IM Hess on pace for a GM norm, IM Robson downs 2 GMs

SPICE spring invitational tournament

IM Robert Hess is a point clear on top of the SPICE spring invitational tournament. Accompanied by his coach GM Miron Sher, Hess is with 5,0/6 on top of the table. Needing a +3 to obtain his second GM norm, IM Robert Hess is now at +4 after only 6 rounds. That means he needs only a point in the remaining 3 rounds to get a GM norm.

The leadership of Hess is partially due to the nice victory of IM Ray Robson against the title contender GM Kacheishvili. In 31 moves the young star of US chess defeated the experienced grandmaster, thus signing his second consecutive victory against a GM in a row.

SPICE spring invitational standings

1. IM Hess 5.0

2. GM Kacheishvili 4.0

3. GM Gareev 3.5

4. IM Robson 2.5

5. GM Dashzegve 2.0

6. IM Antal 1.0

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