timofeev Artyom RUS 2671, GM Sjugirov Sanan RUS 2562, GM Bartel Mateusz POL 2594, GM Mamedov Rauf AZE 2638, GM Areshchenko Alexander UKR 2673, GM Stevic Hrvoje CRO 2592, GM Vitiugov Nikita RUS 2687, GM Dreev Alexey RUS 2688, GM Bologan Viktor MDA 2687, GM Kurnosov Igor RUS 2602, GM Lupulescu Constantin ROU 2608, GM Papaioannou Ioannis GRE 2609, GM Mikhalevski Victor ISR 2608, GM Motylev Alexander RUS 2676, GM Pashikian Arman ARM 2621, GM Nisipeanu Liviu-Dieter ROU 2675, GM Petrosian Tigran L ARM 2623, GM Svetushkin Dmitry MDA 2593, GM Sakaev Konstantin RUS 2619 and GM Savchenko Boris RUS 2654 – 7,5 etc

Round 9 report

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