Important changes at MundialChess

Veselin Topalov confirmed as the player to face the lucky winners announces to all users and participants two important changes to the 1st Advanced Online Chess Tournament.

1. The start date of the tournament has been modified for the day 8th of January, as the final date for registration is 3rd of January

2. An important change in the site for the final awards and special prizes for those classified in the top eight positions from each tournament. The organizers of are committed to the philosophy and main idea of this tournament, which is to take any player in the world (regardless of their level) closer to the best tournaments in the chess arena and to feel at 100% the play of those with the greatest strength and international prestige. A change of venue for said event has been inevitable.

Topalov mundialchess

For its 1st edition it was decided that the place and festival elected would be the VIII International Chess Festival in Benidorm (Gran Hotel Bali) which now and for reasons beyond the control of the organizers, will not provide that environment, thus the festival or tournament in which that event will take place is currently being studied by the organizers of

Also, all registered users and players will receive the newsletter according to each news item.

All the users who confirmed the pre-registration and the users registered in Mundialchess already can try our first version of the playing interface.

It is now confirmed that the player who will face the lucky winners is the current number one on the FIDE ranking, Veselin Topalov.

Please, visit site where you can access the server. The organizers of the Advanced Chess Tournament will keep its users informed of the guidelines regarding new versions and updates, until consolidating the final version before the tournament begins.