IM Matej Sebenik wins the 32nd San Sebastian chess tournament

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By Mikael Larreategi

Slovenian International Master Matej Sebenik won the 32nd San Sebastian Chess tournament, he finished the tournament with
7 points, same as Pablo Lafuente (ARG), Artur Kogan (ISR), Vinay
Bhat (USA) and Marc Narciso (ESP), but with a better tiebreak. The top performance also brings IM Matej Sebenik a GM norm.

San Sebastian open

The happy winners of the 32nd San Sebastian tournament

The last round of the event was played on Sunday. On the first board, Artur Kogan drew to Vinay Bhat in 19 moves after a
French defence. Pablo Lafuente and Matej Sebenik also drew on the second
board which finished with a perpetual-check in 29 moves.

The young spanish IM Mikel Huerga, needed to win against GM Marc Narciso
to got his second GM norm, but lost his game after receiving a hard
attack in his kingside. The now spanish-citizen Roberto Cifuentes, won
in a very long game againts the top seeded Aleksandar Delchev, in a rook-and-pawns

The spanish U12 champion, Jaime Santos Latasa was the revelation of the
tournament with a 2500+ performance after beating 2 IMs and drawing with
3 GMs. Jaime Santos had impressed San Sebastian since he played for the
first time in 2006, and drew his game after rejecting a draw offer from
his opponent GM Ivan Salgado (ESP) on move 16.

The best local player was Iñigo Martin, followed by Juan Carlos Lakunza
and IM Iñigo Argandoña.


1 – 5. Matej Sebenik, Pablo Lafuente, Arthur Kogan, Vinay Bhat y Marc
Narciso 7

6 – 9. Pablo San Segundo, Roberto Cifuentes, Manuel Pena y Marko Tratar 6,5

10. Ivan Salgado, Daniel Alsina, Alexander Delchev, J. Fernando Cuenca,
Nikita Maiorov y Mikel Huerga con 6.ptos. Total of 122 players

At the moment there are 160 games available from the first 8 rounds on the official website all the games of
the tournament will be available later.

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