Chess World Cup day 1 (replayable games added)

the World Cup 2009 has started, games as 11,00 CET

Chess World Cup 2009

Welcome to the live coverage of the World Cup 2009 in Khanty Mansiysk on! Join us in the following days for live games commentary together with GM Christian Bauer, GM Aveskulov, NM Pete Karagianis, Jason Juett and many other titled GM special guests. Besides, there will be a daily live blog (round 1 here), photo reports, pgn games, and much more!

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The first featured games in round 1 will be GM Gata Kamsky – GM Rogelio Antonio and GM Wesley So – GM Gadir Guseinov. They will be commented by GM Christian Bauer.

Kamsky – Rogelio / Wesley So – Guseinov

All other games will be present at the new tool on Chessdom live with computer analysis.

Replayable games R1 game 1

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19:15 CET

This is not the end of our coverage from the WOrld Cup, stay tuned for full report, pgn and replayable games (in case moves are available), photos, and much more from Khanty Mansiysk.

Tomorrow we continue the coverage with a live blog, commented games with GM Christian Bauer, live results, and updates from World Cup 2009.

19:00 CET

All results are now available at the day 1 results page.

18:45 CET

Gilberto Milos brings a full point to Brazil and defeats Zahar Efimenko with black, difficult task in game 2 for the Ukranian.

18:45 CET

Bu Xiangzhi divides the point with Yannik Pelletier, definitely one of the most exciting encounters of tomorrow.

18:35 CET

The second of Anand and continental champion GM Ganguly defeats Anton Filippov.

18:30 CET

Smedron keeps the hopes of Australia alive as he holds Dominguez to a draw.

18:15 CET

Sokolov – Fedorchuk 0-1, Gelfand – Obodchuk, Areshchenko – COrales Jimenez 1-0, Smirin – Ehlvest 1-0 are the latest scores.

17:45 CET

In one of the most interesting games of the day Yifan Hou and Arkadij Naiditsch finish draw.

17:30 CET

The European champion Evgeny Tomashevsky defeats Alexander Ivanov. The strongest player of Egypt GM Ahmed Adly loses to GM Bologan.

17:25 CET

The winner of the last edition of the World Cup starts with a victory against Antonio Rogelio.

17:15 CET

Sergey Rublevsky brings another full point for black by deffating Ivan Morovich.

17:10 CET

The World Junior champion Vachier Lagrave is held to a draw by Yu, Shaoteng, a big surprise and a difficult task for the French GM with black tommorow.

17:01 CET

Julio Granada Zuniga can be happy with the draw against Konstantin Skaev.

17:00 CET

Le, Quang Liem starts well by holding to a draw Vladislav Tkachiev. Akobian turns the day around for USA and defeats Tregubov.

16:56 CET

Chanda Sandipan brings a full point for India by defeating Kobalia.

16:45 CET

Evgeny Najer defeats Ghaem Maghami, the Iranian GM will have to go for a full point tomorrow. The Brazilian GM Alexandr Fier draws with Khalifman, the same is the score in Grachev – Bartel.

16:35 CET

Li Chao B holds the Olympic champion Gabriel Sargissian to a draw.

16:25 CET

Emil Sutovski is held to a draw by Zhou Weiqi. Liviu-Dieter Nisipeanu wins the Romanian derby against Lupulescu.

16:15 CET

Robert Hess makes a good start holding to a draw the coach of the Russian team GM Alexander Motylev.

Abhijeet Gupta and Nikita Vitiugov finish with the same score a few minutes later.

16:10 CET

First victory for white GM Jobava Baadur defeats GM Ray Robson. Not a good start for USA with 0,0/2.

16:00 CET

Not a single win for white until now, black walk away with 3 full points, while other two games finish in a draw. All live scores are available here.

15:50 CET

The most surprising result of the day so far, Aleksei Pridorozhni holds to a draw GM Alekseev. At the same time Joshua Friedel loses to Wang Hao with white

15:45 CET

Abhijit Kunte and last year’s finalist Alexei Shirov draw their game, leaving the decisive match for tomorrow.

