GM Alberto David, the star in Deauville

Round-robin Grandmaster Tournament, 6th to 12th February

Deauville Chess Club and West Normandy League celebrated the 150th anniversary of the most glamorous French seaside resorts with a closed GM-tournament. Even if the white snow was there to welcome the chess masters, it didn’t hinder the hard fight and fire on board during the tournament.

GM Alberto David (LUX 2608) walked through the competition, having collected seven points from nine games. Already after seven rounds he was full 2 points ahead of rest of the field. David also won the brilliancy prize for his win against IM Jean-Pierre Le Roux (see bellow).

Deauville 1

Deauville sea side and the beach huts marked with the names of Hollywood celebrities

IM Arnaud Payen (FRA 2352), the lowest-rated player in the tournament, played a very good chess and finished at 7th place with 4 points.

The main contender for the GM-norm was IM Vincent Colin (FRA 2437), playing “at home turf” as Deauville chess-club member, but he was obliged to win the last game with Black against GM Milos Pavlovic (SRB 2539). However, Vince took too much risk and lost this game.

There was one woman in tournament, WGM and IM Jovanka Houska (ENG 2401). Never easy to play in a closed tournament with men, who dislike losing points against the woman. Jovanka experienced difficulties in the middle of the tournament but continued to play for a win in each game until the end. She finished on shared 9th place.

Deauville 2

Normandy Hotel

The last round was played in Hotel Normandy (5-star palace) and the same venue was reserved for the prize ceremony. This first tournament was a success. Deauville mayor was very enthusiastic and talked about a new GM event before the next big anniversary of the town. Hope for a Rendez-vous next year!

Final standings:

1. Alberto David (LUX 2608) – 7.0

2. Ka├»do Kulaots (EST 2578) – 5.5

3-4. Milos Pavlovic (SRB 2539) and Vincent Colin (FRA 2437) – 5.0

5-6. Jean-Pierre Le Roux (FRA 2497) and Igor Rausis (CZE 2505) – 4.5

7. Arnaud Payen (FRA 2352) – 4.0

8. Kevin Terrieux (FRA 2433) – 3.5

9-10. Jovanka Houska (ENG 2401) and Catalin Navrotescu (ROU 2444) – 3.0

Report by IA Dominique Dervieux