Ivanchuk beats Morozevich in the first Leon semifinal

Ivanchuk wins by 2.5-1.5. Photos and replayable games

Ivanchuk practiced a lot of blitz games in a show of its own kind during Mtel Masters and later on he played solid chess against Navara. However, he has a difficult task today against Morozevich at the start of Leon 2009.

Here is the photo report from the beginning of round one, stay tuned for games and information. Update: Ivanchuk wins the first game against Morozevich, while the remaining three finished in draws, for total score 2.5-1.5. Ivanchuk advances to the Sunday’s final to defend his last year’s trophy.

leon 2009 ivanchuk

Honorary move by the head of the sports department of Castilla and Leon, Miguel Ignacio González, and the organizer Marcelino Sión

leon 2009 ivanchuk

Ivanchuk greets Miguel Ignacio González before the start of the semifinal

leon 2009 ivanchuk

The playing hall of Leon 2009 with Ivanchuk and Morozevich in game 1

leon 2009 ivanchuk

The game between Ivanchuk and Morozevich after move 10

Photos by Leontxo Garcia (Press Officer)

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