25th North American Masters

GM Ben Finegold and Mackenzie Molner share the first place

The 25th North American Masters was held on 20-24th March at the Holiday Inn Skokie Hotel, in Skokie, IL, USA, together with the 2010 World Amateur Chess Championship.

After 9 grueling rounds of chess, 2 norm hunters emerged successful. Those norm hunters were Mac Molner and Siddarth Ravichandran (funny enough both with over 2400 ratings and neither with the FM title!). Mac secured a GM norm which will also be used as his final IM norm, and Siddarth secured his final IM norm. Mac had scored his second IM norm at the 23rd North American Masters in August.

Total prize fund was $5000 USD, with $1500 reserved for the fist place.

north ameracan chess

Final Standings:

1-2. GM Ben Finegold (USA 2531), Mackenzie Molner (USA 2413) – 6.5/9

3. GM Atanas Kolev (BUL 2571) – 6/9

4-7. GM Vladimir Georgiev (MKD 2575), GM Nikola Mitkov (USA 2499), GM Mesgen Amanov (TKM 2482), Siddharth Ravichandran (IND 2458) – 5.5/9

8-10. IM Michael Mulyar (USA 2408), IM Florin Felecan (USA 2407), IM Angelo Young (PHI 2334) – 5/9

11-12. FM Gauri Shankar (IND 2295), WIM Iryna Zenyuk (USA 2263) – 4.5/9

13-14. Adarsh Jayakumar (USA 2109), John Gurczak (USA 2049) – 4/9

15. IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan (IND 2285) – 3.5/8

16. FM Robby Adamson (USA 2332) – 3/8

17. Timur Aliyev (ISR 2250) – 3/9

18-19. Mariano Acosta (USA 2108), Tommy Ulrich (USA 2044) – 2/9

20. Jose Perez Reisler (PUR 1900) – 1.5/9

“It’s hard to believe that a single event ran by myself and my good friend Glenn Panner multiplied itself over and over again. It’s been quite an adventure” – Sevan A. Muradian, North American Chess Association, International Arbiter and International Organizer.

Adamson Secures 2nd IM Norm at the 24th North American Masters