The World Chess Championship match between Topalov and Anand in Bulgaria?

high prize fund may secure Sofia to be the venue of the 2010 WCC match

Anand and Topalov funny

Sofia will present a bid for the 2010 World Championship match between Veselin Topalov and Vishwanathan Anand. The official news was brought by Stefan Sergiev, President of the BCF, for

Sergiev evaluated that the organization of the match will require about 3 million eur, confirming the earlier statement by Silvio Danailov. About 70% of them will be allocated to the prize fund, the others will go for FIDE taxes and other details. Sergiev relies on the support from the new Bulgarian government, which will be headed by a chess lover – the Prime minister Boiko Borisov, who made the first move of Mtel Masters.

FIDE’s position

FIDE has nothing against the possibility the match to take place in India or Bulgaria. Kirsan Ilymzhinov mentioned this during the President’s Cup in Baku. Berik Balagaev has confirmed the fact to the BCF, which gives green light to Sofia to present the bid.

The deadline for submitting bids for the Topalov – Anand match is September 30th. According to the BCF, Sofia will not submit a the proposal until September 10th, and will look to improve the bid by finding more sponsors and supporters of the idea.

Other bids for Topalov – Anand 2010 match

Up to now there is no confirmation of an official bid being submitted for the WCC 2010 match. However, on several occasions has been able to reach to possible candidates for the match organization. Among them are India, Azerbaijan (the capital Baku), Russia (the region of Chechenya). That makes a total of four possible countries, all the bids being based on national level promotion and marketing.

More about the bids

Psychological war?

Stefan Sergiev was rather abrupt at points of the interview. He sent clear messages which side he will strongly support and went on saying, “Topalov is a charismatic personality in Bulgaria, much more than Anand in India and a WCC here will surely benefit from this.” Later on he added, “Berik Balgabaev and FIDE have assured me that they rely on us and they believe that India is not up to the task of organizing the Topalov – Anand match.

Anand to play in Plovdiv after the WCC?

Veselin Topalov, cited by and, commented the possibility Anand to play in Plovdiv after the WCC. “Anand has contract with his club and they are almost certain participants in the European Club Cup 2010.” However, Anand and Topalov will not have another official encounter before the World Chess Championship, as the Indian GM was substituted by Peter Leko for Nanjing.