Gabor Pali banned for 3 years from chess events

The ban is a result of the Gadeon Barcza Memorial scandal

Gabor Pali, organizer and center of the scandal of the Gadeon Barcza Memorial, has received a 3 years ban from the Hungarian Chess Federation. The disciplinary Committee of Budapest Chess Federation has forbidden Gabor Pali from organizing tournaments for the next 3 years.

Earlier this year, the Hungarian Chess Federation has announced that it “has never approved, supported, promoted any so-called Barcza Memorial tournament or provided any financial support for such a tournament to its organizer Gabor Pali.” They qualified the tournament as a fraud and launched an investigation.

Special thanks to our good friends Laszlo Rudolf and WGM Anna Rudolf for bringing the news, below is the official letter of the HCF in Hungarian.

Update: Susan Polgar added the following information: “Mr. Pali has 15 days after receiving the ruling to appeal. In addition, the reasons for this lesser penalty are: 1. He never had a prior record of such conduct in the past and 2. He has made arrangements to compensate all the participants”

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