Livigno Chess Open 2010

GM Igor Naumkin extends lead after round six

GM Igor Naumkin pulled another victory with Black pieces in the 6th round of the Livigno Chess Open and extended the lead to a full point ahead of the opposition. International Masters Petar Arnaudov and Peter Michalik split the point on table two, and the same outcome was reached in the Grandmaster derby Miroljub Lazic vs Arkadij Rotstein on board three. Yair Yudkovsky from Israel stunned GM Emilio Cordova on board four.

Round 6 standings:

1. GM Naumkin Igor 2483 RUS – 5.5

2-5. IM Arnaudov G. Petar 2442 BUL, IM Michalik Peter 2455 SVK, FM Shachar Ehud 2353 ISR and Yudkovsky Yair 2315 ISR – 4.5

6-10. GM Lazic Miroljub 2502 SRB, GM Rotstein Arkadij 2542 GER, FM Valsecchi Alessio 2331 ITA, FM Bertagnolli Alexander 2395 ITA and IM Aguettaz Maxime 2412 FRA – 4.0 etc

Full standings, round by round results and PGN files on the official website.

Livigno Playing hall 1

Detail from the playing hall

Top round 7 (Thursday, at 15:00 CET) pairings are: IM Michalik Peter – GM Naumkin Igor, Yudkovsky Yair – IM Arnaudov G. Petar, GM Rotstein Arkadij – FM Shachar Ehud, FM Bertagnolli Alexander – GM Lazic Miroljub and FM Valsecchi Alessio – IM Aguettaz Maxime. Follow all the games live.

The playing equipment and live transmission is provided by the tireless organizer Ezio Montalbini.

On Tuesday evening a blitz tournament with 40 participants took place at the La Grolla restaurant. GM Miroljub Lazic finished clear first with 8.0 points from nine games, followed by IM Peter Michalik (7.5) and GM Vladimir Petkov (7.0).

Livigno Table football

A game of table football for relaxation after tense chess battles. On the left are FM Alessio Valsecchi and FM Francesco Bentivegna, playing against FM Angelo Damia and FM Alessandro Bove. FM Andrea Stella and Ezio Montalbini observing.

Livigno analysis room

Analysis room

Much more than just chess

The players taking part in the 1st International Livigno Chess Open (sponsored, among others, by Baume & Mercier and Mazzetti d’Altavilla grappa liqueur) don’t just talk about chess – quite the contrary. Among the subjects of conversation are the beauties of Livigno, the village hosting the event. Magnificent panoramas, a quiet environment, the wide choice of activities (mountain biking, trekking, shopping etc) – this is what chess friends speak of. Many of them have fallen in love with this valleys and some also with… the marmots, whose homes are just a few hundred yards away from the playroom.

Livigno animals

Not only marmots, there are also goats and geese, right next to the Polifunzionale Plaza Placheda

Thursday’s programme

Just like today, also tomorrow morning, 16th September, four Italian top players will meet the students in the local schools, whereas the 7th round will be at 3pm CET.

In the evening there will also be a socialization event, with the Gala dinner at 8,30 pm at Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort. As “dessert”, a 5-minute blitz tournament for Grand Masters: the Grand Prix Mazzetti d’Altavilla. The prize will be a valuable blown glass chessboard, whose pieces are little hand made bottles containing two types of liqueur. An undoubtedly original, prestigious present for the best player.

Livigno Glass board

Mazzetti d’Altavilla glass chessboard

From the newsletter prepared by Adriano Pedrana