Michael Adams with crushing victory at the British Chess Championship

IM Jovanka Houska is British Womens Champion 2010

Michael Adams square 2

The 97th Championships of the British Isles were organised by the English Chess Federation from Sunday 25th July to Saturday 7th August at the Sports Centre, University of Kent Canterbury. The main tournament with 78 participants was played over 11 rounds of Swiss system. In addition, there were numerous other competitions, including Senior, Grade and Junior groups.

England’s No 1, Michael Adams, is the King of British Chess again. Adams gave a masterly performance, seeing off his Grandmaster and International Master rivals one after another. He collects the title and the £5000 first prize with a score of eight wins and three draws from eleven games. His 9½ points is just half-a-point short of the record set by former champion Julian Hodgson in 1992.

The mild mannered Adams doesn’t look too fearsome across the board, but he’s put up one of the most domineering performances ever seen at the British Championships. Finishing two points clear, he never appeared under pressure and constantly created problems for his rivals. His progress being slowed by draws against Grandmasters Nick Pert, Peter Wells and International Master Adam Hunt.

Even at the highest level Adams makes chess look simple. There are few flashy moves, just relentless exploitation of small advantages, such as a knight outpost in front of a backward pawn, or manoeuvring his forces to isolate and then capture one of his rival’s vulnerable pieces.

Adams remains one of the world’s “Super Grandmasters” and he’s been at the top of his game for the last two weeks. His performance at Canterbury was no fluke and follows victory at an international Grandmaster event in Gibraltar earlier this year.

IM Jovanka Houska wins the title of the British Womens Champion 2010. IM Adam Hunt made a fantastic performance of 2624 elo and earned a GM norm.

Final standings: 1. Michael Adams 9½; 2. Nicholas Pert 8; 3-8. Stuart Conquest, Andrew Greet, Jonathan Hawkins, Adam Hunt, Richard Pert and Alexei Slavin 7½ etc.

The 98th British Chess Championships will take place at Ponds Forge, Sheaf Street, Sheffield, S1 2BP, 24th July to 6th August 2011.

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