Club of the sponsors in ECU

Advisory body planned by Silvio Danailov


The candidate for President of the European Chess Union, Mr Silvio Danailov plans to create Club of the Sponsors as an advisory body of the chess organization.

Mr. Danailov and his team strongly believe that the companies willing to sponsor chess events in Europe have the right to be involved in management and organization of the Union because:

1. They will achieve more easily and adequately their goals as sponsors

2. They will receive transparent information about the investment and management of the funds given by them

3. They will be acquainted with the objectives, strategy and current activities of the European Chess Union, which will help them to make informed and reasoned decision about sponsorship of organization’s events

This is the second advisory body of ECU that Silvio Danailov has announced, after the creation of the Club of the Journalist. This and other ideas can be found on the campaign’s official website.