15:30 CET

First results of the day are fact. GM Gashimov and GM Morozevich win their games with black against Sarwat and Abdel Razik respectively.

12:15 CET

Note that in many games there are transmission errors, that was one of the main reasons for interrupting the broadcast. It is supposed to be soon online with all this corrected. As soon as there is connection with Khanty Mansiysk, games will appear on the live platform.

A similar situation happened at Mtel Masters this year.

11:45 CET

The connection with Khanty Mansiysk is not possible at the moment, the official website came with the message “Live broacast of Round 1 is stopped due to technical reasons. ”

11:25 CET

First round live moves transmission is interrupted for a few minutes, games are expected to be back any moment now.

11:05 CET

And games have started, click on the links above to follow them with live commentary!

10:55 CET

Initial information from Khanty Mansiysk states that the opponent of Judith Polgar, GM Pavasovic, has not arrived in the World Cup. Venezuelan GM Iturrizaga got lost in Moscow and didn’t arrive on time last year.

10:35 CET

There are several knock out rounds to the final. While players usually concentrate on their next match only, it is intersting for the chess fans to know the possibilities for future matchups. Here are the pairing trees for the World Cup 2009, click on the numbers to get the differnt branches.

Pairings tree

1 / 2 / 3 / 4

10:25 CET

There are a little more than 30 minutes to the start of the games. The first two days are the most massive ones with 64 games being played at the same time. This competition is the chance for many players to shine and enter the world’s elite, while for others it is direct way towards the World Chess Championship. As the classical games are only 2 per match, home preparation will play significant role and will also be basis for surprising results.

10:00 CET

The winner of the World Cup will take 120 000 eur from the solid 1,6 million eur prize fund (more details here). Also, the winner of the World Cup will qualify directly to the Candidates tournament, that is part of the 2010-2011 World Chess Championship cycle. Note that if Gata Kamsky wins the World Cup, than he will free one more spot for the Candidates event, as he is already qualified from the Challengers match in 2009. This spot will be taken by the third place winner of the Grand Prix series.

The Chess World Cup had a massive qualification process through Zonal events and continental championships, details of the most interesting can be found at the World CUp general index.

9:50 CET

Besides the featured games on the main page of, all other games will have live analysis with chat and many new functions at the new analysis tool of Chessdom. A room for the World Cup has been open, enter here now.

9:45 CET

The Chief Arbiter of the Cup Ashot Vardapetian held the drawing of colors. The top seeded GM Boris Gelfand was requested to choose one of the two boxes. Grandmaster chose the box with white king which means that all the participants with odd number will start the first round with white, as we already published yesterday.

The time control shall be 90 minutes for the first 40 moves followed by 30 minutes for the rest of the game with an addition of 30 seconds per move from move one. For the first 6 rounds, each match shall be played over 2 games and the winner of a match shall be the first player to score 1.5 or more points. The final 7th round will be a match played over 4 games and the winner of the World Cup will be the first player to score 2.5 or more points.

This edition will feature an extended format for tiebreaks. A maximum of four rapid games will be played, and if the score is still equal, there will be up to five pairs of blitz games. If the tie is broken after any pair of games, the tiebreak will end. Failing that, an armageddon game will be played, where players will have three-second increments beginning with move 61.

9:35 CET

The opening ceremony took place yesterday in Khanty Mansiysk. The organizers presented the 128 players from 43 countries who will compete in the 2009 edition of the World Cup. The governor of Khanty Mansi Autonomous Okrug-Yugra Alexander Filipenko and the Vice Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Alexander Zhukov warmly welcomed the participants. The importance of Khanty Mansiysk was underlined by Zhukov as “one of the chess capitals of Russia”.

9:30 CET

Welcome to the day 1 coverage of the Chess World Cup in Khanty Mansiysk on! Today we will present you all the details from this year’s competition, the live games, photos, interviews, opinions, interesting news and much more!