Thomas Luther wins 6th LGA Premium Chess Cup

3-6th September in N├╝rnberg, Germany

After seven fighting rounds, the 6th Premium LGA Cup finished with a German win. Grandmaster Thomas Luther (2559) was the only player with six points and was happy to receive the price of 2000 Euro. From 2nd to 11th place there follow many known Grandmasters with 5,5 points – Klaus Bischoff (2561), GM Romuald Mainka (2501), GM Valentin Iotov (2578), GM Arik Braun (2519), IM Oleg Boguslavsky (2422), IM Stefan Bromberger (2518), GM Jonny Hector (2568), GM Vladimir Georgiev (2537), IM Leonid Milov (2558) and GM Dejan Bojkov (2528).

The decisive game took place in the 6th round, when Luther was able to beat the Swedish Grandmaster Jonny Hector after more than five hours. In the last round Luther could hold a draw against Klaus Bischoff and secure the sole first place.

The tournament was a big success for the players and the organisation. The next edition will take place from 2nd to 5th September 2010 and by now it’s very difficult to snatch a starting place because this event is very popular in Germany.

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News by Georgios Souleidis and Axel Fritz – Press team 6th LGA Premium Chess Cup

Nurnberg Luther

Grandmaster Thomas Luther

Nurnberg Iotov

GM Valentin Iotov

Nurnberg Mainka

GM Romuald Mainka

Nurnberg Heinz

IM Axel Heinz