Snowdrops and Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2010

20-27th November in Marienbad, Czech Republic

The chess legends of the 20th century and the rising generation of female players are currently competing in the “Snowdrops and Oldhands – Czech Coal Chess Match 2010″ tournament with Sheveningen system. The event is taking place from 20 November till 27 November in Marienbad, Czech Republic. The playing venue is Villa Butterfly hotel.

“Oldhands” are represented by Lajos Portisch, one of the world’s best chess players during the 1960′s and 1970′s, Vlastimil Hort, one of the best Czech players of all time, Dragoljub Velimirovic, champion of Yugoslavia in 1970, 1975 and 1997, whose brilliant combinations earned him a nickname Yugoslavian Tal, and Wolfgang Uhlmann, the best player of former East Germany and tireless advocate of the French defence.

Indian Grandmaster Humpy Koneru, currently the world’s second best female player, Lithuanian Grandmaster Viktoria Cmilyte, Philippines-born Australian chess player Arianne Caoli and the Czech Tereza Olsarova are playing in the team “Snowdrops”.

Marienbad 1


Marienbad 3

Dragoljub Velimirovic

Marienbad 4

Viktoria Cmilyte (Photos courtesy of Vladimir Jagr)

The games start each day at 15:00 local time, apart from the last round which will start at 14:00. Follow the games live on the official website. Reports are available daily at the Novoborsky chess club website.

The games will be annotated by the captain of the Czech national team, International Master Michal Konopka. In addition, the best Czech player David Navara, the top Slovak Grandmaster Sergei Movsesian and the world number three Levon Aronian will take part in the games’ discussions.

Apart from the main Sheveningen event, Grandmaster David Navara hosted a simul against 20 competitors. Chess-related art exhibition by the German artist Bernd Besser and portraits of famous Grandmasters taken by the photographer Vladimir Jagr are also open for the public.

Marienbad 2

Detail from the opening ceremony

Marienbad 5

Exhibition by Bernd Besser

Marienbad 6

Portraits by the photographer Vladimir Jagr

Marienbad 7

Grandmaster Levon Aronian helping in analysis

Marienbad 8

Simul by GM David Navara