Hungarian Women Chess Championship

21-29th August 2009 in Eger

HUN Women 2009

The Hungarian Women Chess Championship with ten participants and round robin system of play took place on 21-29th August in Eger. In the final standings, sisters Anita and Ticia Gara shared the first place with 7,0 points each. IM Anita Gara holds a better tiebreak score, and she received the gold medal of the competition.

Ticia Gara also acquired IM norm while Petra Papp claimed WIM norm.

Final standings:

1. IM Gara Anita 2353 – 7,0

2. WGM Gara Ticia 2354 – 7,0

3. Papp Petra 2159 – 5,5

4. IM Medvegy Nora 2344 – 5,5

5. WGM Lakos Nikoletta 2310 – 5,0

6. IM Vajda Szidonia 2375 – 5,0

7. WGM Rudolf Anna 2313 – 4,0

8. WFM Dudas Eszter 2141 – 3,0

9. WFM Toth Sarolta 2236 – 2,0

10. WIM Csatari Mariann 2117 – 1,0

News by Laszlo Rudolf

medalists hungary

Petra Papp (bronze), Anita Gara (gold), Ticia Gara (silver)

Hungarian chess championship women finals

Anna Rudolf and Veronika Schneider at the final

anna rudolf

By Laszlo Rudolf for

The Hungarian Women Chess Championship is taking place in the Thermal Hotel Visegrád, August 22-29. It resembles the system of the Women World Chess Championship that is starting tomorrow in Nalchik – 16 players engage in a KO system.

The winner will be member of the Hungarian Olympic team for Dresden 2008 (other teams are available at Chess Olympiad Dresden 2008 teams page)

Participants list

1 Vajda Szidónia IM 2397 Atomerőmű SE Paks

2 Mádl Ildikó IM 2387 Csuti-Hydrocomp SK Zalaegerszeg

3 Gara Anita WGM 2340 MTK-Erzsébetváros Budapest

4 Gara Tícia WGM 2319 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa

5 Rudolf Anna WGM 2337 Decs

6 Schneider Veronika WIM 2316 BEAC

7 Horváth Júlia WIM 2240 Vasas SC

8 Tóth Lili WIM 2208 Atomerőmű SE Paks

9 Forgó Éva WIM 2200 Csuti-Hydrocomp SK Zalaegerszeg

10 Ignácz Mária WIM 2178 Aquaprofit Nagykanizsa

11 Domány Zsófia WFM 2177 Makói SVSE

12 Albert Kornélia WFM 2159 Mátyásföldi Lawn Tennis Club-Bp.

13 Tóth Sarolta WFM 2151 Orosházi SE

14 Remete Eszter 2132 Haladás VSE

15 Kiss Emese 2145 Pénzügyőr SE

16 Hidegh Eszter 2115 Mátra SE Gyöngyös

The championship has reached the culmination, where WGM Anna Rudolf and WIM Veronika Schneider will face each other in the final. Anna Rudolf defeated WFM Kornelia Albert, WGM Ticia Gara, and WIM Lili Toth on the way to the final, while Veronika Scheider won against WFM Domány Zsófia, WGM Anita Gara, and WIM Mária Ignácz.

You can follow the live games on the official website. Stay tuned for updates on!

hungary visegrad venue

The venue in Visegrad

hungary participants

Participants at the Hungarian Women Chess Championship

hungary cups

The cups for the winners