Alexandr Fier and Rafael Leitao qualify for the World Chess Cup

FIDE Zonal 2.4 tournament has ended

The FIDE Zonal 2.4 tournament was held on 8-18th June in Clube de Xadrez Guanabara Rio de Janeiro, Brasil. The competition format was 10-players round robin, with two top finishers qualifying for the 2009 World Chess Cup, that is set to take place on 20.11-15.12 in Khanty Mansiysk. South America U20 Champion, GM Alexandr Fier, needed only a draw in the final round to cement his spot at the World Cup, but he proceeded to beat GM Oswaldo Zambrana and clear the way for another Brasilian national, GM Rafael Leitao.

Current Brasilian champion IM Andre Diamant won in the last round and finished on shared 4-6th place.

Rafael Leitao Alexandr Fier square

Rafael Leitao and Alexandr Fier

Last round results:

Moreno William (PER 2190) - GM Mecking Henrique (BRA 2556) 1/2-1/2

IM Matsuura Everaldo (BRA 2482) - IM Bittencourt Jorge (BRA 2471) 1/2-1/2

Palacios Efraim (PER 2123) - GM Leitao Rafael (BRA 2590) 0-1

GM Zambrana Oswaldo (BOL 2473) - GM Fier Alexandr (BRA 2595) 0-1

GM Lima Darcy (BRA 2499) - IM Diamant Andre (BRA 2506) 0-1

Final standings:

1. GM Fier Alexandr (2595 BRA) – 7.5

2. GM Leitao Rafael (2590 BRA) – 6.5

3. GM Zambrana Oswaldo (2473 BOL) – 5.5

4-6. GM Mecking Henrique (2556 BRA), IM Diamant Andre (2506 BRA) and GM Lima Darcy (2499 BRA) – 5.0

7. IM Matsuura Everaldo (2482 BRA) – 4.5

8. IM Bittencourt Jorge (2471 BRA) – 4.0

9-10. Moreno William (2190 PER) and Palacios Efraim (2123 PER) – 1.0

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