Lazaro Bruzon is Cuban Chess Champion

Bruzon wins the 2009 edition of the tournament


GM Lazaro Bruzon won the 2009 edition of the Cuban Chess Championship with a photo finish. Bruzon did not lose a single game throught the competition gaining 5,5/9, but the final round draw with Yuri González put him with the same points as GM Neuris Delgado, FM Lelys Martínez, and FM Yusnel Bacallao. After applying tiebreak criteria, Bruzon was ahead of the three of them and won the first place.

Bruzon takes the title from last year’s champion GM Yunieski Quesada, who finished fifth with 4,5/9. This is the 4th title of Lazaro Bruzon, the previous ones being in 2004, 2005, and 2007.

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