Maria Florencia Fernandez is chess Champion of Argentina

photo report from the Argentinian women championship

maria florencia fernandez

Maria Florencia

Maria Florencia Fernandez (not rated according to FIDE and rated 2105 according to the Argentinian Chess Federation) is the surprising new female champion of Argentina. She won the competition ahead of many titled players, among which the Dresden Olympiad team member IM Carolina Lujan, WIM Elisa Maggiolo, WIM Marisa Zuriel, WFM Stefanie Amed, and WIM Sandra Malajovich. María Florencia Fernández did not lose a single game during the competition and won the title a full point ahead of the chasing pack.

To make the championship even more surprising the second position went to yet another untitled player, Ayelen Martinez (15 years old, rated 1894), and the third place is WFM Maria De Los Angeles Plazaola (rated 2160). The top seeded IM Lujan could only share place 4-5 with WIM Maggiolo.

1 Fernandez, Maria Florencia 7,5

2 Martinez, Ayelen 6,5

3 WFM Plazaola, Maria De Los Ang 6,5

4 IM Lujan, Carolina 6

5 WIM Maggiolo, Elisa 6

6 WIM Zuriel, Marisa 5,5

7 WFM Amed, Stephanie 5

8 WIM Malajovich, Sandra 5

9 Nejanky Maisa 5

10 Martinez De Negri, M. Agus 5

11 Romano, Julieta 5

12 Martyniuk, Carolina Milka 4,5

13 Benedetti, Antonella 4,5

14 Minervino, Paula 4,5

15 Colautti, Marcela 4,5

16 Denon, Nicole 4

17 Montero, Samantha 4

18 Zalimben, Maria Luz 4

19 Sanseverino, Victoria 4

20 Silva, Jorgelina 4

21 Salinas, Camila 3

22 Pellizzari, Melanie 2

23 Rodriguez, Rocio 2

maria florencia fernandez

Maria Florencia Fernandez (in the center) with the medalists
Ayelen Martinez (left) and WFM Maria De Los Angeles Plazaola (right)
Maria Florencia Fernandez campeona de ajedrez de Argentina

maria florencia fernandez

Maria Florencia Fernandez receiving the certificate and title from the tournament organizer

maria florencia fernandez

Maria Florencia Fernandez in round 1 victorious against Nicole Denon

maria florencia fernandez

The future champion concentrating on the game against Maisa Nejanky in round 4

maria florencia fernandez

The most important victory for Maria Florencia Fernandez came in round 5
she defeated the rating favorite IM Carolina Lujan

maria florencia fernandez

The happy winner among the rest of the Argentinian women chess elite

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