Summer Cup 2009 – Round Four

Ekaterini Pavlidou and FM Antonios Hadzimanolis with perfect score

The 4th International Open Chess Tournament “Summer Cup 2009″ is taking place on 18-25th July in Porto Carras, Greece. The games will take place in the luxurious 5-star Porto Carras Grand Resort, the largest of Europe and the Mediterranean (1763 hectares), on the seaside of Sithonia in Halkidiki, northern Greece. An excellent summer location with 9 km of sandy beaches and a panoramic view of the Aegean Sea. Porto Carras will also be the host of the 2010 World Youth Championships.

Prizes (in EUR): 1st place: 1000, 2nd: 500, 3rd: 300, 4th-5th: 200 each. 1st woman: 200, 2nd woman: 150, 3rd woman: 100. Special category “Performance minus FIDE Rating”: 1st: 200, 2nd: 150, 3rd: 100. Only FIDE ratings apply. In case of a tie, prizes are divided equally. A player qualifying for more than one prizes receives all of them.

This popular resort is attracting mostly people who like to combine chess tournament with a pleasant vacation. There are 74 participants, and after four rounds Ekaterini Pavlidou and FM Antonios Hadzimanolis are leading with perfect score. Pavlidou shocked GM Rolando Kutirov in round three, while Hadzimanolis won a very nice game against FM Anastasios Pavlidis (replay bellow).

Summer Cup 09 4

The playing hall in Meliton. FM Anastasios Pavlidis and WGM Anastazia Karlovich on the left.

Summer Cup 09 3

An external view of the Congress Center in Porto Carras (where the 2010 World Youth Championships will be held)

Summer Cup 09 2

The arbiters Effie Andrikopoulou and Kontokanis Andreas and chief organizer Aggelos Tzermiadianos. Effie Andrikopoulou is also the 2009 Women World Amateur Champion.

Summer Cup 09 1

Another swimming pool in Porto Carras

Round 4 standings:

1-2. Pavlidou Ekaterini GRE 2179 and FM Hadzimanolis Antonios GRE 2296 – 4.0

3-5. Jevtic Miroljub SRB 2164, Gamback Bjorn SWE 2182 and Andreou Andreas GRE 2214 – 3.5

6-17. FM Pavlidis Anastasios GRE 2348, WGM Karlovich Anastazia UKR 2211, Spiropoulos Panagiotis GRE 2114, FM Nikolaidis Konstantinos GRE 2270, Csonka Balazs HUN 2062, Xaxiris E GRE 2035, Radchenko Michail RUS 1954, Marianidis Dimitrios GRE 1850, Giordos Vasilios GRE 1949, Antoniadis Konstantinos GRE 1824, FM Naslund Mikael SWE 2170 and Papaikonomou Dimitris GRE 0 – 3.0 etc

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