Rybka, Hiarcs and Junior with perfect score at the WCCC

Jonny stuns Shredder for a draw

computer chess championship

Rybka, Hiarcs, and Junior are leading the World Computer Chess Championship that is taking place in Pamplona. They have perfect score after round 2 and are closely followed by Jonny and Shredder that made a surprising draw.

Results and games below. You can download the pgn here.

WCCC round 1

Rybka – Deep Sjeng 1-0

Hiarcs – Equinox 1-0

Joker- Junior 0-1

Jonny – The Baron 1-0

Pandix – Shredder 0-1

WCCC round 2

Joker – Rybka 0-1

Junior – Pandix 1-0

The Baron – Hiarcs 0-1

Shredder – Jonny 1/2-1/2

Deep Sjeng – Equinox 1-0