Magistral Bicentenario Independencia de Colombia

GM Neuris Delgado Ramirez winner after a furious finish

Colombia Central University celebrated the bicentenary of country’s independence (declared on 20th July 1810) with a strong 11-player round robin tournament which was held on 10-20th July at the Teatro Bogota. Most of the South America nations were represented by their top Grandmasters, and the field was reinforced with GM Julio Becerra from USA (former Cuban player) and GM Romero Holmes from Spain.

Colombia’s GM Neuris Delgado Ramirez had a slow, unsuspecting warm-up, but then a brutal finish of five consecutive victories propelled him to the first place where he settled after collecting 8.0 points from ten games. Delgado appears to be back in excellent shape after a poor performance at the 3rd Magistral Ciudad de AsunciĆ³n Copa Roggio. Argentina 2009 chess champion GM Diego Flores took second place half a point behind the winner.

Final standings:

1. GM Delgado Ramirez Neuris COL 2575 – 8.0

2. GM Flores Diego ARG 2584 – 7.5

3. GM Bachmann Axel PAR 2552 – 7.0

4. GM Vescovi Giovanni BRA 2632 – 5.5

5. GM Zambrana Oswaldo BOL 2515 – 5.5

6. IM Arenas David COL 2364 – 5.0

7. GM Becerra Rivero Julio USA 2557 – 4.5

8. IM Escobar Forero Alder COL 2474 – 3.5

9. IM Barrientos Sergio E COL 2477 – 3.5

10. GM Cordova Emilio PER 2560 – 3.0

11. GM Romero Holmes Alfonso ESP 2518 – 2

Paraguay Bachmann vs Delgado

Axel Bachmann (left) and Neuris Delgado in an earlier encounter