The World Chess Championship to be played in 2010

Anand – Topalov postponed for 2010


The PB has officially agreed to postpone the World Championship Match between World Champion GM Anand and Challenger GM Topalov. The early news on brought by the FIDE Deputy President, that Anand has asked for postponment, is already a fact. The match will be played in the beginning of 2010, as April 20th was set as a deadline.

Besides, there were modifications in the current World Championship cycle, bringing a Candidates tournament (matches or round robin) into the schedule. In it will participate the following players:

* Two participants from the FIDE Chess Grand Prix

* The loser of Anand – Topalov

* Gata Kamsky

* The winner of the World Cup 2009 in Khanty Mansyisk

* The two highest rated players (excluding the qualified by other criteria)

* Nominated player by the organizer

Note: The difference with the proposal for WCC cycle in Dresden is that instead of having 2 people qualify from the World CUp and 1 by rating, now there will be 2 people qualifying by rating and 1 from the World Cup. This certainly increases the race for ELO points in the top 10 where the difference between Carlsen, Kramnik, Radjabov, Aronian, Jakovenko, Leko, Morozevich, Grishchuk, Ivanchuk, and Shirov is about 25 points.

Another decision on an already known bid in the chess world has been made official at the PB. The 2010-2011 World Chess Championship cycle will be organized by UEP.